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Livin' via the Van  Lucas & Willa✨ vi·a » ˈvīə ¤ traveling through a place to reach a destination ¤ 🌊 Just a California couple with all kinds of wanderlust 📍SF,CA

Current favorite mantra : "What we do everyday matters more than what we do every once in a while." I have the vaguest memory that this saying was originally linked with dieting in order to keep people from getting down on themselves after going hard in the gravy but to ME, it's a nod to who we are in moments of quiet. I read this phrase on the wall of a colleagues desk (claaassssssic teacher move) and the first thing that popped💭 into my head was 'recycling'. It's easy to pick up trash when you're leading a class of children to their next subject and you know they're watching your every move or to sort the recycling after a party where the bulk of your waste is beer cans. It's much harder to do the right thing when your trash can is empty and your blue waste bin is brimming over. It's the choices we make that no longer feel like choices but necessary actions because they've become an integral part of who we are. We don't need to make grand gestures of kindness, though that's wonderful and still needed in the world, we need to genuinely want others to be happy and live with that in mind. Terribly cheesy but yknow when you're talking about words to live by, how can you avoid it? (It doesn't help I'm in the waiting room of a nail salon listening to zen instrumental and the gurgling of a fountain...). What mantras are ringing true to you at this time in your life??-WV

Soft green avocados, the unexpected arrival of a puppy, movies starring Billy Crystal, swooshing a crumpled piece of paper into the recycle bin from over 6 feet away, and strolling up to some majestic hot springs with a view: I DARE YOU TO DISLIKE THESE THINGS. (Actually I don't, that sounds scary... How about other pretty-much-undeniably-great things that can be added to this list?). -WV

Sometimes I want to find myself a map of the PNW, draw out my trail and run into the misty woods never to look back. Other times, I just want to watch Twilight 🤷‍♀️. Guilty.

I spent 13 years of my education in classrooms comprised entirely of women. When I went to college, I joined a sorority, minored in Gender Studies, and worked at the Women's Center. I'm a girl's girl through and through and love nothing more than being a woman who enjoys the beauty that is femininity. To all the ladies I love, will soon love, and just want to send love, I support you. No questions asked. (Shout out to my best friend and soul sister, okay, blood sister- who's been fighting the good fight in NYC. Leah, you are what we are all working towards. May our future daughters have your courage and strength of heart to spend our lives seeing the underbelly of society and caring for those who know far too few good days.) This is for the women. -WV

Will Smith had a video not too long ago that went pretty viral. In it he says, "You cannot make a person happy. You can make a person smile, you can make a person feel good, you can make a person laugh but whether or not a person is happy deeply, is totally and utterly out of your control.” He mentions that each of us is responsible for our own joys and that it's not up to those we love to 'fix' our pains. Yes, love can magnify our joys and lessen our sorrows but in the end we are all on our own individual paths. I didn't really understand this sentiment until I actually tried to. It reminded me of so many times I've been upset with Luke for something he DIDN'T do, not something he did. I am not his responsibility nor is he mine. Our partners do not take the place of our parents who sacrificed their wants for ours. It's something I remind myself of often - we are all just trying to find peace and happiness. Life's a journey after all and I'm pretty stoked I got you by my side 😉, @twaffa. -WV

Humming a musical masterpiece that goes something like, "FIRST DAY OF FALL. FIRST DAY OF FALL." My obsession with pumpkin flavored anything is about to get lit (except that PSL stuff, what's up with that?). Currently crafting autumn decor and googling all the Halloween craft fairs my mom and I can get our witchy little hands on 🍁✨🥧. -WV

One day we'll introduce you to the pocket-sized photographer we keep with us at all times. Until then, mad props to the mystery Borrower who ain't afraid to third wheel 😉😂.

There was music playing softly in the distance and we could just make out the rhythm of people starting to clap along. This is why I keep my camera at the ready - if you capture the little things, they'll start to feel like the big stuff 👌✨. .

From mountains to oceans, New York City to Las Vegas, you're the best partner on the road and every adventure in between. Here's to another amazing year of getting lost and exploring life together. Happy birthday beautiful (the big 3-0!). .
And can we please stop hanging out in the sun? You know I just burn 😜. -LV

One of our most favorite questions to be asked is about whether we have a favorite road to drive. We only went once and almost decided against it because it can get a little hairy but Independence Pass in Colorado is magic in the real world. Swimming holes ✅ ghost towns ✅ views seen from the edge of the world ✅. Pure delight✨.

"To those of you who say you have no hobbies, go try something new -- it might grab you by the hair of your soul and make you rearrange your entire life for it." - @jannerobinson .
I love skateboarding. I looove it. It makes me feel like I'm five years old again, wobbly, fearless and comfortable at failure. I'm not great, actually I'm not even good, I'm terrible. I can make it down the street without falling but I'm the same level as the newbie skiier heading down a green circle trying to pizza safely until they're no longer moving. I'm 1000% with Janne however in the belief that trying something new might just change your life. Skateboarding hasn't been exactly earth shattering but it has been a reminder that we can find love and joy in unexpected places at any time, at any age. To my board Zippy, love you boo, thanks for the good times ✊. (And can you please stop running away from me every time I reach a curb? Thanks.) -WV

Raised Jewish (emphasis on the "ish"), the bulk of my knowledge about the history of Hanukkah actually came from a very well-loved episode of Rugrats. Yes, there were some inaccuracies (need we remember Tommy reciting, "a Maccababy's gotta do, what a Maccababy's gotta do"?), but I've managed to get a good chunk of trivia questions correct due to this holiday special. So it should come as no surprise that when our Tikal guide began explaining the traditional Mayan ball game that was occasionally used to determine who might be the next human sacrifice, I needed no introduction. Shout out to an under-valued could-be classic, The Road to El Dorado. Cartoons may not be historically accurate or even particularly PC half the time but I've amassed quite a few fact snacks from the hours I logged in front of the ol' boob tube 💪😎. (Hands up if you learned bananas have potassium from Honey We Shrunk Ourselves? 🙋🏼‍♀️) -WV

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