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Aaron Solomon  Safe piercing & fine jewelry. @ Jaded Soul:503-408-6949, 14441 SE Division St., Portland & @ Living Art: 503-492-6420, 25 NW 1st St. Gresham.

This pair of Muse hoops went to a great forever home the other day! Also pictured healed daith by me with Vaughn ring from @anatometalinc . Thanks for being a wonderful client with amazing taste @tahneewesley !

Got an email from the governor and have mailed in my notarized oath. I'm proud to announce I will be representing the public and professional piercers in my state as the newest member of the Oregon Body Art Board.

Thank you to our clients for keeping us so busy these past few days. Like these two friends having a ton of fun getting a single and double nostril piercing with a gold and turquoise piece from @anatometalinc and two lavender opal pieces from @neometaljewelry . Let's keep the ball rolling and I'll do better about finding time to get pics and to post🙂 The schedule has changed a bit and I'm now at the Division shop today (Saturdays) so come see me for some awesome piercings and jewelry!

We finally have titanium eternity clickers back in stock! These little beauties go FAST, so get em while you can. Plus the new opal option! Great for the right size septum and helix. Also healed daith, rook, and tragus.

Pierced this happy little lady's ear lobes a while back with some 18k gold captive bead rings from @bvla forgot to post this great pic! We offer ear lobe piercings for kids 5 and up. For kids 5-11 we prefer appointments to allow us a little extra time with the younger ones. Contact us for info on paperwork required to get your minor children pierced.

All stocked up on stone plugs. All your favorites are in stock 8g - 7/16", but we have selections up to 2" for our large lobe friends and even a few teardrop pairs and hanging designs.

Fresh septum by @juanfigone on one of our tattoo artist buddies here at the shops @ian.mcvay with a Vaughn ring from @anatometalinc . He's still offering piercings for $25 OFF to finish out his apprenticeship here at the Gresham shop Monday and Fridays, and at the Division St shop Thursdays.

Fresh #daith piercing with combo jewelry from #sm316 and @anatometalinc . Excuse the indoor lighting. @juanfigone and I will be out here at the Gresham shop 12-9pm for all your piercing and jewelry needs.

Come get pierced by @juanfigone today! $25 off! He's dying to do a piercing with this Queen end from @anatometalinc ! 18k gold with mystic topaz, works for many different piercings including but not limited to: lower and upper lip, nostril, and many ear piercings including lobe, helix, tragus, forward helix, conch, and rook .

Fun "floating" navel I did the other day with a combo of jewelry from @leroifinejewelry and @intrinsicbody . This style piercing is best for healing certain shaped navels that don't have room for more traditional jewelry so when the person sits it avoids pressure being put on the piercing. Now is prime time to get pierced so you can show it off at the beach, river, and pool this summer. @juanfigone and I are at the Division St shop today 12-8pm come see us.

Nothing says happy Valentine's Day like Rose, white, and yellow gold hearts from @leroifinejewelry and @anatometalinc . Plus so many more amazing pieces from fancy hanging stuff for ear lobes, and pieces for any other piercing you or your sweetheart may have. Don't have a Valentine? No problem treat yourself!

Come get pierced by @juanfigone . Help him finish out his apprenticeship and get $25 OFF regular price!!! His schedule is Mon. 12-8pm here at Living Art, Thurs. 12-8pm at Jaded Soul, and Fri. 12-9pm at Living Art. All piercings observed by me personally. He's so close now, help him out and get an amazing discount!