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It makes me smile knowing I get to spend a lifetime of date nights with you ❤️ @regangbodybuilding

Another leg workout in the booooooks 🙌🏻
1️⃣Seated Hamstring Curls SS. Lying Leg curls ➖5 sets - 15-20 reps for each
2️⃣Squats to DL's (exercise shown)
➖4 sets: 20 reps total (10 of each)
3️⃣Wide Stance Squats SS. Narrow stance Squats (use resistance band if you have one and push your knees out the entire time - going down and up)
➖4 sets: 10 of each
4️⃣DB Stiff Leg DL's (use 5lb plates under your toes to allow for a deeper stretch)
➖3 sets: 15 reps
A. Single Leg Reverse Lunges
B. Body weight single leg hip Thrusters
C. Single leg over the bench kick-ups
➖4 sets: 10, 15, 15 reps each leg
6️⃣Machine Glute Kick-backs
➖3 sets: 20 reps each leg
Top: @gymmemewear

Hiiii friends 💃
Super excited that next week I'll be back in LA and alsoooo next weeekend I will be at the Anaheim Fit Expo August 26-27th 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Super excited to meet some of you guys along with other people that positively influence me on Instagram!
Please comment below if you are going and which day as I would LOVE to meet you alllllll ❤️
ALSO if you guys go to my website www.victoriadariano and click the website banner (which is the same as this picture) and enter the promo code: DARIANOANA17 you'll save $10.00 off tickets 😊
#ANAFitExpo @TheFitExpo

We idolize beauty.
We see it, we want it and we beat ourselves up if we don't have these features.
We idolize bodies.
We see certain characteristics and we want them, and again we beat ourselves up for not having them.
We idolize success through materialistic things. If we don't have those things, we think we aren't as successful.
I remember thinking "what would it be like to be her? To be that beautiful? Life must be so easy."
This is the misconception I had. Thinking that this superficial beauty translated into pure, genuine happiness.
I envied those who had it, I wished I too could have it and I even chased it. I thought if only I could look like her or have her life, things would be simple, easy and free.
I try to think about why I was so drawn to this, could it be because everyone favours it? Society finds them beautiful and "loves" them? Could it be I wanted this love, this validation because I had yet to find it in myself? I craved this attention because I didn't feel worthy of it on my own? I thought perhaps the approval of others would let me finally approve of myself?
I've come to understand that this type of beauty doesn't translate into happiness. Happiness is not defined by the exterior even if you've once believed so. Happiness comes from the inner core.
I've been in a foreign place lately. I feel as if I am missing something. I've realized this "something" was my obsession with the way I looked, along with the value and self-worth I placed on myself based on appearance. I've let go of this. Let go of constantly feeling and telling myself I wasn't good enough. I've let go of chasing "perfection." I've let go of this draining, negative, misguided part of myself, that was on a mission to find happiness from the outside. On a mission of misery and failure.
We've built our lives on the validation and approval of others. To satisfy the opinions of these strangers, to please these people we don't even know. You are the only person who lives your life. Live it the way you want to and for yourself. Validation from others is empty and the route to unhappiness. Self-acceptance and self-love for YOURSELF is full. Full of love and happiness.

Otis says hi guys ❤️
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We spend so much time and energy trying to please a society that can't be pleased.
Insecure and low self-esteem? "Work on loving yourself."
Loving yourself? "Why are you so conceited and self-absorbed?"
Hating your body? "Why don't you embrace what you were made with."
Embracing your body and being proud of it? "Whore, slut, put some clothes on, have some self-respect."
Holding in your struggles and your pain? "Open up, there is help."
Opening up to others and seeking help? "You are weak, ungrateful, crazy and attention-seeking."
"Why can't more people be honest about their insecurities?"
Being open about your insecurities to be a voice for others? "Wow, you are the most insecure person ever."
"Women shouldn't be so sexualized"
Post bum photo: "wow she's a slut."
"You are so skinny, you should eat something." Puts on weight: "wow what happened to you?"
"Constantly gets fat-shamed, she can't be healthy." Loses weight gradually. "Did you see how much weight she lost? She can't be healthy."
Gets made fun of for having small breast. Gets boob job. "Wow she is so fake and superficial."
Do you see where I am going with this? What society does to us. You can't win either way. That is why it is SO important to do WHAT YOU WANT. Focus on yourself and what will make YOU happy. Stop allowing societal pressures to control your life, it's the route to unhappiness as you can NEVER please it.
Find what makes YOU happy, and be about that. There will always be people who comment or say things but let your happiness shine so bright it blinds those who try to get in your way.

