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Posed, mostly relaxed (with a bad pelvic tilt which I need to work on) and flexed (with what appears an aggressive boob push-up😂).
Haven’t done one of these pictures in a while, but I think they are important. It’s super easy to get caught up in the comparison game with social media. Comparing yourself to others and thus leaving yourself feeling down or inadequate in the process. I think it’s important to remember these three things:
1. How people look on social media isn’t a true reflection of their everyday look. The pictures you see on social media, the ones you “die over” and “love” is a product of that persons favourite picture. Usually one with favourable lighting, outfit, posing, filter or editing. We all post what we think we look our “best” in and that’s why social media is an accumulation of the “best.”
2. Posing and lighting can drastically change the way your body looks. I can go from relaxed which is how I usually go about my day to flexing in two seconds. They both are me, yet look different. These pictures are also done in bright, white lighting which also makes a difference. And no one picture isn’t better than the other just different.
3. The only person you should compare yourself to is you. Yes, easier said that done, I know. When I am only focused on myself, improving myself and not what others around me look like or are doing I am my happiest. Sitting there wishing you were someone else, or looked like that person doesn’t change the actual person you are, trust me I know. So instead of that wasted energy along with it leading to decreased self-esteem, and self-worth remind yourself that you are you for a reason. Until you focus on your own self-worth and how much you, yes you, have to offer to this world you will never be happy. If you find you can’t stop comparing, stay off you phone for a while you’ll notice you feel a whole lot better too!
Never forget: You are worthy just the way you are 💕

Loving how these @doyoueven seamless leggings make my butt look. And yes, this is a really just a picture of my butt and I’d be lying if said I wasn’t admiring it haha. Happy with what all those booty days and food have done 🙌🏻
The seamless leggings are back in stock for all those who have messaged me about them! Use GRIMES10 to save 10%.
PEACH Factory 🍑 my first ever glute guide will be out soon!!! Ahh so excited for this guys!!

Knitted sweaters, leggings and hot chocolate are all a must this time a year for me 💜
My favourite @bpi_sports product is currently the KETO BOMB. I add it to my coffee, oatmeal, protein shakes and my absolute FAVE thing to do with it is make my KETO Hot chocolate 🙌🏻
How to:
1. Heat up 1-2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk or plain
2. Add 1/2-1 scoop Keto Bomb to blender
3. Add 1tbsp cocoa powder to blender
4. Add Hot milk
5. Blend till fully mixed and frothy at the top.
6. Enjoy 😍🍫
Keto Bomb is a substitute creamer which is shown to support weight loss, burn fat as fuel, promote performance and energy and provide you with your essential fats such MCT’s.
VICTORIA will save you 20% on all orders 👌🏻

Don’t let the picture fool you, I nearly passed out from flexing so hard 😂
Leggings: @doyoueven - SEAMLESS leggings (back in stock December 11th AUS Time) - GRIMES10 to save 10%

15 things about me👇🏻
1. I grew up as an honour roll student and was accepted into all three university programs I applied to (Nursing, Biomedical Sciences and Kinesiology). I took sciences for my first two years before switching to and graduating with Kinesiology at Western University. Where my fellow Mustangs at?!👩‍🎓💜
2. I swam for the varsity team for my first two years 🏊‍♂️
3. I am a Gemini and my personality couldn’t be more true from what they say about Gemini’s 🙈
4. I have struggled with my mental health since I was 10 years old. I am now open about it after being quite for so long. I want to be a voice and bring awareness to know that you aren’t alone❤️
5. I have an older brother and younger sister. Yay for being the middle child 👊🏻
6. This is the heaviest weight I’ve been in a long time and I am still learning to embrace it 💕
7. I’ve been taking acting classes off and on for the past 8 months and I am happy to say I have found a new passion🎬
8. I do wear prescription glasses, I just don’t wear them outside of driving much 🤓
9. The Goonies is still one of my favourite movies🙌🏻
10. Regan has a few nicknames for me, one being his little tuna fish 🐠 and the other being Lucy 🙋‍♀️
11. Shirley Temple will always hold a special place in my heart ❤️
12. I am the stereotypical Canadian: I over-use the words “thank you” and “sorry” and use “eh” more than I should😂🇨🇦
13. I have travelled a lot but have yet to be to Europe. My father is Italian so Italy will be my first stop 🍝🥖🍷
14. I have these wild burst of being a complete and absolute wild goofball. If you know me well, you’ll know what I’m talking about 😜
15. I used to always think I wanted live next to the ocean but I’ve now realized I love the mountains more. I still need the sun though everyday, all day. ⛰☀️

