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Никапc 哇  You are banned from my vibrating casserole

We couldn't get a room in Chungking express so I asked some guy in the street. He led us to a family of women, who led us down an alleyway to our room. The place looked sweet, small, cozy, a bathroom where you could shit and shower at the same time. In other words: perfect.
We'll take it, I said. I asked for a key.
They said, "No, no. No need for a key. This guy will be here all night." They pointed to a man laying underneath a desk outside our room. He was fanning himself, watching us.
I hadn't noticed him. Neither did Cahill.
When we left the room they multiplied (someone else joined the man under the desk). I miss Hong Kong. The only way it could've been better is if they actually robbed us.


Last minute comfort clam

Sexual & work safe shrimp

They let him out of the talisman


beep beep 🛴💨

Give them the milk. They're very thirsty.

Crab season just means when the crab meat isn't poison
(((the crabs are here year round)))

I'm in love and so glad they're alive

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