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It’s been a journey - your first OPA show to now. Words don’t describe how proud I am of you, we are going to the OLYMPIA BABY!!!!!!
Love you @regangbodybuilding ❤️

Another show, another peak week together. Watching @regangbodybuilding do what he loves, there truly is no better feeling than that. Always and forever proud of him❤️

What I’ve come to realize is that life is always a test along with an important lesson. Sometimes you are tested with the hardest times, to see how tall you stand; how you overcome whatever is thrown your way. It is usually at the point of breaking that something happens, the magic appears. After those hard times, life gives you some of the best moments you’ve ever had.
Would you even know the difference if you hadn’t struggled before? Would you feel like you are finally on the right path, If you hadn’t felt lost? Would you truly appreciate the happiness, that warmth inside if you hadn’t felt the dark, dark days?
Times can get tough, but they will always get better.
Hard times make you stronger.
They make you appreciate the better.
Don’t give up when everything inside of you wants to, that’s the test: the test of life.
Trust that things will get better.
Your time is coming.
Believe in yourself and believe that you are worthy.
Never lose faith, and always believe in the bigger picture, the bigger lesson.
Outfit: @doyoueven (Grimes10)

So incredibly proud of all the amazing women who did the Complete Fit Challenge in April. I felt extremely lucky to be apart of their journeys and was able to watch them accomplish their goals. What made me the most happy about this challenge was the mental transformations I saw and and support amongst all the women. The physical transformations show for themselves but the mental transformations is why I love doing what I do.
If you are interested in joining the next challenge it will be starting JUNE 1st! Please click the link in my bio for more information!

I used to think my body was what defined me. I thought I had to look a certain way to be accepted, to be beautiful, to fit into society. I felt highs when I achieved these standards, and immense lows when I had failed.
I thought people only followed me for what I had achieved physically, and yes perhaps that’s why some did or still do. I thought if I couldn’t hold this standard of myself I had failed everyone, I had failed myself.
The past few months I have been dealing with health, hormonal and/or digestive issues. It has reminded me that my body isn’t just something I can manipulate to look a certain way. It is my ship, and if it doesn’t get very far, neither do I.
This process has challenged me, frustrated me, left me in tears. Yet, I believe it’s been a huge lesson for me, a reminder to know I have to let go of the importance of looking a certain way and instead I have to embrace myself at all times, not only selected times.
Are there days I wish I was leaner? Wish I was in better shape? Days I feel insecure, frustrated and down about the way I look? Yes, there are. I struggle, like all of you. I have days where I breakdown. I have times where I feel sorry for myself. Times I feel discouraged and question my purpose. I question the impact I have. I question if I matter. Question if my voice even makes a difference.
These moments happen, they are normal, I am human; however it’s the effort you put in that matters. The desire to grow and overcome your insecurities. The work you are putting in. So, today I am working on embracing who and what I am today, not comparing to what I was, nor comparing to what I think I have to be: just embracing me.
What are you working on today?

Let’s take a cute Instagram photo like this babe, it’ll be fun......
Zoom into my face, you won’t regret it 😂

I think I have a new fav superset okkk🔥
All done on cable:
Goblet Squats
Stiff-leg DL’s
Reverse Lunges
Side Squats
10-12 reps per exercise - no rest until the end 🙈
4 rounds total.
Fuelled by: @bpi_sports BEST Aminos with energy.
Wearing the new @doyoueven Breathe Easy Tee (GRIMES10 to save)

Just over here letting you know that the NEW @doyoueven shorts and tee’s DROP TOMORROW (1PM AEST time). They are both incredibly comfy and the shorts don’t ride up which is huge for me when choosing shorts. I’m wearing size medium for both (could do a small in the top) but I like things loose vs. Snug.
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In light of May being Mental Health Awareness Month I wanted to let you all know that whatever you are going through. Whatever mental health struggles you face, you are:
Never alone.
You aren’t weak for getting help.
You aren’t crazy for doing therapy.
You shouldn’t feel ashamed if you need to take medication.
You aren’t a failure for what you are going through.
You aren’t misunderstood.
You aren’t a burden.
Things get better.
The light is there.
You are worthy.
You are loved.
You deserve this life.
You are the strongest people I know, be damn proud of how strong you are.
Let’s be a voice.
Let’s show compassion.
Let’s listen.
Let’s stand up to the stigma we face.
#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawarnessmonth 💛

Just some casual Monday flexing, dats it.

Exercise for you guys to try!🔥
I learned this one from @psychofitness21 and it leaves your glutes destroyed...for like a week. Focus on squeezing your glutes while driving your legs upwards and while you separate your legs at the top portion point your toes outwards. Then bring your legs back together all while keeping the tension on your glutes.
Add it to your next leg day workout and let me know how it goes!
Fuelled by: @bpi_sports BEST Aminos w/energy 👌🏻

A little late to the party but I finally got my hands on the NEW @doyoueven shorts and icon sweaters and I am in LOVEEEEE. The hoodies material is so soft and comfy and finally some shorts that don’t ride up every time I take a step plus just in time for the Springggg🙌🏻
The sweater also comes in black (not shown here).
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