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Victor@HarbourCity海港尚品坊SYD  Owner of HARBOUR CITY GROUP👢💄; Founder+Captain of OPAL ATELIER AUSTRALIA💍~Workaholic, Shopaholic, Chocoholic & ❤️Travel•Lifestyle•Fashion•Food•NoSO2🍷

"PEACH MELBA 'CLASSICO'🍧 (Poached Peach, Raspberry, Vanilla Ice Cream)" @glebepointdiner~ Well... This is Classic, Classy, Timeless and Sexy as it should be back in Nellie Melba's era...

"STEAMED BLUE EYE TREVALLA, SCHOOL PRAWN SPECIAL SAUCE, YOUNG LEEKS, PIPPIES" @glebepointdiner~ Arguably 'Steamed Fish' is the best way to cook and to preserve the natural flavours and the beauty of a fresh fish (at least for Asians)... But, this 'School Prawn Special Sauce' has no arguments whatsoever!!! So much umami coming from the fermented School Prawns and it's Head Cheese... Think of a combo of XO, Shrimp Paste and Fermented Black Bean Paste!!!! Simply next level stuff!!!!

"DUCK with RADICCHIO, BLOOD PLUM & WALNUT SAUCE" @glebepointdiner~ Textbook 'Confit de Canard'... Classic, Crispy, Moist, Juicy, and Naturally Flavoursome!!!

"HEIRLOOM TOMATO & RICOTTA SALAD (Basil, Olive Crumb, Picada)" @glebepointdiner~ From Balmain to Glebe, I knew Sam Bennett can really cook... 'Simplicity', 'Unpretentiousness', 'Neighbourhood', 'Produces Driven', 'Whole Animals', and 'Pasta Making' are all in his DNA, but there is nothing too 'Simple' in terms of 'Flavours' in all his dishes!!!!

"FRIED SPENCER GULF SQUID (Parsley, Aioli)" @glebepointdiner~ A great dish that's equivalent to the height of the legendary Calamari Sant' Andrea of FP and Pietro e Paolo!!!! Birthday Week Feast continues...

"CHEF @daviderebe's PIZZA SPECIALE No2🍕(Slow-Smoked Wagyu Brisket, Jerusalem Artichokes, Smoked Soy, Yolk, Artisanal Pizza Dough)" @altaglio_theartofpizza x @sgarbossa_enrico x @aquadining x @daviderebe~ That's what I want for my Birthday Week!!!! Realise the real meaning of 'Gourmet' Pizza until it is too late Sydneysiders...

"CHEF @daviderebe's PIZZA SPECIALE 1🍕(Tuna, Charred Eggplant, Goat Curd, Cream of Mint, Artisanal Focaccia Base)" @altaglio_theartofpizza x @sgarbossa_enrico x @aquadining x @daviderebe~ This is one hell of a 'Crudo' dish with some of the unthinkable combo of fresh ingredients on a proper 'Gourmet' Pizza from one of the most humble, skilful, knowledgeable and low-key Italian Chef I've known so far... Grazie Chef @daviderebe!!!! I've learnt so much again from you tonight...😌🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

"PANINO con BACCALA MANTECATO🐟🍞(Baccalà Mantecato, Fried Capers, House-Baked Artisanal Bun)" @altaglio_theartofpizza x @sgarbossa_enrico x @aquadining x @daviderebe~ The All-Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️Italian Line-Up @sgarbossa_enrico x @daviderebe of @aquadining tonight to kick off my Birthday Celebratory Week🎂🍾🎉🎈!!!!! This Italian 'Salt Cod Paste' is traditionally enjoyed over special holidays in Italy, so why not my Birthday Week???😉😍😋🐟🐟🐟👌🏻🤘🏻

"PEAR, RHUBARB & MASCARPONE MUFFIN" @moonacreskitchen x @moonacresfarm~ Watch out Sydneysider... Exciting Bakery + Patisserie coming soon at 'Robbo', Southern Highlands!!!!

"CHARRED CORN & PUMPKIN SOUP (House-Baked Sourdough Toast)" @moonacreskitchen x @moonacresfarm~ I used to play Footy⚽️every Saturday Morning in Robbo when I was a kid... And now I start coming in regularly for the gourmet food and appreciating more of the beautiful local produces and the epic 'Big Spud'😉😋🤘🏻!!!!

Thank You Hugh and Sebastian for the warmy hospitality, the complete gourmet paddocks to plates journey and it's lovingly local produces!!!! I can't wait coming back again living closer to all the amazing local Southern Tablelands' produces, and staying at the 'Home' of @holmbrae Chooks🌽🐔🐔🐔!!!! Until then, see 'you' next time @theargyleinn... 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻🤘🏻

"BEEF TENDERLOIN, MUSHROOMS, RED ONION BUTTER, DAUPHINOIS" @theargyleinn x @holmbrae~ Taralga's very own 'Bannaby Angus' Beef Tenderloin, pairing with the old-school Country classic 'Gratin de Pommes à la Dauphinois'... This practical, classic and unpretentious Country French Simplicity is very much my thing!!!!

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