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Mascot/fursona: Katelyn  Pfp by @sxda.boi ❀ Call me Via! πŸ”΄ Art Trades: Open! Collabs: Open! Oc ref tag: #viaocrefs Request tag: #drawmevia Owner of rose collectors πŸ₯€πŸŒΉ

I'm just going to go ahead and have a little poll here!
Its about what I should do from my last post where I talked about what I should do for a rose collector event
Here are the options!
1) Design contest
Everyone designs a RC from common to rare and I'll pick 1-5 people who get to keep their designs
2) Draw to adopt
I post a rose collector and you guys will draw them for a chance to win them
3) Raffle
I'll post a RC design and a raffle will be held to decide who gets them
4) I temporally open the species
I open the species for a specific time frame and people will make rose collectors, post them into the tag, and I'll accept or decline them, being the final decision of if you get to keep them or not.
Vote for one of these options please! It would help me quite a bit!

Hello yes here are my sons poorly drawn -^-
This was so hard to color and bwcause of that I just gave up after everything was colored.
I did not want to shade or make the background detailed. Speaking of which, there's a lot of empty space in the background oml
These 2 still need refs ugh
#viaocs #oc #orginalcharacter #micahxwest

So, I want rose collectors to get around more and as much as I'd love to take custom requests, I really can't at the moment. The ones you guys see occasionally were either premade or were for contest winners.
So here are ideas for RC events that I have in mind! (Feel free to request your own ideas as well!)
1) A draw to adopt on this account.
I did a draw to adopt earlier this month on the adopt accounts, so that will be the main reason this time, it would be on this account. If you don't know what dta's are, here's a short explanation of what it is.
A oc is put up for adoption and you have to draw it if you're interested in getting it. A good example is the RC one I did, the tag being #viadta3. Other there isn't usually a limit to how much art you can draw, but sometimes the host does. (I wouldn't if I were to do this)
2) Temporarily open the species
I actually already did this event a few months ago and only 4 people entered so I'd like to possibly give it another shot. How I did it was like this:
People would be able to make a RC of any rarity, not including the sub species, and they'd post it to the tag. I would then have to approve it or decline it (of course telling them what needs to change) for a small amount time before the species closes again. The time limit I set for the first time I held this event was 12 hours.
3) Basically's hatch a drakka event
So I'm pretty much taking the concept from her for this. What she did is she held a event where people got to make their own drakka and post it to a tag. There was a time limit and as soon as the time was up, she chose a few people who got to keep their drakka designs for free. I feel like this would be a cool way for people to get their own rose collector and I get to see how creative you guys are!
Like I said, I am open for any other suggestions along with your opinions! You can comment or dm me with ideas and such, and I'll be more than happy to discuss things with you!

Sketch headshot payment for @daddys_little_angel_demon!
I quite like these both and I hope you do as well!

Rose collector custom for @phobetor._!
Repost this image with the tag # rosecollectorsspecis to confirm the adoption!

2nd piece of owed art for @sxda.boi!
The last one may take a bit longer to get done, but I'll have it to you soon πŸ’ž

Contest prize for @phobetor._!
I'll get your custom to you hopefully soon!
I love the eyes so much though πŸ˜„

My completed side of an art trade with @zoeisscaredofbugs!
I hope you like it! I can't wait to see your part!

One piece of owed art for @sxda.boi 😊
This oc was super cute and I enjoyed drawing them!
Hope you like it love ❀
I'll be uploading more tomorrow

I didn't get any art completed like I said I would buuuuut,
I made this cutie using the pupybear base!
Its name is stitch because I wasn't able to think of anything else πŸ˜…
More information about this little cutie on @via.oc.req
Base by luckymiso on devainatart

The whole thing doesn't fit I'm gonna cry :')
So I just completed the new reference for this girl (her name is laura) since the orginal one was ehhhhh
Fun fact, I forgot to add the tail in the original traditional sketch so I had to add it on in the middle of coloring πŸ˜…
I think I did ok! I have another (yeah more refs) reference coming up for my oc pia! I've talked about her a fair amount of times, but the posts I did mention her in were deleted and her old ref is kinda bad and I deleted it soooo
She deserves one out of all my Ocs, just saying.
So that's it! Sorry for talking a lot, I had quite a few things to say this time. I'm done now!

Icon request for @chocolate_nutella_
Now all I have to do is make this kid a ref Γ²wΓ³
I really hate this now that I've waited the sketch looked horrid but I wasn't redoing it, sigh -~-
You better do something with this or I'll flip

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