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Venus the Two Face Cat  “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr. Seuss. #drseuss #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter

Having a little fun with the fur pile HuMom brushed off Halo, our Shiba Inu (swipe to see Halo’s proud pose). 🐕
She trimmed her nails after and we’re like 99% sure the neighbors thought she was torturing her. Anyone familiar with her breed will directly relate!
Here’s a fur 💛 for you!
#ShibaInu #shibascream #bigbaby #sheddingseason #blindshiba #glaucomasucks

Here’s a little kitty smile for anyone who may have needed one! XOXO 😺😊

Hold our calls... ☀️ #catlife #spoiled #gingerphotobomb #sunbathing

.....From last post... Same day, similar pose, sitting on same cat wall. Phone pic vs mirrorless camera. Every time HuMom photographs animals with her good camera they always look fuller, including the pic in my last post.....The camera really does add lbs! Swipe over & see for yourself. 😹😹

Just so there’s no confusion human, you are beneath me. 👑
#QueenV #divamode

Whisker Wednesday fun fact: by a show of paw emojis 🐾, how many of you knew all my whiskers on my orange side are white and all my whiskers on my black side are black except for 1 single whisker?
🐾 = I knew
🙀 = I learned something new today.

From this angle you wouldn’t know half my face was black 🧡🖤
#twofacecat #torti #ginger #black #heterochromia

🧡 Here's a little walk down memory lane in honor of #gingercatappreciationday! 🧡
My adopted sis Ginger (yes she's a girl.....the majority are male though not super rare) is featured here with myself in these pics/vids. She's 12 years young now and I'm 9. In the 1st pic I think I was 3 and she was 6.
Also featured in the last pic is my real life ginger sibling. My HuMom found out when I was 5 years old that I had 2 orange tabby litter mate brothers.
One was Ginger’s color orange and the other was a dilute orange. 🧡
Since my face is half ginger I guess I'm included in this ginger cat appreciation day right? What do you think? 🐈🐈 😽
#lovemysis #myginger #proudtobehalfginger #gingercatappreciationday #gingercat

I like to call this my catnip caturday look 😸😵
#catnip #caturday

Check out my new stylish & cozy napping spot from @wayfair! 😴
They have a great selection of affordable products for your home AND for your pets like this scratch post cat tree. 😺
Link in bio if you want one for your kitty. 🐾
Happy Friday everyone!
#wayfairpetsquad #ad

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