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A while back the great @tone.v.s.supermarioworld82 tagged me to show my favorite 32-bit games. Sadly I didn't bring my PS1 with me here so I can't play these for the time being but I went back to some old photos so I could compile this.
3. Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force - hard choosing between this and Panzer Bandit but I give Mad Stalker the slight edge for its music. Great variety of moves in this game.
2. Tenchi wo Kurau II: Sekiheki no Tatakai - a port of my favorite arcade game (and favorite beat em up) ever. Fairly faithfully recreated on PS though the Saturn version is slightly better

1. Gear Senshi Dendoh - based on a mech anime, simply put this is the closest there is to a spiritual successor to Ninja Warriors Again. Great Natsume soundtrack, spritework, huge variety of moves, 3-D giant robot boss fights, this game is a true masterpiece that can somehow still be found for cheap
Honorable mention would be Keio Flying Squadron 2 on Saturn... I also have some awesome looking PS games I haven't played yet such as Gunners' Heaven and Cyborg Kuro Chan

My waifu and I cleared a co-op run of this game, my favorite "cutesy" masterpiece on SFC, Super Ninja Kun. Anyone else dig this game? Tight platformer with a variety of weapons and powers, some fun co-op only options and great boss fights. Only bad part of the game is the shmup segment near the end that features weird hitboxes as well as a boss with super over-inflated health. Also, there's only one stage theme in the game so it kinda grates on you... but other than that it's a great gem.

Some GBA goodness that was awaiting me when I arrived, unfortunately I didn't know how customs worked here so my girlfriend ended up having to pay a bit just to pick these up for me... #prettycure #hardcoregaming

Before I left for the Philippines, I had promised @retroryangee and @cpn_pixel that I'd upload a bit of manual art for Metalgun Slinger that night... as it turns out, I'm an idiot, so here it is now a week after I've already settled in... a few separate pictures of its artwork! Sorry for the wait, fellas.

Acquired one last gem before I depart: Metalgun Slinger for the GBA

Purchased this device to play a few games on the plane ride for my upcoming move, celebrated with a DDA run to break it in

My good friend @tone.v.s.supermarioworld82 tagged me to give the puzzle genre some love, so I figured I'd round up my installments for Puyo Puyo, IMO the puzzle series with the most personality. Shoutouts to @montse_akane @jumafas and @jaildesigner Cool Spaniards on IG seem to love Puyo

Lately I've been clearing no-miss runs of Twinbee 2 and 3 daily, it's such a nice series of shmups especially for someone like me who's awful at the genre.

Latest batch of gets, still mostly GBA, but one GB and a surprise Famicom title as well. Gotta be honest guys, I'm winding down on game collecting overall. There's still stuff I want, but... I have several trips and (if all goes right) a move to Asia planned for this year so, yeah, I really gotta cut the spending. I have a few more things coming in already, but after those it's probably it for me, at least for "big" hauls like this.

It's been a while since I took one of these "series" shots... so here's one I love: SD The Great Battle. A long running series of Gundam / Ultraman / Kamen Rider crossovers that have experimented with countless genres. Note that there are a ton of SD Hero crossover games, so to keep things simple I limited this set to just the games with "Great Battle" in the title, disregarding the sports games and stuff like SD Hero Soukessen. The only game in the series I don't have is the one on GBC which is a turn based game... as for which is my favorite, well, this might sound kinda cheap since I just got it, but honestly I've REALLY taken a liking to GB Gaiden: Tekkyu Fight for Game Boy, I think it's an awesome game. In fact I love it so much I'm working on a speedrun for it, the only speedrun of it to exist... my current time is 12:52, by the way, deathless... in case anyone else has the game and wanted to try helping me speedrun it. Besides that, can't go wrong with the rare gem that is Great Battle V on SFC.

My next batch... thanks to my old friend @juliusviloria858 for the heads up on Slain!

New GBA goodness

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