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❤️Trust Your Soul, Not Your Mind❤️⠀
Quite often, the wisdom of our soul runs counter to everything we hear in our thoughts.⠀
We wonder why our heart & soul knows something that does not seem logical. We feel something that tugs at us from another time and place.⠀
Yet there it is, the miracle of intuition.⠀
The intelligence of soft whispers.⠀
A wisdom of the heart.⠀
💜Listen close this week. Your heart has much to share.💜⠀
xo Kate

💜Your Heart is Your Compass💜⠀
As our lovely goddess ~ Venus ~ swings back into Libra ... You are asked to look even deeper into your heart.⠀
We wish that others could tell us what makes us happy. We wish that someone else could wave a wand and make the heartache go away. But that is not why we opted into this journey.⠀
We opted in to learn about ourselves. To test our truths with each other. And to dive ever deeper into what we feel. ⠀
What makes me happy might be torture for you.⠀
What makes you happy might make me want to hide under the covers.⠀
And that is okay. Better than okay. That is what makes this gorgeous world interesting!⠀
Grab your journals this week and dive deep into the question: "What makes me sigh with happiness?"⠀
xo Kate⠀
{Beautiful photo by Easton Oliver}

🔥Loving Yourself is a Revolutionary Act🔥⠀
As our world is filled with raised voices, the still voice inside matters more. As pundits and politicians yell and shout, the soft voices are even more valuable.⠀
Loving yourself is a revolutionary act.⠀
Deep love. The kind that sees your flaws & f**kups and shows up with compassion. The kind that knows what you did or said when it seemed like the cool thing to do. Yet your heart forgives you. The kind that wakes you up at 2AM to do a fearless inventory of your words & actions.⠀
These are the actions & choices of a brave heart.⠀
❤A heart that chooses to love herself a little deeper, a touch wider, and in that loving, finds room for the world.❤⠀
xo Kate

🌟Listening to Your Heart🌟⠀
We're entering a phase of Venus Retrograde that asks us to dig deep and look in the dustiest corners of our psyche. The places we would prefer not to look. The tender, soft "ouches" that may pre-date having language to express the pain.⠀
Our bodies and souls hold on to old wounds. And with Venus in the earliest degrees of Scorpio, we are looking at those super-duper tender hurts. The ones we would prefer don't exist. The ones that make us feel vulnerable to the world's whims. And crazy chaos.⠀
But when we gather up the courage to look, like the childhood game of daring each other to run into the deep dark basement or check out the local haunted house, we find the fire in our bellies. The bravery we forgot we had.⠀
And we inspire each other to dig deeper, live braver, and fly higher. ⠀
🔥Which, if we're really honest, is the only way we want to be in this world.🔥⠀
xo Kate⠀
{Photo by Frank Park}

🔥Fierce Feminine🔥⠀

We all have many sides.⠀
Many faces. ⠀
Just as Mama Nature has seasons, ⠀
weather patterns, and a myriad of climates.⠀

We women have many feelings.⠀
Many faces. Many versions of ourselves.⠀

These are the truths coming to the surface.⠀
In my life. In your life. In families. In cultures.⠀

We are speaking truths that have been buried for centuries.⠀
We are claiming ways & wisdom that has been shoved away for generations.⠀
We are burning old ways of behaving. So that out of the ashes come the new ways of being.⠀

But first, we must burn. We must feel. We must claim ALL that we are. ⠀

🔥Burn Baby Burn🔥⠀

P.S. If you want to take part in a burning ceremony with other women tonight, check out the @astrotwins. 💋⠀

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Our Love Guide, Venus, moves slowly.⠀
Making this the perfect day to look back.⠀

🦋Give yourself the grace of reflection.🦋⠀

Who loves you for ALL of you?⠀
Who holds conditions for your love?⠀
How do you want to be loved?⠀

💜You deserve to be loved deeply & completely.💜⠀

Venus asks that you pause.⠀
Take time to ask yourself questions.⠀
Get clear on how YOU want to be loved.⠀

🌹Be your own Soul Mate. Then find your Match.🌹⠀
Get your FREE Guide to Real Love:⠀
The Five Secrets from Venus⠀⠀
{Beautiful photo by @rachellynettee}⠀