Peach work 🍑
This is my workout from my Instagram story the other day. I was asked to post it, so here it is! I did this workout Monday and I haven’t been this sore from a workout in a while🙈 Some of the exercises look weird but don’t cancel them out until you’ve at least given them a shot!
1️⃣Warm up: Body Weight Squats
➖4 x 20-25 reps
2️⃣Jefferson Squat Smith (SM) Machine Variation
➖4 x 15 reps
*super wide stance with fee pointing slightly outwards. Push knees out as you drive down while pushing your weight back. Drive up from the heel and also push knees outwards.
3️⃣Bulgarian Split Squat
➖4 x 12-15 reps per leg
4️⃣SM wide Stance Squats
➖4 x 12-15 reps
5️⃣Kneeling Squats
➖4 x 12-15 reps
*knees outwards. Focus on squeezing your glutes and hamstrings first before thrusting up. Allow your hips to thrust forward at the top to engage the glutes.
➖3 x 20 reps
4 things!
1. My glute growing program PEACH FACTORY will be out soon! If you like following my workouts but want a complete and structured program to growing your booty this is for you! I’ll post more information on this later 🙌🏻
2. Leggings are @doyoueven NEW SEAMLESS line - they are currently out of stock but will be back December 11th! Using GRIMES10 will save you 10%
3. My shoes are pumas (I know people will ask) I gotchuuuu ❤️
4. Song: Him and I - G-Eazy & Halsey (If you follow my stories you know I’m obsessed 😍)
Hope everyone has an amazing day❤️

It’s been a challenging year for me in terms of finding a new direction. When I did fitness competitions I had a clear direction of what I wanted and what I had to do to get there. It became what I knew and became comfortable.
Letting go of competing was amazing for me in a lot of aspects but also has been very difficult in other ways. I feel throughout all of this change and self-growth I’ve had to find myself again and it’s been difficult to say the least.
I have always been someone who has had a plan and a course of action. When I swam I knew what I had to do to be my best. When I was in school I knew what I had to do to be my best. When I was doing fitness I knew what I had to do to be my best. Now I am just doing me and to be completely honest I have no idea what I’m doing, nor how to be the best at it.
This lack of direction is confusing and sometimes defeating. I believe I have gotten to a point where I do know what I want but I’m still afraid to pursue it due to the fear of failure, uncertainty of it all and perhaps even fear of the opinions of those closest to me.
However I have come to realize that like everything in human nature, growth is inevitable. It will occur even if you are stagnant with your life and choices; however it is likely if you don’t allow yourself to grow the type of growth you receive isn’t the kind you will want. Life isn’t meant to stay the same. It’s a forever changing process and it’s important to allow yourself to grow with life regardless of how terrifying it may be.
I think it’s easy to resent others when you aren’t happy with your life but when you truly look closer and realize the dissatisfaction is towards yourself it is a bitter pill to swallow, yet a necessary thing to be aware of. In order for you to change your present situation you must own up to it, take responsibility and thus take charge. #ramblingthoughts

