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Victoria Arduino  Victoria Arduino is an historic brand of espresso coffee machines. WBC partner for the years 2018-2020 with the👉#VA388BlackEagle.

The #VA358WhiteEagle controls are designed to blend aesthetics and functionality, with particular attention given to ergonomics, to ensure all baristas can work quickly, comfortably and safely☕#VictoriaArduino

Last week was unbelievably great for the #ChampionsHub attendees. World Barista Champion, @acousticcoffee shared his experience as a champ, which enabled the upcoming WBC competitors to gain knowledge on their performances☕🎖#VictoriaArduino

Want to prepare the finest cappuccinos?☕With the most innovating milk texturing features our espresso machines integrate, you’ll be able to achieve that perfect silky-smooth texture and master those perfect cappuccinos in no time! #VictoriaArduino

Suit up! It’s time to prepare some fancy espressos!☕🕴Credit: @revolvercoffee

The quality of a good espresso is a result of many variables☕However, with the precise water temperature, you are able to ensure utmost consistency🌡By providing a total control of the temperature in each delivery phase, the T³ technology integrated into #VA358WhiteEagle ensures the extraction of a great espresso without exception. #VictoriaArduino

Looking for an espresso machine that fits any coffee shop?☕You found it!👉The #VA388BlackEagle combines a soft style, with delicate curves that make your coffee shop look like no other!📸Credit: @roeststaetteberlin

#ChampionsHub Day one has been real!🏆From fantastic lectures given by @acousticcoffee , @laurofioretti & @sonjabjorkgrant to role playing and practicing WBC perfomances - Champions Hub Day 1 has been an extremely distinguished platform, enabling a significant amount of knowledge for the future competitors attending #WBC2018 to execute on their top level🙌

The one and only Andre Eiermann @amaxworld visiting Victoria Arduino to evaluate the impacts of new brewing technology on espresso☕#VictoriaArduino

@hismajestythecoffee and @helenaoliviero doing some coffee homework during their visit to Victoria Arduino!☕ What are your favorite espresso recipes? Let us know!🙌 #VictoriaArduino

The play of lights and shadows create harmony in #Adonis . Making illumination an element of design, Adonis enhances any room in its presence with prestige😉 #VictoriaArduino

Beauty and efficiency are always a perfect match. The alluring #VenusFamily can be connected directly to the water mains, ensuring full capacity every time☕#VictoriaArduino

Optimal temperature stability results in a perfect espresso and ultimately the perfect snapshot☕📸#VictoriaArduino Photo Credit: @takava_coffeebuffet

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