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Johnny Wild  Adventurer. Currently on 5000km solo journey thru 🇳🇴 🇸🇪 🇫🇮 @amundsensports @fjellpulken @realturmat @bridgedalenorge @crispisince1975 @asnes1922

So you all saying spring has arrived?
Not where I am :) Wish I had seen more of that.
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Some wider perspective on what I miss the most of - real winter in Lapland. It was one of the coldest days.
Still shot taken with my film camera.
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This winter is just crazy. One day I put all my clothes on at -26 and the morning after everything around is just water.
Skins got pretty well used on that, melted snow turns into sharp ice overnight. Right beneath bindings there's not much left so swix impregnant won't have anything to stick to, let's say 40-50 cm. It simply doesn't work. Hunting for quickly changing temperatures I chose skiing by night several times. You all skiers know the pain of dealing with snow building on such a massive bulky bump, taking all pleasure of enjoying the trip. While out in the woods I was looking for long term solution (no sport shops around) among anything available in the nearest town(s) (=nothing) so I considered diesel fuel at first but the smell of silicone spray (available everywhere) was closest to adhesive spray I used by now. Know what? Works even better 😁
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Time is my enemy now. Spring is on the way but luckily temperature is about to drop for at least few days (-10/-14). Then Celsius+ again. Rivers are open, ice cracking beneath my skis, yesterday I got wet but that's not an issue. What fucks me up is the garbage I see all over. All sort of, left by snowmobile riders. The most often seen is broken timing belt (registerreim). Guess what. I started picking up all the bottles, boxes, cans, empty cigarette packs and more. I ruined my 20km day but collected 3 shopping bags of shit left by humans. In one day. I hate what we do to this planet and I ain't with no blame. Back home I produced way too much of it, just like everyone else but at least out here my conscience remains clean. I'd even run after smallest piece of plastic that wind blew off my hands when opening a chocolate bar or pack of cookies. Somehow we excuse ourselves and refuse using brain. I don't get it. Why? Who are we to destroy what we were given? Seriously, I don't think we deserve to live on this planet. I wish I could look inside this person 'brain' and perhaps fix the shit. Not to understand. And I wish to say: 'let them drown' but then again more garbage would flow with the river, to the sea where I'm heading now. I don't really want to see it there.
Two years ago I worked on a fishing vessel on waters between Norway and Denmark, mostly for prawns. You don't really wanna know what kind of shit went to the sea from that boat. That was one of the reasons I quit.
When I was younger I remember Enigma frequently being played on the radio. Not sure what generation you represent but surely you know "Return to Innocence". Everyone knows it. But there's another one in my mind now - "Why!..."
and "I'm asking 'why!', why it has to be like this?" It suits here, I feel this way. I'm full of sadness, anger and regret today.
Now I see what it means to be human and how hard has it become.
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I had it all. Brand new Volvo, beautiful girlfriend, well payed job, modern flat. Ready to grow old and die. Two weeks ago I turned 33. About time right? About time to realize what are priorities. Ain't no talk bout happiness if you feel sth is WRONG with the picture you keep on drawing - your life. Staying outside for so long gave me all the answers I would question. Some say I'm crazy. Some say: "we are wrong, he's got this right, coz we go to work, we do same things over and over and over again, every single day and repeat, then maybe we enjoy summer holidays but he is free". Weekends and summer holidays? It wasn't enough for me. Some random days and few weeks a year? Nope. Today space is my home. And I wish it remain so. That's my birthday wish.
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Energy that comes with the sun can't be compared to any other. Not even coffee ☕️ Okay, nothing compares to coffee. Coffee is coffee, God itself. I don't trust people who don't drink coffee..
(did he really say that?? 😵)
So I wake up on the morning like this and just don't feel like leaving the place.
It's been the warmest winter for decades, rivers aren't frozen, ice ain't thick as expected but that doesn't mean easy access to water. Every evening I try to reach some lake or river so I won't need to melt snow. But river means stones. Everywhere. So today I'm fixing blades on my ice drill and other equipment that didn't make it. As usual. Oh, and I need a manager, anyone out there? 😁

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There are no easy days here. Recently I've been thinking how difficult it must be for solo explorers to leave family for some time. So called #homesick , once it strikes ain't no force to push it away. I look at Aleksander Gamme who's face printed down on my skis and with my head down we chat silently bout these lonely moments out there. You see Aleksander, I have no wife or kinds awaiting me back home and it seems heaven easier. Is it so? Or Rune Gjeldnes. Remember him saying: "why I'm I not there with you my love", when solo crossing South Pole. And it scares me sometimes I might fall into someone on my way. It feels so free being disconnected the way I'm. When I was leaving I knew my relationship wouldn't last. I simply knew I'm not coming back, she didn't. Even though, there are no easy days out here. But beauty is all around and within myself.
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And I love some big fire 🔥
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Alright, I have some confession to share. I'm not coming back to civilization. The character of my adventure-project changed over the time I spent 'locked in'. And over past few days. While out here every single day brings on countless memories and stories to tell, back there it was all the same. Suffering insomnia, struggling with issues, bureaucracy and technology were eating me alive. Devouring every single piece of anything good about myself. Except from people, they were just lovely. Meeting everyone, sharing thoughts, laughter and energy are moments I return to with my thoughts. But catching time seems impossible there. When I realized it's February already and soon my bday, I would stress that my journey will crash if I won't continue anytime soon. And so first few days were just hell, couldn't sleep until now, when I finally pushed away pressure of TIME. I'll keep moving forward but embracing every single day, every failure and high mood, sunrise and snowstorm, inspirations and memories of past and future, every meal and loneliness as it's the key to finding what life is really about.
I'll head north, then south towards Helsinki, but I won't rush anymore. I don't need any title or award. I only need living this simply beautiful life, write, share, take pictures and do some filming. And I need Spotify too.
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Took me a little while to return to everyday's routine of my adventure. Here in Lapland the weather got crazy, fresh meal won't last for long as it ain't preserved well by cold anymore. My fav reindeer heart would freeze and melt everyday, temperatures hesitating between -20 and +6 forced me to eat up all this within few days and stick to favorite @realturmat so no more worrying bout food issues. But still - I add pieces of smoked reindeer heart to almost every single meal, it's so crazy delicious!
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Goodnight my Friends :) coming back to you all pretty soon, with some stories and more of some stories
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