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@ilnpbrand Float On x2
@moyou_london Hipster 08 stamping plate
@bornprettystore black stamping nail polish

I wasn’t really wowed by this polish also I really liked it on the swatch stick so I tried to salvage it with some nail art and...not sure how I feel about these to be frank... Накрасила лаком, а он почему-то оказался не вау, хотя на ромашке мне очень нравился. В попытках спасти ситуацию застемпилась, но чёт так и не знаю.. для #марафонГолубойИюЛь2018 #марафонГолубойИюЛь @tanita238, @one_more_polish и
#ILNP #ILNPFloatOn #maniinsta #bluenails #lightbluenails #summernails

@opi What’s With The Cattitude x2 plus topcoat
You made some gorgeous polished back in the day OPI..and you also loved making them LE. I remember wanting this one so much and then I lucked out in a destash and got it for slightly more than what OPI retailer in Russia back then...which was not back at all for such a coveted shade!
Cattitude is a stunning baby blue light cream with a very good formula for a pastel. You can make it work in 2 costs although I strongly recommend opting for 3 thin ones because it will save you the potential trouble of the polish bubbling and it will also dry way faster this way. This polish is actually very fast drying when you keep the coats on the thinner side so don’t me like me 😂

Умели же ОПИ в лачки в своё время..а ещё они очень любили делать их лимитками. Так было и с Котиком. Я безумно его хотела, а потом мне повезло купить его в рук по довольно трезвой, особенно для одного из самых желанных в ногтевой сообществе лаков, цене.
Разбеленный голубой легкий крем с очень хорошей для пастельного оттенка формулой. Можно уложить в 2 слоя, но я советую делать три тонких - предотвратите угрозу пузырей, и высохнет быстрее. Вообще удивительно быстро он сохнет, если контролировать толщину слоёв, так что не будьте как я 😂

для #марафонГолубойИюЛь2018 #марафонГолубойИюЛь @tanita238, @one_more_polish и
#OPI #OPIWhatsWithTheCattitude #maniinsta #bluenails #lightbluenails #summernails

@alamarcosmetics Reina Del Caribe palette swathes

Can we talk about this palette! It’s just perfect in every way possible. The quality is amazing, the idea and execution are stunning. I love the range of colour and how this palette is different and unusual, but still totally usable and very versatile. It is truly unique and there’s been very few launches recently that didn’t make me want to yawn, especially in the palette realm where recently it seems like everyone is beating the dead horse.
This brand is off to a great start, the fact that the person behind it is makeup artist for @klpolish and @kathleenlights friend @gabyteemua is heartwarming and really gives me a lot of confidence in the brand.

@boxycharm July box #boxyisland
To be honest, I’ve been slightly underwhelmed by the last several Boxycharm boxes, but this one is nothing short of amazing! The @luxiebeauty brushes are so soft and I love getting them in my box, @ofracosmetics liquid lipstick are one of my all time favorite formula, the @soldejaneiro Bum Bum Cream has a funny name but smells heavenly, the @battingtonbeauty eyelashes are a style that I think looks most flattering on me, and of course stay tuned for swatches of the @alamarcosmetics palette ;)

@musiccitybeauty (previously #SmokeyMountainLacquer) x @polishpickup Empowerment x2 plus topcoat

It’s beautiful, it’s speckled, and it can look anywhere from this bright sky blue to a dusty robin’s egg blue depending on the light.
Красивый, с крапушками, цвет в зависимости от освещения меняется от ярко-голубого, как на фото, до пыльно-бирюзового.

для #марафонГолубойИюЛь2018 #марафонГолубойИюЛь @tanita238, @one_more_polish и
#MusicCityBeauty #smokeymountainlacquerempowerment #maniinsta #indieswatch #indiepolish #bluenailpolish #summernails #лакскрапушками #лаксвеснушками #лаксмусором #speckled #speckledpolish

@colorsbyllarowe Azure Thing x2 plus topcoat
A gorgeous clean azure blue crelly perfect for the summer!
Потрясающее чисто-голубое крелле, летом просто идеально. для #марафонГолубойИюЛь2018 #марафонГолубойИюЛь @tanita238, @one_more_polish и
#ColorsByLlarowe #CBL #ColorsByLlaroweAzureThing #CBLAzureThing #maniinsta #indieswatch #indiepolish #bluenailpolish #summernails

@stellachroma x @polishpickup O, Macaron! x2 plus topcoat

I’m going to wear only light blue polish this July participating in a Russian challenge and also attempt to repaint my nails as often as I can now that life has FINALLY calmed down a little. Shall we begin?
Первый пошёл :) для #марафонГолубойИюЛь2018 #марафонГолубойИюЛь @tanita238, @one_more_polish и
#indieswatch #maniinsta #StellaChroma #StellaChromaOMacaron

@tonicpolish Superstar x2 plus topcoat

Under the office lighting which kills many beautiful polishes, but this one is invincible!
#TonicPolish #TonicPolishSuperstar #maniinsta #indieswatch

#makeupoftheday feat. @clionadhcosmetics Aqua Fortis, an aqua blue eyeshadow with a yellow-gold reflect. It looks sage green in direct view so it’s very multidimensional and surprisingly work-appropriate!

#ClionadhCosmetics #ClionadhAquaFortis
#featuring_mua #makeuptutorialsx0x #makeuplover #talkthatmakeup #makeupfeed #makegirlz #make4glam #beautyfeedin #centralmaquiagem #muasfeatured

@ilnpbrand Harbour Island x3 plus topcoat

I went to @indieexpocanada and it was amazing! @girlybitscosmetics @colorsbyllarowe @clionadhcosmetics @canaildian_girl @tinkerpurplenails @everafterpolish @beeskneeslacquer @extraordinaryubiquity and many others, thank you for coming, it was a blast with you! Until we meet again! ❤️ #ILNP #ILNPHarbourIsland #indieswatch #indiepolish #holographicnails #holographic #maniinsta

So I ordered from @quayaustralia when they were having their gold sale and was so excited to finally get my hands on @desiperkins Hi-Keys and another pair. Never got my order but got a sudden refund notification. What ensued is in the screenshots and I have not heard from the company since May 28. Ignoring is not cool, Quay, and I would like the sunglasses, not the money, and this is why I ordered in the first place.
#quayaustralia #desiperkins #quayxdesi

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