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Victoria Mahoney  // dream_weaver // [twitter] @victoriamahoney

“I'm trying to speak — to write — the truth. I'm trying to be clear. I'm not interested in being fancy, or even original. Clarity and truth will be plenty, if I can only achieve them.” #OctaviaButler #Dawn

"We deserve to see ourselves elevated." #EJHill / @iheartbeuys #TheUndergroundMuseum

Extremely fortifying powwow today hosted by @Macro_Ventures.

#StayMacro #MacroConversations

PS. Thank you for the giving tree at Table3.

Birthday Gal... @ava surrounded by all the love... Niecy, Vic, Justin, Tessa, Aisha, Regina. Xx

[I'm sure you would agree, it couldn't fit more perfectly, than to have a world party, on the day @ava came to be🎵] This heart. This brain. This spirit. This soul. This Queen. This Sistuh. This daughter. This sibling. This friend. This ally. This storyteller. This dreamer. This advocate. This ally. This activist. This outlier. This pioneer. This smile. Happy Birthday. -Vicx

Final day. Final scene. Final shot.
Was fun af directing penultimate ep409. Thanks for having me #Power / #PowerTV.

I might miss all kindsa fun sh*t beating down a deadline but my rock steady hideaway spot does "S'mores Friday" & nothing, I mean nothing comes close to loving the gig you're on.

#Dawn -- all nighters.

For this moment. For this week. For this month. For this year. For all those who've gone before us. For all those beside us. For all those coming up behind us. With the given tools. In the given circumstances. To the best of your ability;
s t a y t h e c o u r s e. Xx

Secret is out: A new dawn on the small screen is coming for #OctaviaButler’s #Dawn.

The classic 1987 science fiction novel by the Nebula- and Hugo Award-winning author has been picked up by Ava DuVernay, Charles D. King’s Macro and director-writer Victoria Mahoney for adaption into a television series, I’ve learned.

EPs @directher @CharlesKing Kim Roth, Poppy Hanks, joined by producers Allen Bain, Gary Pearl, Thomas L. Carter and Teddy Smith. King’s media company Macro, Forward Movement, Oil & Cattle and Bainframe.

via @deadline

Writing deadline. Going into hiding.
"Need to see where those ole demons live." Xx

Exodus - De La Soul:
It's the years that we own and we earned them
See the bridges we built now are burned down
Even though a few friends just returned them
Shit and shit there we affirm them
Go the path and as always the righteous
We know darkness
So we wipe dust
From our eyes, no surprise when the broom come
We do night like the honor, the moon, sun
People think we are linked to the solvent
Of the problem that's revolvin'
Around [tv+film] today but it's not true
We just do it our way cause we're not you
But we know you
We embrace you like brothers(+sisters) we stow you
With an outro that's also an intro
For the east, and the west, and the central
We are the present, the past and still the future. Bound by friendship, fueled and inspired by what's at stake.
Saviors, heroes? Nah. Just common contributors hopin' that what we created inspires you to selflessly challenge and contribute.
Sincerely, Anonymously, Nobody


Happy Birthday to the spirit of James Baldwin -- and a warm hug to young seekers, pursuing his nourishing principles. Xx

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