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Students who register for the VetPrep Standard or Premium course between 1 May and 15 July receive extended access to VetPrep through the end of the Nov/Dec 2018 NAVLE® testing period (up to 244 days of access) or almost double the normal subscription length.

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Delusional Parasitosis - What Should Veterinarians Do? A Scenario with 6 Recommendations #VetPrep #Veterinary

Veterinary Student Tips for the “Peri-Interview” Journey - VISIT:

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How to Prepare for the Dark Side of the Internet (for veterinary students) #VetPrep

Pet Food Recalls: A Review on Botulism
Visit to read. #VetPrep #Veterinary #VetStudent

Congratulations to the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine on a successful Trade Fair event! VetPrep is proud to help support these veterinary students as they embark on their shiny new careers! #VetStudent #VetPrep

It's Back! Accepting applications for Season Three of THE IDEA Now! Have a GREAT IDEA, LET'S SEE IT!
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How to Prepare for the Dark Side of the Internet (for veterinary students) #VetPrep

Caseous lymphadenitis in sheep and goats is caused by C. pseudotuberculosis.
It can cause both internal and external abscessation.
It is a very serious herd health concern.

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VetPrep is committed to helping veterinary students succeed! This year CSU started a club for veterinary students who are also juggling the demands of parenthood alongside their studies. We were honored to donate a subscription which was used as a fundraiser to support this great club of dedicated parents.

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VetPrep braved Colorado's unpredictable spring weather to give a talk on NAVLE prep! Sandwiched between a dust storm and a snow storm, we got our learning on! #VetStudents

Congrats to UF Christian Fellowship for a successful fundraiser for your Navajo Reservation trip! VetPrep is honored to support your charitable work in the community. Can't wait to see pictures when you get back! #VetStudents

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