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M  Raining cats and dogs. grand adventure. wanting the skies to know my name. I am 7 years old + 10 I slouch in my seat

The rocks were whispering their sinister plans which were echoing and swimming towards my ears. I had to throw them off the edge. The Wednesday completed paint-by-numbers sky asking us for songs and twirls. Only 300 seconds and the canvas washed away.

The words were once spoken,
So I don't have much to say.
The mirror has been broken,
No more looking down your way.
The light has gone too far,
So I cannot gently sleep.
The darkness has lowered the bar,
No more emotions I am willing to keep.

with the random red-head

"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"

Finally got my license. The only one I'll ever get and the only one I'll ever need.

Taken before I got stuck in shoulder-high snow resulting in two sprained ankles, several cuts up my silly legs, and multiple bruised bones that seem so cover my body. It was quite a lovely hike.

Space Mans' Landing: serving its purpose

THE CRAFT (1996)
Directed by: Andrew Flemming

I totally stole this picture from her, but it is this pretty kitty's birthday. Its going to be a good 17 matey. Lots of love to this flower.
She is lovely and nice and very good at makeup and seriously is one of the best lil ghosts I've ever met. Yes. A good 17.

Hello friends. I'd like to say something. I am proud of my body. It isn't the skinniest, it isn't the curviest, it isn't the strongest, but it has gotten me this far. Yeah sure I probably could be a bit healthier, or maybe comb my hair more often, but it doesn't make me less of a person. Or even less beautiful. Yes, I have wide set hips. Yes, I have cellulite at 17 years old. Yes, I am a little over 5 feet tall. But I am in love with my hips, cellulite, and my childish height. And oh man I just love my chipmunk-ish cheeks. I love every bit of my body. Sometimes I may feel like I can't wear clothes that other people can, do things other people can, or have the same fun as other people because of my body but lately I have just been basically saying "screw it, I'm going to wear what I like, do things other people can, and do as many fun things as I can, because I am a lovely little person and can have a lovely life".
This may seem cheesy but it is so important to love your body. Even as a male. You don't have to have many muscles, you don't have to be tall, you don't have to have the hollywood smile. You can also have all those features and still be wonderful. You don't have to have a tiny waist, you don't have to have curves. Don't feel like you HAVE to cake on makeup too look beautiful, but if you love makeup and love to paint on a masterpiece to your face, do it!
All I'm trying to get at is, it is so nice and perfect to be in-love with your body.
And basically I am happy with my body and my squishy face . Many women and men have to explain to people that they LOVE their body size and are proud to be themselves. Why do we have to explain ourselves for something we are born with? But it feels good to tell people you like your body. I encourage you to shout it to the world. I am not trying to sound conceited or anything like that, but it is highly important to love your body. I hope you can love your body just like how I love mine. - M (P.s) I am sorry for my continuous ranting that pops out of nowhere. But I thought it needed to be said. Oh and picture by @ashley.avi

A good night out.
(Please ignore the watermark)

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