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Victoria Avila  21. I'm not rich, but live like I am. I love all things pretty, expensive or not.

I live for weekends where I can be a lazy bum and this weekend is one of them. 👽

Still my favorite look from this weekend: SO are you following my beauty account? @BYVICKEY ☺️

Was this weekend even real? #blessed

🌸 Had class on the beach today and it was beautiful; I will never not be inspired by Taelor Pleas. 🌸

Lakota + Wendy

Everybody, watch out

Chilling with babes & proof that Dany's a cheater

I didn't choose the Model Life but. it. keeps. choosing. me.
pc: Jewels
hair: Chey

I came to New York for clarity, I'm torn between career paths and toured different schools in each field, BUT spending three hours in this museum confused me even more. All three passions infused into one building glaring back at me. Way to confused me even more, but thank you for lighting a fire in my heart.
I'm thoroughly enjoying my solo vacation; I'm loving where I'm staying and I think I'm successfully blending in. I love New York, I'm glad I came to see what it's really about.

It's ✨lit✨

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