Getting lots of DM’s about favourite glute exercises for growth. I have a lot but I def love these two - add them to your next leg workout one give the workout below a try!
1️⃣WARM UP - Body weight Squats with Band
➖3 sets: 20-25 reps
*just to warm up legs
2️⃣Sumo Squats (variation 1 - first exercise shown)
➖4 x 12-15 (increase weight each set)
*wide stance with feet pointed slight outward. Push weight back and you squat down and drive up through the heel of your foot.
3️⃣Sumo Squats (variation 2 - Second exercise shown)
➖4 x 12-15 reps
4️⃣Stiff Leg DL’s with Dumbbells
➖4 sets: 12-15 reps
*focus on squeezing/putting tension on your glutes/hamstrings while going down.
5️⃣Bulgarian Split Squats SS. (Superset) With Squat jumps (in and outs)
➖4 sets: 10-12 reps/leg and failure for jumps
6️⃣Glute Kick-backs with band SS. Single leg Hip Thrusters
➖4 sets: 12-15 reps per leg
I spy @regangbodybuilding in the back 😉😍
Song: Hostage - Griffin Oskar

Few things I’ve learned👇🏻
1. I used to not post photos showing this much skin because I was scared of what people would think.
2. I used to think negatively about women who posted these types of photos. I realized I was just jealous because they could post a photo and not think twice about it. I resented them for that sense of freedom.
3. You could be wearing a potato sack and a man can still sexualize you, not just in a bathing suit.
4. Woman who post bikini photos who have smaller butts aren’t viewed the same as those who have a thicker butt and throw on the exact same bathing suit.
5. You are allowed to be proud of your body and embrace it in any form you choose. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
6. Post what you want, always. It’s your life as simple as that. If people say something, delete it. You don’t need that negativity in your life. 💁🏼‍♀️

If only you could see the life of someone living with anxiety.
The blur of the chaotic world. The thoughts on repeat. I’m taking a deep breath but this anxiety has taken a toll on me. The feeling of hands wrapped around my neck, the clump in my throat. There is so much air around me, why can’t I breathe?
Trapped inside my mind, the walls caving in. Thoughts keep racing at high speed. I want to shut down my brain, still the world. The more I try the faster it spins. These thoughts have taken control over me.
My chest is heavy, my head is full. My air is diminishing, not long before it’s gone; how will I breathe? I try to distract myself, anything to be free; I bite my nails, crack my fingers, chew gum, distract me please.
My body is exhausted, but my mind is revving at top speed. I want to sleep, but thoughts and worry prevent me. I’m so far gone, my mind isn’t there. It’s lost in the future, far beyond reality. I am living years ahead of me going over scenarios which may never be. I want to live in the present but instead the futures got its hold on me.
My heart is pounding out of my chest and I’m sweating profusely, yet I’m freezing cold. I need to run, but there no escaping. How can I leave, when my mind is the one imprisoning me?
I wish you could understand, I wish you could see, but then my body would be covered in scars. I didn’t choose these wounds, go easy on me.
Anxiety isn’t something you can visually see but it’s very real. I had my first anxiety (panic) attack at the age of 10 and since then it has been something that has affected my life and I have to continue to work on.
Things I have found helpful👇🏻
1. Seeing a therapist
2. Journaling and writing
3. Breathing exercises
4. Physical Exercise
5. Anti-anxiety medication (prescribed by a medical professional)
6. Limiting caffeine and not drinking alcohol
7. Eating healthy
8. Reading and podcast
9. Being open about it and letting go of the guilt and feelings of being ashamed.

Hi friends 💛
Life updateeeee👇🏻
1. Currently in Kuwait visiting Regan
2. Heading back to Canada soon where I will stay till after Christmas
3. My glute guide (peach factory🍑)is in the process of being made and I am super excited to share it with you all!!
4. Matt Belair podcasts are amazing, thank you @tashakredl for sharing them with me
5. I am loving these @bpi_sports liquid enhancers with travelling! They are currently 35% off and also there are tons of others deals if you missed out out on the weekend.
6. My little baby Otis will be one years old on December 7th! Ahh he’s growing up so quick 😭
7. currently obsessed with the band Arizona...songs on repeat for that 20 hour flight. Go listen, you’ll thank me laterrrr 🙈
8. I have come forward with my addiction to olives, it’s a real problem. Preferably green, if you must know.
9. If you made it to the end you are the real MVP and I love you. Well I still love you even if you didn’t read a single word (not that you’ll ever know) ❤️

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