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ms gutierrez♡  lol scott mccall hbic of scalia

747 | november 18
— nina dobrev
ac: jackson.png cc: mine
for greta, nadia & all nina stans
#snowcrystalgrp #omgpage .
[videostar] 🥀

737 | november 7
— leigh anne pinnock
ac: idr cc: wckdxargent
for yadi & leigh <3
#snowcrystalgrp #omgpage .
[videostar] 🥀

730 | november 6
#yana <3
i met my best friend yesterday
and i just wanted to share these
beautiful 2 days with you guys :)
ac: idk cc: wckdxargent
for yadira <3
#snowcrystalgrp #omgpage .
[videostar] 🥀
also i decided not to deactivate
this acc bc all of my saved edits
are saved on this acc and I can’t
deactivate it dnyny, so imma just
post stuff like this, velocity edits,...

711 | november 2
— meet the editor
finally finished, hehe
ac: idk cc: mine
for sila, yadi, catarina & samira
bc they’re my best friends :)
#snowcrystalgrp #omgpage .
[videostar] 🥀
- #meettheeditor

every week you‘ll edit an AU ship!
what does AU ship mean?
AU stands for “alternate universe” and it’s a ship which can’t happen in the actual universe but could happen in an alternative one !
- mbf the hosts:
- tag two active editors
- only new edits
- must post the edit for week
one by November 14th
#AUshipconw1 Favourite AU ship
- must be from the same show
#AUshipconw2 Favourite crossover ship
- must be from different shows
#AUshipconw3 Favourite LGBT+ AU ship
- self explanatory
#AUshipconw4 Opposites attract ship
- an AU ship with your favourite and your least favourite character
#AUshipconw5 AU ship storyline
- an AU edit with a story / the story of the ship
1st place:
a follow from every host, a shoutout on our story, colourings, presets for ae, precut scenes, a collab with one of us, overlays
2nd place:
a follow from every host, a shoutout on our story, colourings, presets for ae, precut scenes
3rd place:
a follow from every host, a shoutout on our story, precut scenes
we really hope you‘ll join, be creative and have fun!!

Guys please read this!
Since I don’t have any motivation left for
this account I think I will deactivate it. I was
thinking about it a long long time and I didn’t
really wanted to because I reached so much (700). And I’m more than thankful for the time
we had together but i don’t enjoy editing
anymore if no one is active. And you may call me
stupid and you may say something like it’s dumb
if you only enjoy editing if people are active, but
you can’t tell me you don’t. Because why do you
have an account then? I won’t deactivate my
account asap because 1. I want y’all to read this
and 2. I’m hosting a con so I will deactivate the
account after that. I really love y’all so so much
and I’ll be active on an other account (my new
editing account). I just want to start again you know.
If you’ve really read this, bless your soul.
xoxo, jana
(If u wanna know the name of my new acc, dm me)

705 | october 30
— veronica & cheryl
we love two queens !!
ac: sxperkara cc: mine
for jill, luci & analise <3
#snowcrystalgrp #omgpage .
[videostar] 🥀
Im so sorry about the quality,
insta made it even worse ugh
+ my transition!! [repost]

new feed (again)

new feed (again)

new feed (again)

#joinnightcrawler 💗💖💓

717 | october 25
— multi celeb collab
i’m so happy how this turned out, it’s
my first collab ever that didn’t flop so
i’m also proud lmao. but thanks to everyone
who was a part of this? I love u!
ac: ethereal.vs cc: killermalachai
for the ppl who joined <3
#snowcrystalgrp #omgpage
don’t let this flop please ugh
+ sorry for the repost

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