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• THE SWING OF THE LIGHT | Singapore, Marina Bay by Victor Gonzalo⠀

The light show that takes place after the sunset in Marina Bay, Singapore, is something worthy of mention and of course, of photographing. It is necessary to be very fast because it lasts only a few minutes time that you have to use to obtain the necessary stills.⠀

For this it is very important that you visit, scout and investigate the area in advance to know where you want to photograph and you want to include in your frame for the shooting time.⠀

Do not stop sharing if you like and any comments or criticism are always welcome

The only way to achieve perfection is through practice. I have tried so many things in this photo that I'm sure that is not perfect but is right now almost the best result I can get with it.

The importance to be on time in your locations. The importance to be at least one hour where you wanna shoot. My story for this spot is as follow. I arrived one hour before the sunset. I was alone and set in the perfect location. All for me :) : Then I decided to go for 20 minutes walk for visiting this fabulous village, Zaanse Schans. After these 20 minutes I came back to the same place and was totally full of photographers 😱. Do you remember Bernd? Fortunately I took a few pictures one hour ago the sunset that I used to create this epic atmosphere. Hope you like as much as I do

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Symmetry sometimes works. Wes Anderson, I love you ❤️❤️😊

Expectations are one of those barriers that avoid us to get the images we are looking for. I had seen so many photos of this location before visit it that was quite difficult for me to get the decision about how to process it in order to show my own vision. Here is my version of this amazing place in Netherlands that remind me a fairytale brought up from a Pixar movie.

Arrive with time in advance to a location gives you the opportunity to see how the light behave from golden hour, sunset and blue hour. Later, in post, you will have the chance to take the best of all that moment to create amazing and different results. Your creative is limited by your mind not by your camera

Photo taken with my friend @bernd3103 when we met for the very first time 😊

Just the natives can understand the soul and the immensity of a dessert. We can only get the most out of it understanting as well that the nature is the one who rules.

This is probably the most difficult picture I have ever taken in my
life. A really high contrast between the front lights and the monument. Dozens on people walking in front of me some with lanterns.
And the need to carry out a focus stacking to have everything sharp. The final result is this image of the amazing and famous wall of Petra.

The dessert of Wadi Rum, has witnessed many battles betweens different countries during the first world war just because “we” are different and better than “them”. Unfortunately that mentality is still alive nowadays. Remember that we live in a world with place and resources for everyone but not for the greed of some

You may not visit a country and avoid photograph the people living on it. You will understand better the lifestyle of the country with the stories its habitans have to tell you.
So do not just take photos of the people. Instead have a chat with them and learn from every single person of the wold.

Nabateans have lived here for centuries. Without them, nothing would be possible in this lost city called "Petra". Even nowadays they take care of the place living within its rocky walls and keeping an eye on everything that happens inside there.

Living the experience to be in Petra at night is one of the most incredible moments I have ever have in my life. Silence and landscape move yourself to another age. Chase experiences and not photos and the images will come alone

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