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Vérité Published  Welcome home, free thinking woman. | Empower your style & liberate your mind.

That time @romeestrijd wore the Like A Prayer Earrings 😵🌹Photo by @jakerosenberg

EMPOWER YOUR STYLE | Our hand woven French market bag is looking ready for a Monday siesta. 🌤 There are only three left of these bad boys, and after that they're really really gone!

LIBERATE YOUR MIND WITH TONIGHT'S NEW MOON IN LEO | Only message for new moon: Radiate in the Darkness. Assume your True Calling. Inhale your Essence up thru the Earth, thru your being // release upwards and outwards to the cosmos. Keep it simple. Walk forward. Embody ease. Make Love. Carry on. 🌑 by Meghan James Wallace.have the dreams of clarity you have been praying for. * email for tarot readings *

EMPOWER YOUR STYLE | Ends of the earth in the Mallorca Micro Bikini in Terra-Cotta. 🍊There are still some in stock, go swoop yourself one.

#THEWANDERESS | days spent at Le Sirenuse, from our Amalfi travel story.

LIBERATE YOUR MIND | You don't eat harmful chemicals, why would you put them on your face? Find our full 💧clean💧beauty regime in partnership with @credobeauty now on

Welcome home, free thinking woman. 💒 photo via @c__l__o

LIBERATE YOUR MIND | Clean ingredients ✔️Dewy finish ✔️Preventative not just coverage ✔️these are just a few of our non-negotiables when it comes to our skincare regime. @credobeauty delivers the above and so much more with their carefully selected brands. Naturally, we partnered with the beauty purveyor to bring you a detailed look into our daily regime, & the products we can't live without.

#THEWANDERESS | Postcards from our travel archives.

EMPOWER YOUR STYLE | with the latest ➕➕➕oh yea, and free shipping.

LIBERATE YOUR MIND | Everything you need to know about how Trumpcare will f*ck with your birth control. Now on

Weekend plans 🐚 The Mallorca Micro Bikini in Sand & Cove.

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