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Vickie Natale  Award winning singer & vocal & piano coach. Medicine out now on iTunes, Spotify and all digital stores.

We encourage each-other. We have one life and it's important for us to make it easy for ourselves and eachother. We have this life. What a gift it is. Let's live it.

Can you guess what's on his mind? Comment below πŸ˜‚

So I got to meet this beautiful young lady for the first time in London. Miss has been my twitter friend for about 3 years ! She has been such a great supporter of my music and a wonderful friend. She's helped spread the word tirelessly online about time machine and medicine and she is attending university in London for music management. Love you so much little sis!!! Go follow your dreams Aggie !!!! Also go follow her and show her some love. She is a fuzzy bear. I absolutely adore London and all of the new friends I'm making.

Good afternoon. Be polite. Say it back. Lol

I need your help on this. What is your favorite lyric from medicine ? I'm gonna put it on a t shirt. Comment below!

I'm writing my postcards to you. Thank you for being so supportive and letting everyone know about medicine. I love you guys! Make sure to post the postcard on Instagram so I know you got it! #postcardsfromparis #postcardsfromlondon #medicinemusicvideo #medicine #getmedicineonitunes #thankyou #travel

Walking across this bridge is medicine. Transporting to a new place through music is medicine. Loving yourself is medicine. Loving yourself so that the love flows out onto others with joy is medicine. Making fine art from pain and suffering is medicine. Creating music and expressing yourself is medicine. Getting lost in a city you have always wanted to visit is medicine. You may think this is just a happy fun love song but when I wrote this I was experiencing the most pain I had in a long time. I needed to heal. I was finding ways to heal and thought I could through another person. Yes sometimes we get addicted to people and the pain they cause us, then we find another to try and heal us or some external thing. But I learned I had to heal me in the simplest of ways. By doing my art. This song is more than just a fun dance song. It's my journey. It's beyond the lyrics and beyond the groove. What you are feeling is healing energy. Healing intention and the thirst to live life and love to the fullest. It was my way of healing and doing what makes me truly happy. It is my way of feeling good and wanting others to feel just as good simply by dancing and enjoying the simplicities of life. It's embracing your inner sexiness. Embracing your sensuality so that it is not something taboo but another form of love. It is embracing your inner pulse and passion. It's pure joy. It's love. It's loving yourself freely. It's loving others freely. It is medicine. I'll see you on the dance floor. We won't even need a drink to have a good time. The vibes are so good that's all we need. Life is medicine. Live it. Thank you for joining me on this journey i love you all and I love chatting with you and dreaming big. Let's go everywhere.
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The bathroom in my hotel has spa lighting and I'm so here for it. 😍 also when I get home I'm turning my bathroom into this. Lol.

I totally feel at home in this palace. Big shoutout to fellow #periscoper @euromaestro for showing me around after our medicine music video! What a spectacular day! Thanks Euro!!! Can't wait to perform in Paris and go back to the gardens !!!!! #palacedeversailles #queenvictoria #travel #france #medicinemusicvideo #getmedicineonitunes #tour #travelblog #euromaestro #kingoffrance #palace #queen #history #historicplaces #versailles #versaillespalace #versaillescity #versaillecastle

So grateful for these beautiful people. Thank you so much for making todays video shoot amazing. @davidveslocki Pure happiness!

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