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Victoria Berekmeri  A creative challanger of social ideals.

Father and Son! Oh what fun these two will have....
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Birth Photographers capture the bits you miss! Mum is in recovery, baby is in the nursery receiving her first feed.
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Shooting one Big Bertha of a switchboard this week! #australianmade #nilsen #commercialphotography #adelaidephotographer

I love being able to decorate my own space with artwork I've created, through techniques that remind me of my youth, with cool products my industry offer. So much better than an off the shelf, generic print!
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That moment when labour is over and the wave of emotion washes you up the beach.... #birthphotography #homebirth

Hi friends!

I’m very excited to share the news with you that this coming October I will be a speaker at the very first Birth Photography Symposium in Melbourne, where budding and experienced photographers from around Australia and New Zealand will culminate to learn, discuss and create a plan to bring more light to their ever growing genre of birth photography. This is a one day event, with a group of high profile professional birth photographers from Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and New Zealand will be presenting to audiences.
This going to be a fantastic opportunity to encourage birth professionals with an interest in photography, who sit on the peripheral of the profession, to engage with the birth photogs community. There are a substantial number of midwives and doulas that want to (or currently are) include photography in their range of services, and we see a great need to educate them on the aspects of photography as a professional entity that requires deeper consideration.

Want to join the party? I would love to see you there!!!!

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<3***The Business of Birth Photography Competition***<3

Working as a Professional Birth Photographer is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling occupations I know!
Do you know someone who IS or would LOVE to be a birth photographer? #### Tag them below ###

We are looking to give away some amazing prizes to help build the talent in this genre and provide aspiring birth photographers with a solid foundation on which to grow.
There are multiple prizes to win. Complete the following steps, and then select your chosen prize and complete their specific “How to Win” steps:
1. “like” the Business of Birth Photography facebook page, and this competition post,
2. subscribe to The Business of Birth Photography WEBSITE here:
3. Comment with “SUBSCRIBED” below the competition post. <3 Prize #1: The Business of Birth Photography, Beginners’ Guide PDF. Valued at $79.00
How to win: The winner is chosen randomly from those who complete the above steps 1 to 3! <3 Prize #2: The latest edition hardcover book, The Business of Birth Photography by Victoria Berekmeri. Valued at $175.90
How to win: Share your favourite birth image in this posts comments. Make sure you credit the photographer! <3 Prize #3: Your choice of a subscription to The Business of Birth Photography Online Course OR a discounted Ticket to The Business of Birth Photography, Adelaide Workshop in May 2017. Valued at $499
How to win: Tell us in 25 words or less, why you aspire to be a birth photographer? Our favourite answer will be selected as the winner.

Full T’s & C’s can be found here:

Closing date for entry will be 09:00 ACDT, 30th November 2016.

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This is the moment I always dream of capturing. Nothing beats it. Nothing compares. And it only happens once in a lifetime. #MGP #midwiferygrouppractice #waterbirth #birthphotography #adelaidebirthphotographer

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