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Kelly Guimont  Fun-sized Mac geek. Find me on Twitter as @verso.

My current standard sewing/craft box. I have 3 now. And two "pocket" ones for my yarn bag and current small project. #craftykelly

A break in yesterday's driving rain. #latergram

When I buy something with a sticker I want the sticker to come off! Disrupt THAT nerds!

Cool pattern from the bathroom in @alibipdx that I liked. #latergram #tikibar

BREAKING: After years of insistence that I don't need no stinking badges, James Thomson has changed my mind.

What? This is how it works now: you pause briefly at the end of the ceremony to update your Facebook status. Congrats @frugaldreams and Patrick!

I'm hopeful. I carry things like this with me to remind me.

I know things look pretty bleak right now but damn! This came in today's mail.

I guess I should point out that it wasn't too hard to get into the car. #pdxtst

I guess that means things are thawing? #pdxtst (earlier today, all good now).

You find #zen your way, I'll find it mine. #yarn

Two rolls of washi tape. No I don't know what to do with them yet, but that's not important. I'll start with being happy they exist and that they're mine.