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Vérité Published  Welcome home, free thinking woman. | Empower your style & liberate your mind.

EMPOWER YOUR STYLE | Our Delta of Venus Slip Dress made an appearance in the new @jakemiller video Good Thing. 💄 it's officially our summer tune.

LIBERATE YOUR MIND WITH THE NEW MOON | A New Moon Tarot Reading for May 25th, 2017 💫 On this dark, beautiful evening let us all release a deep sigh. Breathe in fresh air. Put your bare feet on Mother Earth, ground and look towards the cosmos. Feel and acknowledge this truth: Yes, the Patriarchy is exhausting. And YES, we women must unite in a collaborative essence. We are graceful and strong. Elegant and life giving. May we share our talents without ulterior motive. May we feel safe to shine our light, and feel only warmth when our sisters join beside us, lanterns in hand. The daunting road ahead becomes cozier and kinder, softly glowing with the buzzy excitement of sisterhood. Call in your manifestations AND / WITH your team. Receive with gratitude. Build. Blessings to you and yours. Remember, just because one light beams radiantly, does not mean the overshadowing of another - we are in this together. 💫 words from our spiritual contributor Meghan Wallace James.

We may be nursing a rosé hangover this morning but to all of our #FemmesOfVerite girl gang that came to hang last night, you made dreams come true. 💫🥂

🐪 The Mallorca Micro Bikini Bottom 🐪 in Sand 🐪

LIBERATE YOUR MIND | Doug Aitken dedicates his inspiration for his mirrored house titled Mirage to reflecting the ever-changing landscape of its beautifully rough surroundings. To us though, it felt more like Aitken was trolling the social media age who flocked to his installation only to find that in a house of mirrors it's close to impossible to ignore the hoards around you also just trying to get the perfect selfie. It became more of a meditation on our cultures' intentions even when viewing such simplistic brilliance in a work of art.

EMPOWER YOUR STYLE | Summer ain't ready 🌿 Beauty @hana.huss in the Mallorca Bikini top in Sand.

EMPOWER YOUR STYLE & LIBERATE YOUR MIND | Our new year resolution was to get offline and create a united front of powerful, insightful women. Without further ado...
Get the chance to meet fellow Femmes of Vérité, get your Tarot cards read & purchase the Vérité collection IRL - 🌹Bring your friends.🌹

EMPOWER YOUR STYLE | The Mallorca Micro Bikini @ Magic Hour 💫

LIBERATE YOUR MIND | The ancient art of Feng Shui has hovered around our physical spaces for long enough - it's time to grab hold of that energy & make it work for you. ⚱️"The alignment, the intuition, the communication between object and woman, the magic, the flow, the energy." Expert Meghan Wallace James teaches us how to implement all of these in six simple steps. ⚱️Now on

Hesitant to share our Sunday spot 🍸but it's just so swoon-worthy.

LIBERATE YOUR MIND | Sunday's are for poetry in bed.

LIBERATE YOUR MIND | You don't have to go at it alone | photo by @carlota_guerrero

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