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🌸💜 Shot this set with @Gaunted for Valentine’s Day this year. The coolest part is that we used 4 dozen roses for a shoot before this and they were wilting and not looking so good. I was kinda upset because I didn’t think the roses would be sitting out of water for so long. Buuuuuut, once we put the petals in the bath, they came back to life and looked even more beautiful than when I purchased them. For an indoor shoot, this is the most beautiful set. I wish I could share all the photos but the set was a patreon exclusive. However, and I know this is far from now, I could always give these to Patreon again come Valentines 2019 💗

Damn portrait mode! Thank you for the pic @gaunted

Photo by @Gaunted

FULL VIDEO AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW ON PATREON! [link in bio] ▪️ Filmed and edited by @eccentricerick ▪️ this is one of two videos my patrons get this month along with two photo sets, not to mention all the bonus goodies, prints and so on you can get.

Throwback - my Bad Bunny shoot was SO MUCH FUN! Building more than just Patreon content, I’m building memories. Thank you @rosemoontv for shooting this and for always making work fun!

I’ve been working out for 3 years now. When I started I consistently felt defeated and ashamed of my shape. I would see girls with what I considered a more womanly shape and internalize my defeating thoughts that I lacked curves. I had a hard time committing. Sometimes, I still do, but I’m very proud of myself. My stamina at the gym has improved SO MUCH, it took me 3 years to feel confident at the gym. I don’t have a lot of progress at a glance, but I see a lot of change in my mental state towards my body. Recently I’ve started to notice my posture improving and my tummy muscles coming through. I feel good, and because of that, I want to consider right now the beginning of my fitness journey online. Not to say the beginning wasn’t an IMPORTANT part of it, but I feel confident enough to start documenting this on social media in a more obvious way. When I’ve documented in the past, I see your feedback it helps motivate me, so now I want to create a hashtag #VeraBambiFit - I won’t be putting workout videos or anything like that, I’m not an instructor and there are other people out there who can help with your goals far more qualified than me. I just want to post progress to motivate myself and hopefully motivate some of you. However, please don’t look at me and think you have to look like me, look at yourself and be the best version of YOU that you can. There are other bodies I idolize, but they are not mine, and I will never be what somebody else is. It doesn’t matter how much I go to the gym, a lot of these fitness goals on Instagram come with surgery. Now I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting stuff done, I got my tits done and I do not regret it at all. NO HATE! I’m just saying, be aware, educate yourself and think before you compare. If you want to help, on the 13th of every 2nd month, please remind me to do a fitness update! This community is such a source of motivation for me, even if there’s no noticeable change, I want to be reminded to stay on top of things. Love y’all, thank you for your incredible support and positivity ♥️ next progress post: November 13 #fitnessmotivation

I am, whatever you say I am, if I wasn’t, then why would I say I am

New day, heading to the gym. Here’s a throwback gym selfie


OMG BOOKS! 📚 My ultimate fantasy? Cuddling up by a warm fire and reading with someone I love. I think that’s too kinky for most guys though 😭💔 silly naughty stuff aside, #HarryPotter is my favourite book series. I’ve read them more times than I can count. They mean THE WORLD to me. Do you read? What’s your favourite book?
▪️Photo by @rosemoontv ▪️Skirt and collar made by @puregeekapparel ▪️Bra from @forever21

▪️Photo by @sideshowsito .
▪️Lingerie by @honeybirdette .
▪️Hair by @thevirginhairfantasy .
▪️Boots from @PleaserShoes .
This photo is from a discontinued set on Patreon. Once a month ends, content is gone, so if you want in on my bonus content every month, follow the link in my bio

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