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ms gutierrez♡  lol scott mccall hbic of scalia


713 | october 24
— stefan salvatore
my lane since 1x01 ;)
guys this is the ugliest edit I’ve
ever made and I hate this so much but
i wanted to join the con so I had
to hurry and this is so choppy skdndndn.
Im honestly so so sorry!!
ac: xpurity cc: bansheercse
for lorie, ally, ava, anna & sammy <3
#snowcrystalgrp #omgpage [videostar]
this is for #salvatoreconw1

posting now!

#rivervixenrct worth a try I guess?

709 | october 21
— hayden romero
i love an underrated angel
ac: liarsmiracle cc: mine
for sia, sel, aley & jill <3
#snowcrystalgrp #omgpage [videostar]
this is for #mypackw2

posting in a few minutes!! comment something if u wanna be tagged when i post

708 | october 21
— alissa violet
just a little velocity practice,
i’ll post a real edit later :)
ac: i forgot ugh cc: mine
for alissa stans <3
#snowcrystalgrp #omgpage [videostar]
also this is my first velocity edit ever
so don’t attack me I know it’s not the best.

i love u guys

#illumaweenrc trying again and I’m excited lolz💞💖💗💓

October 18th, 2017. 26 years ago an angel
was born. I have no idea what to say but
here we go. Okay ty where do I start? You
have NO idea how much you mean to me.
I don’t know you for such a long time, only
a few months but you’re already one of
my biggest idols and I’m so so glad and
thankful I know you. I’m also so freaking
proud to call you my idol, my inspiration.
You‘ve helped me so much and I hope that
you will read this. I love you for making me
smile everyday. I swear, everytime I’m sad
I just have to watch your interviews or
even your posts on instagram, and I feel
happy again. Like honestly you are such an
amazing human being, you taught me so
much and I don’t know how I should ever
give that back to you. You are the love of
my entire life because you are the best
role model someone could think of. You
are always there for your fans, for us. I
hope i will meet you someday and I can
tell you all this stuff, how much I love you.
It’s your Birthday today and I hope you
have an amazing time, with people you
love. I only wish you the best Tyler,
I love you! 💗💞💓💖
- @tylerposey58
ac/ib: liarsmiracle cc: bansheercse

posted, go check it out

661 | october 12
— lydia grace martin
i only stan legends.
ac/ib: sxperkara
cc: bansheercse (changed it a little)
for jill, lorie, sami & chey <3
#snowcrystalgrp #omgpage [videostar]

trying to post today!

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