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Victor@HarbourCity海港尚品坊SYD  Owner of HARBOUR CITY GROUP👢💄; Chocolate Cafe PORT D'ANVERS🍫☕️; Founder+Captain of OPAL ATELIER AUSTRALIA💍~Workaholic, Shopaholic, Chocoholic & ❤️Food

"Double Cheeseboogies" @mistergeeburgertruck~ We all need to make time for a burger once in a while, but definitely not once a year... It's 28th May, it's that time of the year to reflect on how important 'BURGERs🍔🍔🍔🍔' are to our daily life... 'Happy National Burger Day🍔' to you all😉😋🙌🏻💪🏻!!!!!!

"Gooralie Pork Chop 'Agrodolce', Fermented Cime di Rapa" @10williamst~ Sicilian 'Sweet & Sour' Pork!!!! A sticky, tart sweet, caramelised honey condiment with a tangy balance of fruit acid... A 'Natural' sweet & sour sauce matched heavenly with the natural fatty goodness of the Gooralie Pork Chop and the savouriness of the Cime di Rapa!!!! Cantonese 'Artificial' + 'Colouring' Sweet & Sour Pork no more!!!!

"Busiate, 'Nduja, Sicilian Capers, Ricotta" @10williamst~ When 'Bae🍝' looks 'Hot🔥🌶😍👌🏻'....

"Passatelli, Prawns, Coriander, Brodo" @10williamst~ A speciality Pasta from the Pesaro e Urbino and Emilia Romagna region made of Breadcrumbs, Eggs, Nutmeg, and Parmesan Cheese and traditionally eaten in 'Brodo (Broth)'!!!! A rustic kind of pasta soup, ideal to serve on a cool, autumn days...

"Pine Mushroom, Polenta, Pecorino, Celery" @10williamst~ The in-season Pine Mushroom injected with the Italian DNA, bathing in a silky buttermilk like sauce... Comparable to another top Pine Mushroom dishes I had at Embla and Marion in Melbourne!!!!

"Torched Mackerel, Mandarin, Ginger Oil" @10williamst~ Dashi marinated Mackerel 'Crudo' with added oriental condiments and a 'Togarashi🇯🇵🌶' kick!!!! Top pairing with Sake and some NoSo2 Skin Contact🍷...👌🏻

"Southern 'Italian (Calabrian🇮🇹)' Fried Chicken Panino🌶🐔🍔" @10williamst~ Limited Edition taste of the 'South (Calabria)' x @10williamst Panino/Burger with Zesty Calabrian Chilli Fried Chicken, Calabrian Chilli Aioli, Sicilian Caper Butter, Pickled Lampascioni, and Oregano between two artisan Brioche Buns!!!! A guaranteed sell-out item only available this week-end and one down already in my tummy😉😝😋✌🏻️... Try your luck m8s!!!!

"Beef Bourguignon Pie" @stonegroundbakery~ Brave the Winter Morning🌬❄️with this one... A charming & warming French 'Hybrid'🔥😋👌🏻

"Flathead Brandade, Winter Leaves" @bar_brose~ Chef @analiesegregory's version of a French Provençal Dish 'brandade de morue'!!! Let it be 'baccalà mantecato' or 'brandada de bacalao', this is the 'Brandade de San Choy Bau' to me... A superlative dish for a Winter night!!!!

"Sweet Corn Tamale, Wild Mushroom, Pecorino" @bar_brose~ Mesoamerican vibes x Sydney Funk!!!!

"Stracciatella, Pomelo, Ginger, Buddha's Hand" @bar_brose~ My 'Vivid🌟' night officially started from here...

"Vanilla and Coffee Crème brûlée" @bittongourmet~ Merci David😉😘👌🏻!!!!

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