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Victor@HarbourCity海港尚品坊SYD  Owner of HARBOUR CITY GROUP👢💄; Founder+Captain of OPAL ATELIER AUSTRALIA💍~Workaholic, Shopaholic, Chocoholic & ❤️Travel•Lifestyle•Fashion•Food•NoSO2🍷

"Sand Flounder, Bay Leave, Brown Butter Sauce, Choy Sum, Cauliflower, Mixed Nuts" @moxherestaurant~ 'Brown Butter' slow poached whole 'Sand Flounder' with Asian Greens... It is something that shares the philosophy of mastering fish cooking in a Chinese way: 'Cook Whole Fish', 'Unpretentious', 'Rustic', 'Minimal Seasoning', Natural' and 'Homey'...

"Mud Crab, Egg Brouillade, Cauliflower, Macadamia" @moxherestaurant~ Comparable to sixpenny's 'Mud Crab, Silky Macadamia, Camomile' to me...

"Grilled Octopus, Pipis, Local Seaweed, Beach Greens" @moxherestaurant~ Feels like diving deep down into the ocean and follow the sea currents...en route picking up some 'Sea Water Pickled Neptune Necklace', 'Rock Samphire', 'Seaweed', 'Octopus', 'Pipis' and the 'Natural Ocean Water' for the naturally wild 'Beach on a Plate'!!!!

"Hand-Dived Raw Kangaroo Island Queen Scallops, Enoki, Grey Ghost" @moxherestaurant~ 'Taste by Nature'!!! All three components have worked to a perfect harmony without changing the nature of itself but enhancing the flavours and fragrances each and other!!! The natural sweetness of the rare 'Kangaroo Island Queen Scallops' being perfumed by the lightly pickled earthy 'Enoki Mushrooms', and peppered by the sweet-sesame like 'De-Hydrated Grey Ghost Mushroom'... It is 'Natural' and 'Simple' yet 'Exquisite'...

"Raw Kingfish, Meyer Lemon Dressing, Curry Leaves" @moxherestaurant~ Fish being caught from the Ocean, Curry Leaves grown from its Private Garden and the Lemons collected from the beautiful surroundings to the Dining Table...

"Blue Mackerel & Coffee Tartelette" @moxherestaurant~ Bite size 'Surf n Turf'...🌊🌊🌊

"LPs @lpsqualitymeats Seafood Sausage, Spaghetti, Bisque" @wynobarandshop~ 'Spaghetti alla Chitarra all'uovo', Egg Yolk Spaghetti tossed in rich 'Bisque' broth, on a bed of these super chubby @lpsqualitymeats' custom made 'Seafood Snags'... A very 'Humble' looking 'Seafood Pasta' and a strong contender for the next @goodfoodcrapdrawing if she is still around...😝😘👌🏻

"Bluefin Tuna, Borlotti, Bottarga" @wynobarandshop~ The 'Caviar of Surry Hills✨' to me... With an added feature of watching Legend @elvis_el_rey plating up my dish from the sideline... That's 'Caviar✨✨✨'!!!

"Cuttlefish, Scallop, Coconut Rice, Pepita Sauce" @wynobarandshop~ Reminds me the irresistible 'Arroz con Coco🌴🍚', the 'Colombian Coconut Rice'!!!! It's so fragrant and addictive, with the added Cuttlefish and Raw is like a 'Coconut Rice Chirashi' from Heaven to me!!!! My absolute favourite of the night...👌🏻

" @continentaldeli Sardines in Butter, Fries" @wynobarandshop~ Canned Sardines cooked with Butter in its own Can = @continentaldeli x @portenosydney x @wynobarandshop 'FISH N CHIPS 🐟n🍟'!!!!

"Focaccia, Grapes, Rosemary, Lardo" @wynobarandshop~ 'Butter' who??? Celebrate the most 'Natural' form of spendable 'Good Cholesterol' with glasses of 'WyNo🍷🍷🍷'...👌🏻

"Pork & Peanuts" @wynobarandshop~ Porteno e Vino Edition or Gardel's Bar VER2.0??? But 'WYNO' to me is about Good Vino🍷and custom built Good Food for plenty more Good Vino and more importantly Good Times!!!! Congrats to the @portenosydney group, @elvis_el_rey, @tcb_ben, @joebyfour and @sarah_doe... 'You' are beautiful as always😘😘😘👌🏻!!!!

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