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You and me.. we’re a forever kind of thing #vesper

The love you deserve will not send you mixed signals.
Love will not ignite false hopes, instead love will plant truthful hope and will commit to it. Love will be clear and it won’t leave you wondering in confusion.
The love you deserve will not be hurtful at all.
Love will not leave you with scars or trauma. Love will not call you names.Love will not leave you crying yourself to sleep, feeling sorry about yourself. Love will not walk away from you.
The love you deserve will not be brimming with uncertainties. Love knows who it wants and why. Love will be sure, sure of you.
The love you deserve will not make you feel bad about yourself. 
Love will not belittle you. Love will not judge you or your past. Instead love will accept you, despite of your cracks. Love will recognize your issues and will listen to your anxieties and every single thing that goes on in your head – all your sentiments, worries and fears – and love will be eager to hear every single one of them. Love will never make you question if you’ll ever be good enough. 
The love you deserve will prioritize you. Love will not be selfish.
The love you deserve will respect you one hundred percent.
All your ideas, beliefs, attributes, plans and aspirations. Love will always see the best in you. Love will welcome you with open arms. Love will not discourage you, your dreams or wishful thinkings. Love will support you all out in whatever you yearn to do, love will motivate you and will perpetually whisper in your ear that you can be the person you’ve always longed to be.
The love you deserve will be striking in its simplicity and it will find you. It will #vesper

Waiting to Friday like.. #vesper

I grabbed her by the throat but I didn't choke her. Just kissed her so deep she forgot whose air she was breathing #vesper

Remember that you were art long before he came to admire you, and you’ll continue to be art even when he’s gone #vesper

Personalize your own.

I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry #vesper

You had me at "You're so tanned". #vesper

I love how nothing is awkward with us #vesper

Find someone better than him and he will come crawling back to you, but of course say NO #vesper

Rien n'est éternel
Nothing lasts forever #vesper

We were just friends that spoke like lovers and that seemed to be enough for two teenagers who were scared to love one another #vesper

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