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SHOUOUT| Ma man @CosminAgache 🔥dropping another massive shoutout at the Big Tits monument! Check out his heavy style! Amazing combos 🗣💥 Big Up and Cheers to @Cosminagache 👌🏼 #beatbox #beatboxer #beatboxing #vibebeatbox

SHOUTOUT| @Sdopebeatbox Greek Champ gave a huge shoutout 🗣💥 Hear his special sound! When I heard It I got crazy! Thanks my bro, I learnt from you such a friendly and nice beatboxer! Some people say I look like him cuz of the glasses and the beard 😂 Greekzilian is our TagTeam hahaha 👌🏼Great Vibes #beatbox #beatboxer #beatboxing #vibebeatbox

SHOUTOUT| My brother @y2kwon bringing wild style to the game! 🔥Was my roommate we had a lot of fun as well great beatbox talks. 🗣💡 My pleasure bro! Big up Young Savage 👌🏼 At the Big Tits monument #beatbox #beatboxer #beatboxing #vibebeatbox

🗣Big UP to my bro @cidro_bbxchile he gave me a @beatboxchileoficial T Shirt 👕 so I promised a shoutout to him for this gift and for the great times we had since we met for the first time in Peru. The best part of beatboxing is to make real friends! Thanks again! See you soon my bro 🇧🇷❤️🇨🇱 #beatbox #beatboxer #beatboxing #vibebeatbox

Original from 🇧🇷 #VIBEbeatbox

👥Freestyling Vietnam Vibes with my bro @Austin.bbx 👌🏻 We miss China a lot @worldbeatboxclassic #beatbox #beatboxer #beatboxing #vibebeatbox #worldbeatboxclassic

SHOUTOUT| @BassBrobeatbox dropping a sick big up! 🔥 Yeah bro give me some bass haha 👌🏼 It was a pleasure to meet you my man, we had great times! Thank you 🙏 Yo guys show some love for @Bassbrobeatbox #beatbox #beatboxer #beatboxing #vibebeatbox

plEsh 👌🏼

Sometimes you just need to relax on the calm Nature!🏞 Recover energy to spend on the concrete jungle!🌆

🌬🌦It was a rainy day when I made a shoutout to HK Bbx community at the Buddha Temple 🇭🇰 even so tired and with the noise from rain and wind I didn’t care! ☔️Dispite that, I could record a shoutout to say thanks for having me, it’s wasn’t for too long but was great times! 👌🏼Amazing experience Big up to @chan_hiramm @danfoundamn @hog_72327 @heartgreymusic @fatking @yamholy_ Cheers guys! 🍻@hongkongbeatbox #vibebeatbox #beatbox #beatboxer #beatboxing

Celebrating trip cuz it’s my birthday 🌬🎂👏🏻🍰😁 #vibebeatbox

I feel like (Cod)Fish 👌🏼

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