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Livin' via the Van  Lucas & Willa✨ vi·a » ˈvīə ¤ traveling through a place to reach a destination ¤ 🌊 Just a California couple with all kinds of wanderlust 📍 SF, CA

What if you could only take one memory with you? What would it be?

It's GIVEAWAY time, guys!! A few weeks ago Luke and I were given the opportunity to try out our first TRONOs - the inflatable chairs seen under our bums in the above photo. Luke brought them along to a camping trip down in Big Sur and came back talking about them like they were someone's unexpected plus one at a Super Bowl party who turned out to be the most interesting human in the world. We've now added them to our 'camping bin' for all foreseeable trips. We are hosting a giveaway to hand one lucky human their very own TRONO, just in time for summer! Let it be known, to inflate these bad boys you just walk in a quick circle and then they collapse to notebook size 😜. Easy-peasy. .
Here's how to enter:
*Follow @mytrono and @viathevan .
*Like this post and tag a friend!
*Tag as many people as you'd like, enter as many times as you want! The more people tagged, the more entries!
Winner announced May 23rd. Good luck!!

Sometimes all you need is a solid pair of socks ✨... Or a striped pair 😉.

Water baby or land dweller? I'm actually pretty H2O-intolerant due to my lack of swimming skills (THANK GOODNESS FOR DOGGY PADDLE) but for hot springs, I make an exception. -WV

Nope, we definitely did not sleep here but we did roll up to Tunnel View just before sunrise to snag a parking spot and drink our coffees. The last time we looked out at this view, I was in a wedding dress and Luke was lookin' mighty fine in a suit. -WV

Dear twelve-year-old Willa, your skin problems will eventually when you're about to turn thirty. WE'LL TAKE IT. -WV

Aaaand as Willa promised, here are five lesser-known facts about the dude of this account (the one in the red jacket ^). 1️⃣: If I had one of those bumper stickers that began, "I'd rather be..." mine would either say "golfing" or "snowboarding". While I wish I could be on the mountain everyday, lately I've been substituting with a round of golf a couple times a week (Willa says this is called getting into dad mode 😒). 2️⃣: I have a thing with my feet. I don't do flip flops or walk around barefoot. You'll find me at 11pm, flipping through the channels, shoes on. 3️⃣: Like Neo, I can get real low but while he's dodging bullets and hanging with Morpheus, that's my signature dance move. I may have fallen on my back once...or maybe twice. 4️⃣: I'm pretty much always in the mood for a Snickers. Those hungry ads were directed specifically at me. 5️⃣: I grew up in the city of Merced, California. Our slogan was, 'The gateway to Yosemite'. As such, Yosemite might just be my favorite place in the world (okay, so it's also where we got married. That helps too). -LV

I wish I could say this was the only photo taken with this mug but that would be lying. Prepare yourselves. .
Friday night Luke and I fled the city to head up north to a campsite we found on @hipcamp (which if you like booking campsites in advance but never seem to snag the good ones, this site will be your new bud) in Bodega. Little refresher: we've partnered up with @gocamp_rentals to try out a few of their NorCal vans and share with you what makes 'em so dang cool. [Check our website for more details]. This weekend's ride? Van Morrison who was photogenic to begin with but then also had cute additions like this little guy. All around a beautiful weekend we can't wait to show you!

I kinda sorta love the theory that people started clanking glasses to ensure no one poisoned anyone's drink but I'm also really into pirate lore and have a taste for the theatrical 😬😋. -WV

Do you ever go on a hike, pick up a fallen leaf and think, 'what if I'm the only human this leaf has ever met?' Or maybe on that same walk you pause to look at a teeny tiny speck on the rock wall to your left, one dot among millions and wonder if you were the only one to ever focus on that particular spot? I do! It's one of things I love most about being outside. You can have a once-in-a-lifetime moment anywhere, anytime. -WV

Home ❤️.
Much love to @gocamp_rentals

New get-rich-quick-scheme: packets of 4-6 marshmallows for those of us who can never manage to make a dent in those ginormous bags. (Also please let the packaging be made of biodegradable materials because I just watched 'Bag It' and I can't stop thinking about the plastic-filled albatross. Film is an incredibly powerful medium and as with so many documentaries I now realize how clueless I really am to the impact of our trash. What docs out there changed your life?!? I'm ready.) -WV

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