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I wanna show the nation my appreciation *guy that's in every shaggy song voice*
HBD my love ❤️

It's you against the world. The competition. The adversity. The haters. And I'll always be right there with you ❤️ Thanks @beauclaude for capturing this at the @crossfitgames Atlantic regionals event 6 final heat.

They say we're young and we don't know. We won't find out until we grow.
They say our love won't pay the rent (lol)
Before it's earned, our money's all been spent.
Don't let them say your beards too long. Cause I don't care. with you I can't go wrong.
Well I don't know if all that's true
'Cause you got me, and baby I got you.
I got you babe ❤️ #happyanniversary

"Both graduated so fuck keepin it classy"
Wow. Who would have thought two crazy kids from the Westside of Columbus would make it this far?! We've been causing a ruckus since 7th grade and I don't think the professional and medical world is ready for our firey passion, dedication, and commitment. To us, Dr. Julia Beatty!
#coleworld #DPT #PharmD #westsidetilidie #miami

I ate that and I was like, "Where my dinner be at?" Lil 300x5 on the menu today. Thanks for the awesome training day @ascudds


Souls soaked in wine.
Jesus I'm drunk on the spirit tonight ✨❤️🎄

I guess somethings just never change

Classic case of who done it.

My heart's *belly* always full and my doors always open.... Thankful that this pic will. Never. Get. Old. #tbt

"I don't want a slim tree, I want a thick tree" - mom 🙌🏻🍑🎄
Wish I were home to decorate the thick tree in our new-old house.

Obligatory 1st muscle up vid. Drama level: 💯 as always (sound on). Thanks to all my peers who've given me tips along the way. Special shout out to @ascudds and @zachmartin07 for being patient and always willing to help.

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