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1️⃣ Reverse lunges using my heels to feel my glutes more engaged
2️⃣ Squats with my feet closer together than my normal stance, again i push through the heels except since my feet are places closer i actually feel it a lot more in my quads!
3️⃣ Single leg db RDL’s, my legs and butt were shaking after 20 reps of 4 sets each leg 😂😩 I sprinted before my workout and it wasn’t a good idea!!! It was tough but i powered through with some #2chainz😂 #whatnotkeke #yesthat’sright #no-no
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Posed ➡️ SWIPE ➡️ unposed.
2018 hasn’t been my greatest gym year. Actually since school last fall.
Even going to summer classes to catch up, because i wasn’t able to go one semester. However this past week i was able to go everyday and feel 100%. I hit many PR’s and I’m so happy ❤️ I am not always motivated. But i must make myself keep going, because nothing gets better if you quit.
Because you are at a standstill.
We’ll complain about our situation even more.
#motivation #quotes

My favorite abdominal exercises!! The second one can use a lot of work: practice makes perfect!
Last year i wasn’t comfortable in shorts/showing my legs and i only wore them a few times to the gym. This year i have worn more dresses and shorts than i have leggings + pants. My working out years have payed off :) i like my legs, granted my calves aren’t the biggest 😂 and probably won’t grow. But I’m here to testify that people can reach their goals! And we can ALWAYS improve and I’m not done, i can and will continue to improve too!

It’s July + I’m barley getting that 18’ tan 😂
Great weekend w great people 🤗

It was raining today so i was super chilly all day 😂😂 that explains the knit socks!
Amazing leg day today!!! Had some @1upnutrition preworkout. It was guud
Don’t usually drink anything, but I’ve been pulling through lately. I have a lot of shit on my plate. But the grind don’t stop!!!! All the work, stay at home, and sleepless nights will be worth it 🙏🏽🙂

1️⃣ DB RDLS - short range of motion but very effective! Felt my hamstrings dying!
2️⃣ DB squats - i thought the DB was 50 lbs!!! Then after the squats i was like WHAT no wonder i couldn’t get it up 😂😂😂 Please be safe getting shit off and on, this was a once thing. I usually do this was a 50, much, much easier.
3️⃣ DB sumo squats - i think i do these 3 times a week. Some lovin for the booty 🔥❤️ 4️⃣glute pushdown - so I’m in the air 😂 i know, weird.
I do this because it lowers my entire body, so when i go up, i get a great stretch and better ROM.
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Future so bright i need me some shades

🎶 If I ever said I'm never scared
Just know I mean it
If I ever said I fucked your bitch
Just know I mean it
And if I ever said I'm gettin' money
Just know I mean it
And oh Lord oh Lord knows
He knows I mean it 🎵 #116pounds #weightlossjourney #backday #leggings #hairup #ponytail

1️⃣ pull ups - i have to make these my Bestfriend! And i will 😈 time + practice
2️⃣ alternating abdominal pull ins, these are fun + tough haha!
3️⃣ workin the rear deltsss
4️⃣ looks like i am swinging, i promise i really tried not too!😂 i didn’t even feel myself swinging. These were killer though!
#abs #backday #shorts #workouts #coreworkouts

1️⃣Lunge to Jump Squat: the jump squats killed me 😵 they look easy but kill!
2️⃣ Squats
2️⃣Sumo Deadlift: I haven't done these in months, it felt good to do these today. Form wasn't A1 but we'll fix that!
4️⃣Kick Backs: i like to do these two times a week! Make sure to not bend your back up and down!

Workinn the boobies! Not my favorite but have to get it done ✅😆

You can do everything and anything. Quit holding yourself back from magic, and make shit happen ✨

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