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Vex Ashley  Venus flytrap 🐚 I make pornographic films with @fourchambers and exist naked on a computer screen. - ✉️ vex [at]

👻 I think this was shot on one of the last remaining packs of actual Polaroid™ 600 film so it's practically a relic.
📷 @brunoroids

Drag me to hell daddy ✌🏼👹
shooting with @jisobeldelisle/assuming my true form.

Little collection of previews from yesterday shooting silver gelatin magic with @brunoroids who kindly wasted lots of weird, priceless and rare film on my dumb face 👽

when you return from deep in the void with a new positive attitude 🌚
shooting today with @jisobeldelisle, my tongue is stained bright red and I'm covered in black embryonic fluid ✔️

(I didn't take any BTS photos because I am The Worst) but we got to shoot the incredible @electrix_ohms in NY for the start of a @fourchambers project. She's wonderful and it's just the best to meet people down to get weird after 20 minutes of hanging out for the first time. A+ ✨

Romance 🥀 NY is sticky and I've been surviving on good people, bad cold beer and 3 showers a day.

budget Olympia ➕ I'll be in NY for 4 days from tomorrow, it's been a while, I'll be over heating and getting shiny and trying to get into trouble.

this deserves to live forever 🌷with my favourite mouth @blathh (p.s very much like it that you're sending me your own flower fucking videos on here, good work team) FLORACATION 4EVER

Creep on creepin' on 👀


Ugh. London has been warm and sticky and full of love like the womb I needed. Grateful for the people, not grateful for the fact I only packed skin tight clothing and heavy boots in this heat. I'm a puddle, but in a good way. ♥️💦

I'll idealise and realise, that it's no sacrifice because the price is paid, and there's nothing left to grieve.
📷 - @dwamdwamdwam takes the best soft and grainy dark film portraits of me to compliment my mood, I can't believe I just discovered and fell in love with these. from the set of the @fourchambers film ecdysis II (I'll put the link in my bio)

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