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I am using no weight for the first one but trust that my quads were dyinnnnnng 😃
#vgealtstepupjumps #vgesumos #vgedbrdl
I got a $100 parking ticket. Yaaaay for not reading my e-mails about there being a basketball game. I did not get mad, because well, getting mad will not fix the problem 🙂 — so i won’t waste my energy on the fact that i could have spent that $ else where 😂 it’s my fault. ANYWHOOOO hope you had a great Tuesday 😘

Photo from last night 💃🕺🏻 wish i had one w the bay but we just always forget to take one 😂 @picasobby why do we suck

Clips from last nights Valentine’s Day 😂
My legs are soreeeee. Take advantage of the last 24 hours to purchase a fitness program on SALE! ❤️ Link is in my bio! Thank you to everyone who supports!
There are 2 types of people.
1. Those who go to the gym one month and expect to reach their goals, they don’t see change and quit. Or they see results because of drasssstic diet changes that are not maintainable, so they quit their diet and they gain it right back. A yo-yo of up and down constantly. They go to the gym for a few months and quit, to later in life try again.
2. Those who are consistent, have a maintainable balance diet, and patiently wait for results, not necessarily making the gym their whole life, but a good part of it. It’s a lifestyle not a 2 month phase. -
Believe in yourself! Know it takes time!❤️ don’t try to rush for quick results. You got this!❤️ #squats #legday #adidas #alphalete #gymshark #fitness #healthylifestyle #gains #muscles #longlegs #girlswhosquat

#transformationtuesday ((My calves still haven’t grown 🤷🏽‍♀️))
I never went to the gym because people made me feel bad over my skinny long legs, and neither should you. Yes, it is fire motivation to prove someone wrong, but doing it for yourself is what will keep you going long term 💪🏽
i went because i wanted to see who i could become. I was tired of just eating junk food and drinking sprite, feeling lousy and lazy. I had no direction in life, i had low self esteem, and was a drama queen.
If you want change in your lifestyle you have to make it. Don’t be afraid those around you won’t understand, because if they don’t, you don’t need them. Don’t be afraid to grow.
I now wake up motivated, have goals and love myself. 🙂❤️ it’s not all physical gains, 70% of is mentality ❤️. Chance. Choice. Change. What are you waiting for?
Link in bio for fitness programs.
#transform #1upnutrition #alphalete #pumpchasers #thighs #girlswholift #squatswork

If you haven’t watched my recent YouTube video yet, link in my bio (then hit YouTube button)!🙂❤️ the first exercise is all about squeezing when you kick back! When i step up i like to come up using my heel so that my glutes are more engaged!
The second exercise, i squeeze my glutes as i go up, to get the bar up, that’s right!! It’s not all up the arms!💪🏽🙉 #vgereverselungekickback #vgesquatohp

put away your excuses and put your hard work in, results will shine out 💪🏽 #vgerdl 3 sets of 20 reps
#vgereverselunge 4 sets 20 reps
#vgehipthrust 3 sets of 30 ..
Remember results take time, don’t look for a quick easy fix.. you are in this for the long run 💪🏽

Photo from last night 🦇
Please ‼️ comment 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ below if you would be interested in a HOME TRAINING PROGRAM‼️ I am about to start working on new programs.
Also recording my YT video tonight! I will talk about my current training regimen for the last 3 months, what is going on in my life and if i track macros/what i currently weigh and plan to do for the future! #fitgirls #longlegs #gymshark

Sometimes it is there, sometimes it is not. Don’t be afraid take a break, a break is always good.
However, do not complain about the things you don’t have, if you are not willing to work for it 💪🏽❤️

It’s hump day 🔥 stay tuned to my ig story for clips of today’s leg day 🙂 i am feeling so pale.
I need sun like 911
#fashionnova #nwaphotographer #girlswhosquat #legday

IM DYING from day 1 of my glute program. Seriously my hamstrings are screaming 😂 (Link in bio to purchase babes!) how many times a week do you girls do legs? I do it 3 times! 8-15 diff exercises per day! That’s including glute warm ups!

Walking into this week like whhhhat is up 👽 —
Currently trying to increase my calories! That’s all i care about rn haha. This weeks goals are too: -No more soda for lunch (drink h20)
-Not procrastinate on homework -Work Abs 3 Times a week (a lot of twist movements) -Talk to someone new everyday
What are YOUR goals this week?
Top & Bottom: @pumpchasers
#gymrat #gymlife #legday #pumpchasers

We official have 3 years together! 🎉
3 years of getting to be with the most wonderful man ❤️ I love you 😘 #anniversary

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