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Veronika Wölfel  Nutritional Ꭾsychologist / ᏚPEAKER / Ꭱaw Ꮳhef / Founder of @junilove_official Ꮋealthy · Ꮭean · Ꮪuccessful w// FᎾᎾᎠ. SᎮᎾᎡᎢS. ᎮᎬᎡSᎾNᎪLᎥᎢᎩ


Wild Mushroom Sandwich at @thegreennuernberg 💚
Why is Sourdough the healthiest bread?
One of the most commonly asked questions is why can I digest Sourdough bread, but not ordinary commercial bread? There are many reasons, and the answer for each person is different.
However research, often linked with IBS, indicates that the principal storage of phosphorus in seeds is found in the bran part of wheat and is called phytic acid can be a cause for digestive discomfort and bloating. In humans, and animals with one stomach, this phytic acid inhibits enzymes which are needed for the breakdown of proteins and starch in the stomach. It is this lack of enzymes which results in digestive difficulties. Ironically, commercially produced whole grain bread, generally perceived as “healthy,” is often the worst thing a person with a wheat intolerance should eat.
Luckily we have an ally, sourdough. The wild yeast and lactobacillus in the leaven neutralise the phytic acid as the bread proves through the acidification of the dough. This prevents the effects of the phytic acid and makes the bread easier for us to digest. These phytic acid molecules bind with other minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, which make these important nutrients unavailable to us. Long slow fermentation of wheat can reduce phytates by up to 90%. There is an interesting study that compares the effects of different leavens (yeast, sourdough, and a mixture of both) on phytic acid degradation which assessed the repercussions of phytic acid breakdown on phosphorus and magnesium solubility during bread-making, that showed Sourdough fermentation was much more efficient than yeast fermentation in reducing the phytate content in whole wheat bread (-62 and -38%, respectively). The lactic acid bacteria present in sourdough enhanced acidification, which lead to increased magnesium and phosphorus solubility.
Simply put the phytase enzymes released by the yeasts as the dough acidifies effectively pre-digests the flour, which releases the micronutrients and in turn reduces bloating and digestive discomfort.
Try it here: @thegreennuernberg or make it at home.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. -Winston Churchill ✨
Relationships have the magic of being hard and very beautiful at the same time. This is our mind which is telling us to be angry, closed, rejecting and cool. The heart is always still, full of softness, warmth and the real truth. If you close, you close your heart to avoid pain. But feeling and showing pain with all the abilities of the heart is going to lead you to a place where miracles happen. A place, where you get what ever you desire. It’s about of letting go. To trust. ✨✨✨🙌 I hope you guys get what I am talking about🙈 I woke up and had the desire to share what I am currently going through♥️💖
Huge Thank u to the talented photographer and my father in law, who is taking the best pictures! And also a huge thank you to @ebrufreder Who has the role of a director and makeup artist. I love you babüüüshk❤️

My recipe for life is not being afraid of myself, of what I think or of my opinions✨✨
Sometimes I find it still soooo difficult to speak out my inner truth. I always have to remind myself that my inner truth comes always with love. This why it’s so important to not being afraid of my inner truth. To be able to say it and live by it will make me play big instead of playing small🙏 #thoughts

“I have never met a woman who is not strong. They don’t exist.” -Diane von Furstenberg 🌸
The left picture is me 10 years ago. That time was so horrible.. 6 years of rotating between bingeing and dieting. 20 kinds of food intolerances, metabolic disease, chronic bronchitis and bladder infection, unhealthy skin, headaches, depressive mood etc.
I felt worn out but was not able to talk about my problem. I thought I am the problem. I thought the only reason
for not being able to stay lean long term was because of my lack of discipline. I was a wreck.
The right picture is me two years after adopting the 70% raw and 30% cooked plant based diet.
In 2014 I promised myself to never go on a diet again. I thrown away all scales and by today I don’t know my exact weight. But I know one thing, I feel good. I feel what is good for my body and what is not. I feel myself. I love myself. I don’t believe photographs or mirrors. I believe in the feeling I have for my body.
Sometimes I still have struggles here and there. But they are not disturbing my happiness, because I know.
Its so important to eat enough calories. Good calories. Otherwise you are going to crave crap food. I am so happy now to be able to share this great possibility of having the access to 100% healthy treats in Germany with the work of @junilove_official 🙏💝 A great Monday everyone.

You had to be that person to become this one. -Rupi Kaur

Today‘s 🅼🅰🅽🆃🆁🅰: today, I focus on what I want to attract into my live.

Today I want to be grateful for the fact that the way of my inner progress has the right pace. And today I am exact that person that I need to be. Life changes in every moment. And we are recognizing just 2% of what happening around us. We recognize only those things which fit into our self concept. Today I want to recognize just what is. #🅻🅾🆅🅴

‘Prioritize yourself. Feel the impact of your own intention.’✨ -Elena Brower
Yesterday’s baby shower was a bundle of deep feelings, tears of joy, laughs, talks and welcoming a new god sent person to this world💝 @bauchgefuehl.innsbruck @marie.terre.yoga @tanja.c.wanderlust @mc.lampe @flo_woelfel @thesemoments.experience

“☕️Happiness is not something that is handed to you. Happiness is a skill that you can train.” -Dan Harris #🅲🅷🅾🅸🅲🅴

Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have. Fist step is to figure out what your real truth is, second is to speak out, third to live by it. #2018istheyearofmytruth

I stayed on my own path and did not follow the herd. I made a way for myself. -Eartha Kitt #deuter

New Year’s Resolutions: strong body, clear mind, connected spirit🎀💪🏾
Thank you 2017
for a 100% successful year! One full of health, love and creativity and amazing people!
I couldn’t ask for more fulfillment. Let’s see what 2018 brings. I am ready for more miracles. ✨

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