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Day 9 - A lovely stroll through one of the Jerusalem markets. #Pilgrimage #HolyLand #FrLeo

Day 9 - Sampled some delicious whites and a red wine at the Cremison Winery founded by the Salesians (St. John Bosco). There's a reason Jesus made himself wine!

Day 7 - Site #4 "And the cock crowed three times" #Pilgrimage #HolyLand #FrLeo

Day 7 - Site #4 Church near House of Caiphas where Jesus was taken on the night where he was betrayed, where Peter denied Him, and cave where Jesus was kept overnight.

Day 7 - Site #3 place where Mother Mary was assumed into heaven (empty grave is there in her memory). #Pilgrimage #Holyland #FrLeo

Day 7 - Site #3 Upper Room, me with my sis on top of upper room. And a giant cactus.

Day 7 - Site #3 Garden of Gethsemane, rock where Jesus wept, blessed to celebrate mass there with Fr. Leo!

Day 7 - Site #2 Mount Gethsemane, Teardrop-shaped chapel (where Jesus wept), thorn tree, and ancient graveyard.

Day 7 - Site #1 Where Jesus taught the Our Father.

Day 6 - Via Dolorosa at 6am before shops open, all the way to Church of the Holy Spulchre where we were very, VERY blessed to celebrate mass at Jesus's tomb. #Pilgrimage #HolyLand #FrLeo

Day 5 - The Center for Dignity of Women was kind enough to host us for lunch. What a gift to meet these women, converse with them over food, and move past any differences or disagreements through the unitive power of food.

Day 5 - Nablus city in Palestine. Walking through market guided by Mrs. Fatima, learning about their culture, olive soap, etc. Also trying new foods such as a meat/veggie sandwich and Kanafe.

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