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NOT ACTIVE TMR!!  be soft. dont let the world make you hard. dont let pain make you hate. dont the bitterness steal your sweetnessπŸ‘ΈπŸ»βœ¨

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hi lovelies!! how's everyone's summer vacation going? mine is going amazing ahhh so relaxing! tysfm for 7K+ yayaya ily guys!!

hey my loves, sry I didn't post for awhile my phone completely broke so I couldn't post but I got my phone fixed and it's all good!! :) tysm 5k oml halfway to 10k I can't believe it omgggg

hello beautiful's !! tysfm for 4k woooo yayaya !! I couldn't of done this accomplishment without u guys ahhhh I legit can't put into words how much ily guys ahhhh!!β™‘

omg omg omg !! I hit 3k ahhh !! I feel like I'm dreaming rn I want to thank all of guys for not just following me but loving me and my acc :) I'm so damn grateful for every single one of you guys Ik I keep saying I'm grateful but it's so true I love u guys with all my heart tysfm

hey boo's how r u guys?! I had an exam today and it was super stressful oml !! tysfm for 2.6k I've been gaining super fast lately yayaya!!

hello!! I just got back from getting my nails done hehe I'm kinda mad bc they messed them up ooops :/ anyways, hope u guys have an amazing Cinco De Mayo (if u celebrate it) tysm for being sooooo active ahhhh so grateful :)

hey luvs!! sry Im being super inactive I'm just rly sick and trying to get some rest rather than be on my phone but I promise once I feel better I'll be more active!! love ya guys :)

we hit 2K omg omg I'm screaming rn ahhhh !! thank u guys sm for always being so kind and supportive towards me and my acc no words can explain how thankful I am for u guys oml I have no idea what I would do without u guys Ilygsfmβ™‘

hello wow thx guys for 1.8k wooo !! I'm so happy bc I won soccer mvp of the year for three years straight yayaya!! btw ty guys for being active:)

hola babes!! im so stressed bc I have so many tests/exams in next 2 weeks ugh oml ! but don't worry I'm still gonna be active daily :) have/hope u had a great day ily

hola babes hope all of u guys had a fantastic Easter !! Ik I did :) omg I have 1.6k only 400 away from 2K I can't believe it !! u guys r the best followers ever !!

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