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Vex Ashley  Venus flytrap 🐚✖️ I make pornographic films with @fourchambers. Not a model / not a muse - ✉️ vex @ afourchamberedheart.com


Benediction ✨
(Can’t even try and pretend these are current because I don’t live there anymore and I managed break that necklace this week RIP)

New @fourchambers ✖️ We’ve been working on this for a while, it was totally conceived on here when I started making silly flower fucking videos in my Instagram stories. (collected now at @floracating 🥀💦) It was interesting because it referenced a lot of traditional porn tropes without being actually explicit. Shooting on my iphone, the amateur POV style with an anonymous hand appearing from behind the camera, touching and spreading.
Flowers are pure sex.
This film is half floral ASMR half gross, bodies in intense close up run the line between seductive and repulsive. Weird merging, abstract fleshy forms. It’s probably the most and somehow the least porny video we’ve ever made, you ever wanted to stare at my pussy in, like, ridiculous gushy close up, well we got chu. You just have to guess who is who.
Featuring a whole lot of really hot people @blathh @biszhopblaczk @crownferal__ @electrix_ohms @spit.on.sloan @theserpentlair @sanguineskin and also I’m in there.
you can watch the tiny trailer via the link in my bio and in full through patreon.com/fourchambers 🐌🐚

Winter sunset, cats, no colour colour palette, censor bars, feels like home I guess ✨

New house, red nose from freezing winter temperatures and I have some good just post-cry eye tear smeary make up going on but the winter light in my new room is making everything worth it.

Better late than never. These top 9 things always show selfies and never work I’m most proud of but that’s the blessing and curse of the internet huh. 2017 - the scariest, happiest and most intense year of my life. I welcome it all, all the fragility and all the joy. Thank you everyone for supporting my work and the @fourchambers project and my ongoing desire to never grow up and to ruin any future sensible job prospects by fucking on film online. Every year I’m surprised and overjoyed to still be here, still making work considered “socially worthless” or even “dangerous” or whatever and yet here we all are, proving them wrong.
Thank you porn, thank you porn community, I learn and love more and more every day ✨

Blissed ✖️@fourchambers (link in the bio✨)

🧀ing forever with some of the very best. (from this month’s @fourchambers film with the most amazing @linabembe @riot.maria.x @jasko.fide)
this was my face permanently for days afterwards.
(link to watch our films is in my bio)

One of the excellent and strange perks of at one point in my life spending a lot of my time naked in front of a webcam is that sometimes nice, mysterious internet men still somehow remember and want to send me fancy underwear for my birthday?
Which totally makes ruining all my potential “respectable” future job prospects completely worth it.
thank you, m x

It’s my birthday 🎊 a time to celebrate what you love the most.

she said, I’m going to shine it on the sky, eventually it will reach a star.
I watched her shine her light uselessly into the sky.
📷 @mossvonfaustenberg4

If you don’t have a crush on @biszhopblaczk yet what have you been doing with your life? Everyone’s favourite, most lovely human in all the ways.
We just got a film back from Berlin so have some soft focus Sunday post festival nudity, pre-@fourchambers shooting ☁️

(I’ve sucked at being an Internet Presence™️ recently, trying to do 500 big life things at once and I’m allergic to being a brand so I don’t have a social media manager or something to remind everyone I’m still alive. but I am, hiii 👋🏻 here’s my butt, go watch my films, new @fourchambers is still coming and there’s things happening)

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