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Honor is out with a new Android flagship, and it’s a lovely, more budget-friendly reinterpretation of the Huawei P20 Pro. The new Honor 10 exhibits the same design philosophy as the P20 Pro: ugly notch on the front, stunning blue-purple iridescence on the back. Its display measures 5.84 inches diagonally, with a 19:9 aspect ratio, making this a quite compact device by modern flagship standards. Honor opts for an LCD rather than OLED, helping it cut costs, though the resolution is still a satisfyingly dense 2280 x 1080 (432ppi). This phone gets a bunch of the fundamentals and essentials right. 📷: @vladsavov

OnePlus is releasing its first pair of wireless headphones, called the Bullets Wireless. But they’re not the “truly wireless” in-ear wireless buds you might’ve been expecting. 📷 : @holowatyrose

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OnePlus has revealed its new flagship Android device, the OnePlus 6. It has a Snapdragon 845 processor, a notched 6.3-inch 19:9 OLED display, and a starting price of $529.​ The software is clean, thoughtfully designed, and unfailingly fast.​​ When it comes to design, the OnePlus 6 is sleek and stylish. Read more about it by following the link in our bio. 📷 : @holowatyrose

Intel’s latest-generation Next Unit of Computing is a gaming PC capable of running the latest AAA titles at frame rates that won’t get you instantly sniped. It's small yet efficient. 📷 : @dcseifert

Since taking the reins at Uber in August 2017, Khosrowshahi has focused on two things: apologizing for the sins of his predecessor, Travis Kalanick; and making a series of deals to grow Uber beyond app-based ride-hailing. The past few months have been a flurry of activity as Khosrowshahi puts his own stamp on the troubled company. Ride-hailing is and will remain Uber’s core business for the near term — but Khosrowshahi sees a whole world of potential outside the car. Check out our interview with Uber's CEO by following the link in our bio. 📷 : @philipcheungphoto

HP is updating a bunch of its Elite series PCs today, and the highlight is a slightly reworked EliteBook x360. The new model looks almost identical to the old one, but the bezels around its display are noticeably thinner on the sides and bottom, which is a nice improvement. However, the big step up here is the addition of LTE. HP’s data sheet on the device doesn’t make it clear if this comes standard, but either way, this is one of the highest-end devices HP has offered with LTE yet. 📷 : @holowatyrose

Tinder appears to be testing a location-tracking feature that’ll presumably help users meet up in person.​ Tinder already uses location to match people within a certain mile radius, but going off the small screenshot in a tweet from the company’s director of product revenue​, this location-tracking feature could be more precise.​​This may be to compete with Facebook's new dating feature allowing people to match based on events. Looks like a swipe right may mean a higher chance of actually meeting the person. #socialmedia #technews #tinder #techie 📷 : @holowatyrose

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Snapchat says it is currently rolling out yet another redesign to its app to iOS users. Late last year, Snapchat launched an overhaul which earned the wrath of dedicated users who hated the new layout. Snap says the new layout puts Snaps and Chats in chronological order again, and moves Stories from your friends back to the right-hand side of the app. Will this be enough to restore Snapchat back to its former glory or has the damage already been done?

This business card-sized device is the epitome of the minimalist phone trend. You can use the Light Phone independently on a 2G network or tether to your smartphone. It does one thing and one thing only: make phone calls. Would you buy this $150 phone?

Google has been trying to push virtual reality forward and has recently collaborated with Lenovo. The $399 standalone headset called the Lenovo Mirage Solo has officially started shipping. The Mirage Solo is a relatively affordable, competently made VR headset, but it’s more theoretically useful than fun to use.​​ It’s the only WorldSense-powered headset on the market​. The upside is that it doesn't need your phone. Would you give it a try? 📷: @holowatyrose

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