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Happy easteeeer #sweetdreams

Something spotted by @iamxande, don't know bible verses, anyone?

A lil custom jab at Laura's cousin, Jason, who just turned 16

A little nightmare to send you off. The long version... it was around 2am, these people i don't know were eating their tacos, I'm waiting for mine, an albino rabbit being emerges from the car wash and stands there for a long time before anyone notices. We're freaked out, get back to my car and drive around the block, stop for donuts (obvi) and as we're making our way back to my car the damn rabbit being reappears and it's coming towards us. D & M quickly shuffle to my car but I can't find my key to unlock the doors, finally unlocking them as this beast rounds the car and simply stands next to D, staring at him while I manage to start the car and drive off. I think this rabbit is wandering around Echo Park during the witching hours so look out!

members of the lollipop guild #tbt

Why was this on my doorstep?

The NSA hard at work

We're all in this together

The ocean won that day

I'd always known about it but never visited the Museum of Velvet Paintings until last weekend. It's now my favorite museum in LA full of incredibly weird and fun paintings like these. Plan your pilgrimage and support this place!
Thnx @laurainblack for taking me there!

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