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Jenna Blazevich  Chicago-based product & branding designer, calligraphy instructor (next class: 8/13), and intersectional feminist artist 🖤 PZ mom 🐦

🎶Get off my bra strap boy, stop sweatin me 🎶 Salt N Pepa back patches coming to the shop next week!

Sometimes I wonder if I should make any goods that solely say "vichcraft", or if that's just something my sisters and I would get into. 🤔 What do my virtual vich friends (v.v.f.'s) think? Or are y'all just holding out for a @pineapple_zone shirt? (Because also so am I) 🐦👌🏽

@laurajanegrace has consistently been one of the most inspiring women to me while I've navigated my way around finding a voice and a stance as an artist. Lettering her name for the #WomenOfLetters competition and sharing it on a day when so many people I look up to have shown up in support of our trans siblings was extra important.

If you're in Chicago, you should come see the leather jackets and the motorcycle I painted and lots of other pieces at the closing party of my first solo show on 08/05! Link to rsvp is in my profile 📸 @jessefoxart

@abacaxi_zona and I made it to round 3 of the free New Orleans wedding competition(!), and were asked to shoot a video of us dancing, but Chris has been gone working since we found out, so I made us into paper lovebirds meeting through a shared love of street art, and then cutting a rug in our kitchen 🖤 @acehotelweddings @yeahweddings @thenouveauromantics @aceneworleans #cupidshuffle

Chicago friends of Vich! I'm hosting a closing party for my first solo show. ✨ Vichcraft goods will be for sale from 12-6pm, and we'll have some drinks and also @pineapple_zone will probably come say hi to all of you 🖤
The event is free, and the link to RSVP is in my profile!

Just added a bunch of free lock screens and desktop wallpapers to the ✨downloadables✨ tab on the site! Link to the shop is in my bio, but click the downloadables tab at the top and dress up ur phone 🖤

Teaching beginner oblique calligraphy in the studio today 🖤

One of my favorite new additions to the studio wall 🖤 Sylvia Plath 🖤

CHICAGO! Save the date! On 08/05 from 12-6pm, we're having a closing party for my solo show, and we'll have drinks, a pop-up shop of vich goods and most likely a @pineapple_zone 🐦 If you want to stay up to date on the location and other details, comment your email here 🖤

🎶 This could last us all a lifetime 🎶 @atdimusic

**UPDATE - We wore the black shirts that we wore on our first date, and for Chris that means a Dragonball Z one, which is important** A couple months ago, I entered @abacaxi_zona and myself into a competition to win a free wedding by telling our love story and including a bunch of details on things we've made together and for each other (after 7 years it's accumulated into a lot of fun things). We were picked to be in the second round, and to stay in the running we had to take some strips of photos in a booth together. To (creepily?) represent how we met, we brought our spray paint and respirators, and we also obviously brought @pineapple_zone and took some snaps in our moto helmets 🖤 Sry this post is lacking in lettering but what it lacks in that department, it makes up for in love and birds. @acehotelweddings @yeahweddings @thenouveauromantics #facehotel

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