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10 x These fast as I can go for each rep..with 3 minutes recovery in between.
Training my fast twitch muscle fibers. Attempted 12 reps....but nahhh. Lol. #ConcreteRunners #Running

I know I got a real one...when I can lean on her to keep my mind right. Appreciate you mama @larissajenay

In honor of All Star Weekend...Dash doin' Kyrie's spin move...
#HandleLife #BallIsLife #InTheLab #DashMyles #LifeWithDash #2YearsOld @larissajenay @kyrieirving

400+ calories 1.98 miles...running from 0 ft to about 1,200 ft of elevation...on 12% incline...switching between 4 and 6 mph. The challenge is to burn 400+ calories in as short of a distance as possible, while running up as far as you can in elevation. I never have a whole lot of time to train, so I have to be efficient with the time I got. #Running #Uphill #ConcreteRunners

Just dribbling with my 2 year old.... #HandleLife #InTheLab #DashMyles #LifeWithDash @larissajenay

To my beautiful girlfriend...mi corazón es tuyo para siempre. @larissajenay #HappyValentinesDayEveryone

I put a heavy emphasis on defense. These kids just learned it and already embrace the 2-3 zone...they literally trap everything and create a bunch of turnovers. It's pretty cool to watch my 2nd & 3rd Graders actually want to play defense. #YeahThatsAaliyahInBraids #ProudCoach #nikeyoungathletes #BallIsLife #HandleLife #InTheLab

LOVE. these. kids. Do they drive me crazy at practice? Yes! Does that make me want to stop? Hell no! Lol. I take the role as their coach very seriously. I fell in love with the game at around their age so being a part of their development process means a lot to me. Whether it's with actual basketball skills, or growing their confidence level in general, they all make me proud. Catch our games early Saturday mornings at the San Bruno Rec Center Gym!#Basketball #Coach #InTheLab #BallIsLife

Before the night ends...I wanna send a huge THANK YOU to everyone that wished me a happy birthday! I really appreciate all the love. A lot of people ask how does it feel to be 34, and this is usually my answer...physically, I'm probably more active now than when I was 24; mentally, my wisdom just gets sharper than it was the year before; visually, I'll still occasionally get carded at the liquor store. You get the picture, it's just a number. The only thing that I feel really ages is my mind, as it gets fed with all of life's experiences. Which helps me architect the lives of the 2 little ones in this picture. I love my girlfriend, I love my kids, I love my family, I love my friends, I love the ups, I love the downs, I love life. #ThankYouAll

Offensively...she's still a little hesitant to really go off in games. But I realized that I need to be ok with it. She has a shy personality in general, until she breaks out of her shell. So until she's ready to break out of this shell, I'll keep sharpening her tools. It's all Patience. A lot of these basketball posts have to do with a lot more than just basketball. #ThatsAaliyahTV #BallIsLife #HandleLife #InTheLab #NikeBasketball @nikeyoungathletes #nikeyoungathletes

S/o to mi bonita @larissajenay for throwing me this '80's themed bday party yesterday...I love you mami. And a huge thank you to all family and friends that came through to celebrate with me, it was too much fun, I appreciate all of you a you guys! This is just a small handful of the polaroids from last night... #The80s's the Aaliyah I was looking for in the game yesterday...found her...just had to push a few buttons, haha. I just need this in-game now. Working on Using her off-hand into a spin move, then attacking the basket. #HandleLife #BallIsLife #InTheLab #ThatsAaliyahTV