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shanesia ᵔᴥᵔ  hi I really love sofia !

pray for my sanity 3/3


uh 1/3

I'd like to thank god for blessing us with this man amen ,,
#qotd: when's ur birthday?? mine is in a few weeks so I'm hyped (";
ac: mine pls give cred if u use it
dt: sofia bc she watched & listened to me struggle and make this all weeek + lacey #cherryrecruit #superbiarec #vortexgrprec

"Should we kiss now" thIS BITC

psa: turn ur brightness
down so the colouring looks nicer!!!,,
happy birthday sofia (": i love you and im not gonna type my gross sappy hbd paragraph as the caption, so instead look forward to that text (; + sorru this is so ugly jsjs but I hope u liked it especially the ending
dt: sofia ofc @luvingmelix

that's one thicc bitc
#qotd: what's your favourite number ?? -
dt: sofia, raquel, ray, lori, bella, dori, emma, lacey & maggie
That's a lot but those are a bunch of my favs ! also happy canada day to my fellow canadians *decrease ur headphone volume* #badboomrct #drankrc #NightmareRC #vortexgrprec

of course, I love you
#qotd: if you had to give dan a "gift" for his birthday what would it be ?
anyways happy birthday dan even if it seems like I don't love him i actually lowkey do
dt: @danielhowell
ofc #connectrec #incognitogrp

you look happier, you do
#qotd: what's something that makes you happy ?
dt: sof my love
also trigger warning bc I added the valentine's day video smh don't attack me x4
#clairvoyantgroup [edit: rip i forgot to say the audio is mine]

yallz this is what
wet dreams are made out of js

#qotd: how old would you be if you added ur own + phil/dans age altogether
cc: seraph.ic
dt: sofia, alisson & maggie <3 #clairvoyantgroup #cypherrec2 #sapphirerec #eclipticheartrct #nightmareRC

come collect your man
#qotd: are u a demon dangirl or philgirl
dt: molly xo
ac: panickedblurs.jpg
cc: seraph.ic #polarisrec #semigrp #nightbloodrct3

4/20 blaze it y'all 🙏🏼

#qotd: do you blaze it or praise it
dt: ronja & mary
pls don't take this seriously I literally made it last night and I was probably high af I swear imma post a better edit soon

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