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Johnny Wild  Adventurer. Currently crossing Scandinavia and filming it. @amundsensports @fjellpulken @realturmat @bridgedalenorge @crispisince1975 @asnes1922

Energy that comes with the sun can't be compared to any other. Not even coffee ☕️ Okay, nothing compares to coffee. Coffee is coffee, God itself. I don't trust people who don't drink coffee..
(did he really say that?? 😵)
So I wake up on the morning like this and just don't feel like leaving the place.
It's been the warmest winter for decades, rivers aren't frozen, ice ain't thick as expected but that doesn't mean easy access to water. Every evening I'm trying to reach a lake or river so I won't have to melt snow. But river means stones. Everywhere. So today I'm fixing blades on my ice drill and other equipment that didn't make it. As usual. Oh, and I need a manager, anyone out there? 😁

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There are no easy days here. Recently I've been thinking how difficult it must be for solo explorers to leave family for some time. So called #homesick, once it strikes ain't no force to push it away. I look at Aleksander Gamme who's face printed down on my skis and with my head down we chat silently bout these lonely moments out there. You see Aleksander, I have no wife or kinds awaiting me back home and it seems heaven easier. Is it so? Or Rune Gjeldnes. Remember him saying: "why I'm I not there with you my love", when solo crossing South Pole. And it scares me sometimes I might fall into someone on my way. It feels so free being disconnected the way I'm. When I was leaving I knew my relationship wouldn't last. I simply knew I'm not coming back, she didn't. Even though, there are no easy days out here. But beauty is all around and within myself.
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And I love some big fire 🔥
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Alright, I have some confession to share. I'm not coming back to civilization. The character of my adventure-project changed over the time I spent 'locked in'. And over past few days. While out here every single day brings on countless memories and stories to tell, back there it was all the same. Suffering insomnia, struggling with issues, bureaucracy and technology were eating me alive. Devouring every single piece of anything good about myself. Except from people, they were just lovely. Meeting everyone, sharing thoughts, laughter and energy are moments I return to with my thoughts. But catching time seems impossible there. When I realized it's February already and soon my bday, I would stress that my journey will crash if I won't continue anytime soon. And so first few days were just hell, couldn't sleep until now, when I finally pushed away pressure of TIME. I'll keep moving forward but embracing every single day, every failure and high mood, sunrise and snowstorm, inspirations and memories of past and future, every meal and loneliness as it's the key to finding what my live is really about.
I'll head north, then south towards Helsinki, but I won't rush anymore. I don't need any title or award. I only need living this simply beautiful life, write, share, take pictures and do some filming. And I need Spotify too.
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Took me a little while to return to everyday's routine of my adventure. Here in Lapland the weather got crazy, fresh meal won't last for long as it ain't preserved well by cold anymore. My fav reindeer heart would freeze and melt everyday, temperatures hesitating between -20 and +6 forced me to eat up all this within few days and stick to favorite @realturmat so no more worrying bout food issues. But still - I add pieces of smoked reindeer heart to almost every single meal, it's so crazy delicious!
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Simplicity of living. Because what else do we really NEED?
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Goodnight my Friends :) coming back to you all pretty soon, with some stories and more of some stories
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I bet you all getting ready to end up this beautifull year, full of adventures run by passion and eagerness to do anything whatever drives You. It's been such a rich year, every day was so full even if I now just pick up first thought, one random day, let's take one when I was shaking cold, so wet after ending up in water without little chance to dry off, so I walked over hills facing forthcoming storms and rain, shaking cold of first-degree hypothermia while still having a break and a quick snack. I sat down, lean on the rocks and wrapped my body with a tent footprint. Hope never left me. Hope that one day I'll be dry and warm again. I've planned next five years while being out there. I'm so happy nobody joined me as so many wished. I'm glad I could find the missing part of my life this only way. And sometimes I think it's been so easy to face all that. Your support was the greatest gift lone traveler could have ever dreamed of. Thank You all for joining me on my adventure of a lifetime. People I met, brands I teamed up with, difficulties I encountered, visions and inspirations I brought alive. It's not over yet.
I'm so much grateful for the gift of life.
There is a lot going on ready for next year right after I finish my route. Obviously if I survive first.
Will you be surprised if I reveal you the title of next wild adventure to come right after? Here it is: "Arctic Race of Madness"! Quick sick and mad! Wish I could tell you more but believe me, I'll get even wilder 😄
Today I thank You all again. Please celebrate the new year as Your heart whispers. So will I.
Let the fire in your heart brighten up your path!

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Some people are not made to live in a city. I am one of them. I've been suffering insomnia since the injury few weeks back. Stress was about everything. Cars, lights, noises, smell of fuel from the airport and issues. With every day off I struggled the feeling that something was really wrong here. Obvious is this - I need to get back out there. If it's sickness then I'm happy to be sick. But I can't stand city life anymore, it's just driving me mad and nervous. Apparently I got way too wild.
Few days ago I went out to force the injured muscle to work, reminding it that we have something to finish. My friend came over for a visit but the weather conditions were not meant to take good pictures so we drove around chasing the stars and to finally find a place and sky window so he could take some shots and me let go of the stress. Signaldalen saved it all. At 2.30am we finally had clear sky for just several hours. Staring at stars and talking life, excited as hell. The pain still annoys me but this one I will need to get used to. It's just time to move on. Time to go home. 📷@darolila, location: @versatilith
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"For Tom by Johnny Wild" on YouTube.
Yesterday I had a chance to post that crazy video I recorded 6 months ago. Third week of my adventure. On that day my dream of paddling white water, even just trying it for the first time, came true. Feeling the energy, the power, the adrenaline injected straigh in. It was Tom who pushed me brave to try it like he knew I always wished for that. He asked: "You wanna give it a go?” I was simply stunned but I couldn’t let this chance go.
Few hours after posting the movie yesterday I found out that Tom passed away in September, right after he left Norway. River he loved so much trapped him and never let go.
I’m feeling chosen being in posession of video material I recorded on that day, with Tom holding camera when I 'gave it go’. How could I know.. Death will want to take us all, one by one, young and happy. I can feel it coming for me, maybe not now, not on this adventure, but sooner then I wish. But we are winners already, we chose life over rotting and waiting for that bitch to come. We dared to feel life differently, to laugh and take every precious moment of time that we were given. To find our own way and walk it til that bitch finds out we are really happy and than take our lifes. How stupid that is, death. You bitch are jealous and selfish, isn’t it so? you just can’t stand seeing someone truly happy so you come and take his life just to feel better, screw you. WE ARE WINNERS.

Tom, thank You for that day. You made my life. 
This is for You. 
I was crying making this video, and then laughing with tears running over my face.
You were so cool! "For Tom by Johnny Wild" on YouTube

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Once you reach the summit of your dreams you may rather want to jump hoping you will fly forever than look back and return to the same life again. These are my thoughts about everything I left behind. Hard stories of the past and obvious five digits #paycheck every month. Is that everything we stand for? Like @wildboy_adventures once said: this kind of life is full på stress too. And I agree, but I rather choose this one over city life or four walls office stress, where no sudden inspirations get in. My previous jobs? Those working there knew I'm not taking oversize hours for obvious - my pack was already prepared to leave and disappear until Monday morning, sometimes I barely made it back to work, running on caffeine to stay alive. My hunger for more was driving me insane.
Today I know my path. I found it while being out there on my own for the last 6 months. Is it the only way to reach life? If so, I'm up for another 6 months 🌍
And if you haven't noticed - this is the original picture of my profile logo. Taken about 6 years ago on #Senja, Norway's second biggest island after #Svalbard, my fav playground at that time.
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