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VICE UK  Unfollow Me: a campaign standing up for victims of domestic abuse and stalking

If only you could shrink a kangaroo and make it more adorable... oh wait. These baby tree kangaroos are tiny little hoppy balls of cute.

@bertkrak’s New York style traditional tattoos are wild, detailed, and brilliant. Swipe right to check them out. TATTOO AGE starts tonight at 9PM on @vicelanduk.

Welcome to the Dog Utopia, where 1,000 rescued strays run free in the Costa Rican jungle.

Tony Pike is an 83 year old Ibiza legend. His hotel 'Pikes" has been a debaucherous hotspot for celebrities spanning decades, boasting such guests as George Michael, Freddie Mercury, Liam Gallagher and Grace Jones.

There should be an oyster emoji @oldbluelastbeer

Penge (Bromley), 1 camp bed, £750 p.c.m. This is just the level of crisis we’re at with the property market now. #londonrentalopportunityoftheweek

It's going to be 32°c in the UK tomorrow. Here are some glorious photos of British people trying to deal with the heatwave by @jake_photo

Today, a custom survey by @Broadly and YouGov revealed what Britain thinks about stalking. - 77% of us are in favour of the idea of a Stalkers Register
- 56% of the public don't think the government takes the issue seriously
- And 1 in 10 of us say they've experienced stalking personally


Seal pups must be THE cutest animal in the world.

Now that the World Cup is over and the dust has settled, we reviewed people's England tattoos. Some of these have aged well. Others haven't.

Medicinal cannabis products are finally going to be legalised in the UK. Today the British government announced that laws will be relaxed to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis-derived medicines.

Alice Ruggles was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, despite reporting him to the police twice before her death. Alice's family and anti-stalking charity @paladin_nsas are calling on the UK government to introduce a Stalkers Register to protect victims of domestic abuse and stalking.

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