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Victor@HarbourCity海港尚品坊SYD  Owner of HARBOUR CITY GROUP👢💄; Founder+Captain of OPAL ATELIER AUSTRALIA💍~Workaholic, Shopaholic, Chocoholic & ❤️Travel•Lifestyle•Fashion•Food•NoSO2🍷


One more Big Big Slurp🍝before it is gone😝😋🍄👌🏻!!!! What impresses me the most apart from the luxurious 'Black Truffle', is the remarkable texture and egg+flour fragrance from the unsung '33 Egg Yolk Pasta'... A perfectly harmonious 'Eggs & Truffle' dish!!!!~ "Tajarin all'Uovo al Tartufo Nero (33 Yolks Tajarin, W.A. Truffle, Cultured Butter, Roasted Piemonte Hazelnut)" @10williamst

"Mini Focaccia Panino, Capers, EVOO, Mortadella" + "Farinata, Smoked Mayo, 26Months San Daniele Prosciutto" @10williamst~ Part of my @10williamst 'Omakase'...

"Tajarin all'Uovo al Tartufo Nero (33 Yolks Tajarin, W.A. Truffle, Cultured Butter, Roasted Piemonte Hazelnut)" @10williamst~ There aren't be a real 'Truffle Season' until you have had one from the Italian Master @enrico_tome when the much treasured ingredient be handled, served and respected in a traditional 'Piedmontese' "Tajarin al Tartufo" way!!! The 'Last Supper' kind of dish to me...

"Breakfast Cuba Libre🍹(Carbonated White Rum, @pepsi Max Vanilla and Citric Acid Jellies, Served with a Small Toothbrush with Lime and Mint Paste and Candied Lime)"~ The Cocktails Genius Dre Walters of @kittyhawksyd and @loboplantation brought to us his fun yet funk DIY or 'De-Constructed' digestif version of 'Rum & @pepsi Cola' reminding us to start our new day with @pepsi Max Vanilla...😝😉🙌🏻

"A Little Spice of Heaven (Caramelised Pineapple, Whipped Vanilla Cream, @Pepsi Max Vanilla Spiced Gel, Lime Meringue Shards, Lime Curd, Vanilla Buttermilk Sorbet, Pineapple Crisps)"~ Dessert King @andybowdy of @saga_enmore's tribute to the launch of Pepsi Max Vanilla with his rare and tropical 'Rum & Pepsi' inspired plated dessert!!!!

"Braised Pig's Head, Rice, XO Sauce (Pepsi Max Vanilla Braised Whole Pig's Heads with Rice, Topped with XO Sauce, Fresh Scallions, Nori)"~ From @acmesydney's signature 'Pig's Head, Egg Yolk, Macaroni' to The Vanilla Kitchen's Filipino styled Pepsi Braised Pig's Head Rice... Chef @instakrill celebrates everything from 'Nose to Tail' with an exclusive extension to @pepsi Max Vanilla!!!!!

"The Burgerlord (Miniature Cheeseburger, Smoked Kola Nut Barbecue Sauce, Vanilla Cured Bacon) + (Miniature Side of Mac & Cheese, Topped with a Vanilla Bacon Crumble)"~ When our very own Aussie 'Burger Lord' @jimmysburgers of @easeys, @guiltysydney, and 'The Vanilla Kitchen' rises for the celebration of @pepsi Max Vanilla!!!! Say Ohhhh...LORD🙏🏻😉!!!!

To celebrate the launch of @pepsi Max's New Vanilla Flavour, TEAM 'VANILLA KITCHEN @jimmysburgers x @instakrill x @andybowdy x Dre Walters' has been formed exclusively in this one-off Pepsi Max Vanilla collaboration event for an unique culinary journey!!! First up a Welcome Aperitif from Dre Walters of @kittyhawksyd~ "Brad's Drink🍹(Grape, Kiwi and Lemon Thyme Syrup, Blanco Vermouth, White Rum, Lemon Juice, Lemon Thyme)"

"RAMEN alla Butter Sydney🐔🍜(Signature 'Butter' Crispy Fried Chicken Tenders, 'Tonkotsu' Style Chicken Broth, Thin Ramen Noodles, 'Marinated' Ajitsuke Tamago, Enoki Mushrooms, Nori)" @buttersydney~ Simple Equation... (@buttersydney🐔 x Ramen🍜) =GAME OVER!!!!!! One of the most mind blowing Ramen I had recently to be honest!!! Let alone the outstanding as always Butter's Signature Fried Chicken, it's the 'Broth' that carries so much depth and stickiness not only different from the usual 'Shio', 'Shoyu', 'Miso' or 'Tonkotsu' broth, but it is so superior in its own 'league (Chicken 'Tonkotsu')'!!! Have known and admired Chef @julianvcincotta and his food for long, I've no doubt in my mind a white boy could do a proper Ramen🍜!!!! A challenge to 'Hot n Spicy Chicken Ramen🌶🐔🍜' with Butter's OG Hot Sauce and Jalapeño up next 'Special Ramen' Chef😉???? Let's enjoy this 'Extremely Limited (Lunch Only)' Ramen🍜for now...

"BOK SPÄTZLE (Poached Egg, Dill, Kitchen Scrap Sauerkraut, Milawa Tomme Cheese, Mustard)" @cornersmith~ A regional, comfort, cheesy and chewy Egg Noodles, aka the Swabian-German 'Mac n Cheese🇩🇪🧀'!!!!!

"🔵STATE OF ORIGIN BURGER🔵🏉🍔(Pulled Pork, Provolone Cheese, Apple Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, 'Blues' Burger Bun)" @thecarringtonsydney~ Simple Equation!!!!!! NSW IS SKYBLUE🔵!!!!! GO THE BLUES🔵🏉💪🏻🤘🏻!!!!!

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