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Vegan Market  🌱A semi-regular vegan market at Market Hotel in Bushwick. 🐖 Hosting vegan vendors from all over the NY metro area.🍕🐀 Next event: Sunday Sept. 24th

What's for lunch? @martysvburger that's what. 🌱🍔 We all know how good the World Famous Burger is but have you tried the fries yet? Fried potato perfection! Stop by the new store and give 'em a try. #veganburger #frenchfries #nyclunch #whatsforlunch

And don't forget a little something for later on from @pleasantpetites. @organiccorner is the first place we ever tried @pleasantpetites so it's hard to leave without any. #veganlongisland #vegandesserts #veganbrownies

This Brown Rice Broccoli (and a bunch of other tasty things) is some good stuff! 🌱They also have a bunch of other delicious salads @organiccorner #veganlongisland #vegansalads #peasineverything #whatsforlunch

There is one good thing about taking the Van Wyck home from JFK; @veggiecastle is right there!! Got the ribs which I've never seen before. #backinthenewyorkfood #welcomehome

Does @screamerspizzeria deliver to Portugal? I wish!! #somebodygetmesomepizza

Looking around in a comic shop in Porto and saw this poster by @camixvx on the wall. Camila is sure popping up everywhere these days. #veganartist #comicart

We had a really nice lunch at a small place called @arvoredomundo 🇵🇹 Like most Portuguese meals it was a few courses. Started with a small plate of bread and a dip, then came the soup 🍜 it seemed to be spinach and squash. Next was a samosa followed by a plate of cous cous with chickpeas and lots of vegetables. We had to catch a train so we didn't get to try the desserts! Next time we will make sure we have nothing else on our schedule.

#dessertgetsaseparatepost Dessert isn't included in the buffet but the extra € is totally worth it. Plus it's served on a piece of slate instead of a plate so you know it's fancy! We had the maçã crumble and the chocolate tart. #vegansofportugal #vegantravel #vegandessert #daterra #matosinhos

We headed over to the beach in Matoshinos and had a fantastic buffet lunch at Da Terra. Plenty of vegetables plus soup and some hot foods. Billed as vegetarian but everything was vegan except for a few desserts. #daterra #veganbythebeach #veganbythesea #matoshinos #veganinportugal #veganbuffet

Found a small vegan cafe/store in Porto, Portugal @vegana_by_tentugal Great coffee and grilled "ham & cheese" sandwich.

Our pals @fogwoodandfig are opening a vegan cafe in Port Jervis, NY this fall! They've got a fundraising drive going on with lots of goodies for those who chip in. Every contribution helps! Support a woman-owned, vegan business at

Next up @champsdiner we had the Philly Cheese Steak and the All Vegan Slam 🌱🏆swipe for another pic #nopicturesofdessert #allveganallthetime #vegandiner

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