@regangbodybuilding enjoying his offseason 😂

Here are the in-betweens of posing for pictures.
I normally pose for my pictures. I pop my hip out, I bend my leg and point my toe out, I push my booty out, and I suck my waist in. I like high waisted pants or bathing suit bottoms because I find it comfier and I like the way it tapers my waist in.
95% of the time I post my favourite pictures, the ones where I think I look the best.
I think you should post whatever you want on your Instagram and whatever makes YOU happy. That's what I do. I have also spent a lot of time working on not only loving myself during these perfectly posed moments but also during my in-between moments.
I think it's important to remember that what you see on social media is posing, good lighting, along with "flattering" angles. We want to show our "best," I get it. Just remember that your in-between moments are just as beautiful. Remember that you can post the pictures you want but don't beat yourself up for the ones you weren't hitting your "signature" pose. Pictures may look beautiful posed, but life isn't about just liking those particular moments, and beauty goes for beyond that.
You are beautiful posed.
You are beautiful unposed.
You are beautiful.
Post inspired by: @chessiekingg and I tagged SOME of my favourite Instagram accounts which you guys should follow if you aren't already🙏🏻❤️
couragetobeyou #loveyourinbetweenmoments #lovemyshapemovement 💕

Going for that girl next door look ❤️

I have learned to love my body for what it is and not wishing for something else and hating it for what it's not.
I've learned to love my hourglass shape and it's curves.
I've leaned to love the cellulite and dimple I have on my bum and no longer be disappointed in myself for having them.
I've learned to love my short muscular legs.
I've learned to love my broad shoulders and my wide back.
I've learned to love the scar on my leg that I always wanted to get rid of.
I've learned to stop chasing the body I thought would make me happy and realize I already have it, I just needed to recognize so.
I've learned to love the parts of myself I never thought I'd be able to.
I've learned to #lovemyshape 💕

Guys who is this? Two leg workouts in one week?!
Leg work with @thisgirlbelieved ft. @regangbodybuilding who felt the need to assess my butt while working out 😂😂😂😂
1️⃣Seated leg curls
➖3 sets: warm up - 15 reps
A. Seated leg curls
B. Walking lunges
C. Leg press (feet close together and up high)
➖4 rounds: 15/20/20 reps
3️⃣Hack Squat Variation:
A. 5 x 10 Second holds at the bottom followed by 10 reps
B. 10 Second hold/10 reps x 3
C. 10 Second holds at the bottom x 5
4️⃣Sumo DL's SS. BB hip Thrusters
➖4 rounds: 15/10-12 reps
5️⃣Leg Extensions Variation
➖3 sets of: 10 reps, followed by 10 Second hold while your partner pushes down on the bar to make it harder (more resistance) as you will be fighting against that to keep your legs up.
6️⃣Glute Kick-downs (as shown)
➖4 sets: 12-15 reps per side

Let's talk about periods, sorry guys if that's TMI.
DISCLAIMER: this post isn't about how I look, but instead how I feel. I am not making a sad face due to the appearance of this but INSTEAD the pain, discomfort and exhaustion I was feeling.
Yesterday I woke up and my stomach was like the left (WITH flexing) and not upset. Over the course of 4-5 hours I started getting really bad cramps and bloating which led to this photo on the right. I wish I could say I was sticking out my tummy, but no. It's extremely bloated and feels as hard as rock.
I struggle a lot with PMS and symptoms during my period:
1. I have zero to no energy
2. Feeling depressed - I start feeling down and numb and not like myself
3. Cramps, these SUCK
4. Extreme bloating, discomfort and water retention
5. Upset stomach and gas
6. Moody and emotional
Sometimes when you have symptoms like this you have to listen to your body. I wanted to train, but I was uncomfortable and exhausted. I decided to rest, and do what was best at the time. Go a little easier on yourself when it's the time of the month and you are stressed out. Get extra rest, don't stress about workouts and eat some treats if you feel like it ❤️
Also follow @carolinetusiuk to learn how to regulate your hormones and manage your PMS symptoms.

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