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James Harrison 

A freestyle from over a year ago w/ the crew. Thanks @sybe_kwa for coming through with photos.

Been waiting for @shadkmusic new album to arrive from Canada... vinyl came with a nice slip mat and these cards which encourage the listener to immerse themselves in the topics raised and find their place in the story or at least wake to the issues and not live removed from the human struggle - Shad is a lyricist, a punchline pugilist... he is also a prophetic voice! Respect @shadkmusic & @secretcityrecords ✊️

This was a sick little outline by Cawst @life_is_layers of @isicrew From @sybe_kwa trip to LA... thanks for letting my black book travel with you bro👊

Late in posting this... but thank you @fasmcreative for being so rich in character and generous with your gifts... look forward to repping alongside you💪

@justin_case512 Saturday Black Book special... thanks for showing love bro🤟 Appreciated the chats and stories re: LA

@chicreate Coming through with that LBC flavour during a late night Black Book session... 🔥🔥🔥

Thank you @fasmcreative @fasmcr8vbattle and @acsogod for the cap and slaps👌 Luv Yer Nay Ber🙏

Thank you @phatcaps1 for sending me up with this dope Tee while I was in Tampa! Slaps and nozzle all appreciated bro🙏

Freshy freestyle today with my KWA fam and friends. So dope to have my brother @goodfnuthin rock the spot and @kame.jo132 make the journey across town. God bless lads🙏

Don’t sketch often... I really should! #sketchbook #graffiti #newyearseve #writersofinstagram #pen

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