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Audrey Hee 許椀媗  Is it obvious I don’t relish being concrete? 💫🐇🍐⚡️

I am the burning fire, the turning disk, the wild water, and I cannot find words for an answer.
— Virginia Adair // Burning Ash 🦋🦋🦋
Tasmanian wilderness.

Look into a person’s eyes
And be present for their soul
This is more healing
Than you could ever know
I honor the place in you
Where the entire universe resides
This conscious connection
Is why we are alive.
@alliemichellel // Explorations of a Cosmic Soul 🧚🏻‍♀️🌱
Fun day meeting fun peeps✨ I think I miss my friends ♥️♥️♥️ I’ve recently become more sociable than I used to be? 🤔 It might be the influence of the main Gemini in my life... bitch is always down for a party (unlike me the Taurus) 🌞

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.
— Roald Dahl 🌟🌸💫
@thepopuluscafe , one of @sherryyeoo and my new favorite hangouts.

If you asked me what Iove is
I would spend a lifetime trying to put it into words
The way it happens out of nowhere
And all your lines of protection become blurred
If you asked me what love is
I would say it is our deepest truth
The conscious connection beneath our identities
But I warn you love’s meaning has become misused
If you asked me what love is
I could only point you towards what it is not
Lost beneath projections and old fears
As kids we knew love but forgot
If you asked me what love is
I would say with each person I find my answer change
Its meaning evolves as we do
And has a magic that cannot be explained
If you asked me what love is
I would hold up to you a mirror
As you look into your own eyes
You would find it has always been right here...
@alliemichellel 🧚🏻‍♀️♥️✨
You all need to be following @alliemichellel if you aren’t already, and check out her reading of this exquisite self-penned poetry. This girl is the most beautiful human inside and out. She’s art 💯

We murmur
— Adrienne Rich // Two songs ✨🌗✨
Catching unsuspecting strangers mid-flight in the Apple store.

Imagine if there were a spiraling in your mind, and your life is the journey of walking down to the ground floor. Except every floor, there is a locked door in your way. And we all have the keys to each other’s doors, but not our own. So when we encounter the human beings in our life they can give us a key without even realizing it. But the trick is we have to be present enough to receive the message. We have to learn how to listen for the key. And when we don’t, when we focus on the story rather than the lesson, we stay on the same floor. Never deepening further into who we are. But if we go beyond our day to day experiences and remember that every single moment was chosen by us so we can find the next key, we won’t become trapped in stagnation. And eventually we’ll become so integrated in the wisdom of our own being that we’ll remember who we are. We’ll find the ground floor and reflect back going, “ah yes I see why that had to happen. That was my golden key.”
@alliemichellel 🔐🦋

To disappear.
Redisappear. — Franz Wright // The Beloved Illusory 🌜🌱
While wandering through a dusty old path up a hill in Taipei, we were greeted by one welcoming canine, followed by wilder ones with barks fiercer than their bites, and then we chanced upon this view, in the crisp, cold stillness of the day where our steps echoed in a place that showed no signs of living, yet had so much life.

I used to consider absence a lack. And I ignorantly regretted that lack. Today I have nothing to regret. There is no lack in absence. Absence is a presence in me. And I feel it, a perfect whiteness, so close and cozy in my arms that I laugh, dance, and invent glad exclamations, since absence, this embodied absence, can’t be taken away from me.
— Carlos Drummond de Andrade, tr. by Mark Strand // Absence
The only 2 times I’ve swum in the pools at my condo were when I was with @sherryyeoo so it’s safe to say she’s getting more out of the facilities here than I am.

Dusk was seeping into the room, the pink of sunset glowed in the wall mirrors,
— Albert Camus // The Plague
@sherryeoo and I being mesmerized by fancy ring lights, photo booth accessories and our reflections (nothing new here)

It was a fine night early in April. A myriad stars mingling with the light of the sickle moon, 🌟🐍🌜
— Virginia Woolf // Orlando; A Biography
Look carefully, and you will see that my vans are soaked through completely from the rain, and I was about to walk around all evening with wet feet.

I only like playing with words, only dreaming, but, do you know, what I really want is that you should all go to hell. That is what I want. 💀🥀
— Fyodor Dostoevsky // Notes from the Underground
🔝Mood on cheat days.

I’m saying I know all about you, whoever you are, it’s spring and it’s starting again, the longing that begins, and begins, and begins. .
— Kim Addonizio // Onset
What literally was running through my mind at the moment: Fuck we’re running so late, fuck the hot weather, fuck I cannot believe I’m bringing @sherryyeoo to meet my older relatives for the first time lowkey against my mom’s will, fuck I’m so stressed about this popiah party, fuck how do I make the timely excuse to leave early seem casual and breezy, fuck how do I pose like a human, fuck this OOTD will be a disaster etcetcetc

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