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Hello friends. I'd like to say something. I am proud of my body. It isn't the skinniest, it isn't the curviest, it isn't the strongest, but it has gotten me this far. Yeah sure I probably could be a bit healthier, or maybe comb my hair more often, but it doesn't make me less of a person. Or even less beautiful. Yes, I have wide set hips. Yes, I have cellulite at 17 years old. Yes, I am a little over 5 feet tall. But I am in love with my hips, cellulite, and my childish height. And oh man I just love my chipmunk-ish cheeks. I love every bit of my body. Sometimes I may feel like I can't wear clothes that other people can, do things other people can, or have the same fun as other people because of my body but lately I have just been basically saying "screw it, I'm going to wear what I like, do things other people can, and do as many fun things as I can, because I am a lovely little person and can have a lovely life".
This may seem cheesy but it is so important to love your body. Even as a male. You don't have to have many muscles, you don't have to be tall, you don't have to have the hollywood smile. You can also have all those features and still be wonderful. You don't have to have a tiny waist, you don't have to have curves. Don't feel like you HAVE to cake on makeup too look beautiful, but if you love makeup and love to paint on a masterpiece to your face, do it!
All I'm trying to get at is, it is so nice and perfect to be in-love with your body.
And basically I am happy with my body and my squishy face . Many women and men have to explain to people that they LOVE their body size and are proud to be themselves. Why do we have to explain ourselves for something we are born with? But it feels good to tell people you like your body. I encourage you to shout it to the world. I am not trying to sound conceited or anything like that, but it is highly important to love your body. I hope you can love your body just like how I love mine. - M (P.s) I am sorry for my continuous ranting that pops out of nowhere. But I thought it needed to be said. Oh and picture by @ashley.avi

A good night out.
(Please ignore the watermark)

This dork is in NYC and we just facetimed for 4 hours straight and I wrote this lil poem for her:
Is it a little mark on a map along the sea? Waves of concrete, hustling towards me?

Is it a silhouette stretching across a crying orange sky? A neon large bird flapping goodbye?

People go with wide eyes like a hopeful curious kitty,
To a place in the east, they call New York City.

Singing that one song from The Tom & Jerry Movie about being 'friends till the end'
Picture by: Ashley

Found myself dreaming in a swirling resilient blue lagoon today.
Well actually it was a bath-bomb in my tiny bath-tub, but same thing right?

What is a balloons least favorite kind of music?

I have something to say. It doesn't matter if you listen. I see a problem happening today. There is a repulsive need that everyone flaunts, which is to be someone they're not. Whether it be by dressing differently, changing physical appearance, or tweaking your personality to seem like someone else, everybody pretends to be something they're not. I openly admit to pretending. I hope you can too.
I'm ready to change. I'm going to be me. I'm silly and annoying and I say words that people don't use anymore. I laugh very loud, and cry during cheesy moments in tv. I eat weird food combinations, and I take millions of pictures I'll never use. Sometimes I'm not happy with the way I look but I'm learning that looks don't matter. I'm not good at math but I'm really good at english. I'm not the nicest person but I'm not the meanest. I openly people watch and I wear clothes that don't match. At least I'm happy with myself right?
I've been hiding behind a made up image of myself that doesn't match the truth. I'm going to be me from now on. All me. The me that is here to express myself without punishment. If you read all of that, I'm sorry for my rant but I felt as if it needed to be said. Here is a picture of my eyes.

Music always playing in my silly brain:
Stayin Alive by The BeeGees
The X Files theme song
Rock The Casbah by The Clash
Get Over It by RatBoy
Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles (There are many more but I'd like to keep the list short, for now)

2 dragonflies twirl across the breezy slow day
Whispers of stories shushing themselves out of my mouth
"Just tryna let the sun in"
Reading lips, blocking music fills my brain
Where are the eager clouds?

Let your head fill with sunshine, my dear

Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Give me something good to eat