🌿Venus Retrograde🌿⠀

After a month of ramping up, ⠀
Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio.⠀

❤What does this mean for you?❤⠀

Like when Mercury goes Retro, ⠀
This is time to Review, Rethink, Revise, Reconsider.⠀

Except VENUS is our LOVE guide.⠀
So she asks us to pause ...⠀
And take a very close look at HOW we love,⠀
WHO we love, and WHAT we love.⠀

With Venus in Scorpio,⠀
You can bet your money⠀
That she is making this one INTENSE review.⠀

🎢Get Ready to Rock, Roll, & Release!🎢⠀
Get your FREE Guide to Real Love:⠀
The Five Secrets from Venus⠀⠀
{Beautiful photo by Rhett Wesley}⠀


Taking a moment⠀
To savour life is SO important.⠀

🌟Now, more than ever.🌟⠀

I feel like the little things matter.⠀
The small gestures.⠀
Sweet hugs.⠀
Loving kindness & tender words.⠀

🌹They remind me WHY I want to wake up⠀
Each morning.🌹⠀

What I want to create. ⠀
Who I want to be.⠀
Why I love so deeply.⠀

🌿That's why I adore Venus.🌿⠀
Get your FREE Guide to Real Love:⠀
The Five Secrets from Venus⠀⠀
{Beautiful photo by Nathan Dumlao}

🌿Finding Love🌿⠀

Feels like wandering in a deep forest⠀
Seeking & stumbling⠀
While longing for another to meet you⠀
Half way.⠀

🌹Find Love with Venus🌹⠀

As you grow to know the Goddess of Love,⠀
And her natural cycles,⠀
You uncover your deepest desires.⠀

❤️You claim what you really want❤️⠀

And that is how you find your way⠀
To true love.⠀

🌟And the person who loves YOU⠀
for the REAL You.🌟⠀
Get your FREE Guide to Real Love:⠀
The Five Secrets from Venus⠀⠀
{Beautiful photo by Mean Shadows}

🌿Nurture & Snuggle🌿⠀

Venus slows down in intense Scorpio⠀
And as she does,⠀
The Moon Goddess enters Cancer.⠀

🌟What does this mean?🌟⠀

You are invited to feel a little deeper,⠀
To nurture yourself.⠀
Treat your sweet self to some snuggly pleasure.⠀

❤Take a loving pause.❤⠀

Give yourself permission⠀
To take a break. ⠀
And reflect on what feels good.⠀

🌹Moon & Venus conspire today⠀
To bring you deeper & closer to home.🌹⠀
Get your FREE Guide to Real Love:⠀
The Five Secrets from Venus⠀⠀
{Beautiful photo by @renatesolhaug}

🌿Intense Times🌿⠀

We are moving through intense days.⠀
Every day brings more news.⠀
Each moment requires presence ⠀
And permission.⠀


This shift has been coming for millennia.⠀
We are the ones who chose this time. ⠀
We are the ones ready to lead the world.⠀


You are ready. I am ready.⠀
Mama Earth has our Six.⠀
The Goddess has our back.⠀

🌹Venus in Scorpio Fills us with Power.🌹⠀
Get your FREE Guide to Love:⠀
The Five Secrets from Venus⠀⠀
{Beautiful photo by @nofilternoglory}

🌿Friday Goddess🌿⠀

Did you know that Friday⠀
Is Venus's Day?⠀

🥂Of course it is!!🥂⠀

Venus is our Goddess of Love.⠀
She is also our Goddess of⠀
Desire, Pleasure, & Fun.⠀

🍰Sound like Friday to You?🍰⠀

Imagine ALL the lusciousness that is Friday,⠀
ALL the Love. ALL the Fun. ALL the Play.⠀

🌹That is Venus. That is You.🌹⠀

Celebrate in Style. ⠀
Celebrate You. ⠀
Celebrate the Goddess in You.⠀

🌿You are Venus. Venus is You.🌿⠀
Get your FREE Guide to Real Love:⠀
The Five Secrets from Venus⠀⠀
Image courtesy of Nine Kopfer⠀

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