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We’re with you, @cathyskitchenprescription, bring on the spring so we can use all of colorful veggies! 🥦🌽🥕🥗 This buckwheat crepe filled with tender asparagus and radishes with a sweet monray sauce is first on our MUST MAKE list! 😛🙌

We vote for more vegan markets like @noochveganmarket around the US, please! 🌱🙌 When we travel, we like to support as many local vegan shops as possible. That’s why places like @noochveganmarket make it so easy and convenient to get all of the vegan goods at once! 👌 Here are some treats we picked up while in Denver, Colorado: @sugarbakeshopdenver pop tarts, @bestoneyetvegan ice cream + @sweetactionicecream ice cream, @louveganjerky, and @upstartkombucha! 🌱✌🏻 Let us know some of your favorite vegan markets you like to visit to stock up on the goods! 👐🏼

While some are celebrating #goodfriday with seafood, we’re kicking off our Friday with Quinoa Amaranth Cakes by @veganfusion that taste even better than crab! 🌱👌🙌 There are many #crabfree and delicious ways to honor #lentseason, for those that do. Just click on the link in our bio ☝🏻to get your subscription to and sign up for all of the recipes you need to do it all on plants! 🌱🌍

Who’s got the best vegan chocolates to treat yourself or your sweetie to this Valentine’s Day? 🧐🍫 💝
@sparkleandspirit shares her top favorite chocolate treats in her ‘Panelists Taste & Tell’ feature. Read more in the link in our bio and on @amazonkindle! 🍫💓

Let’s be honest, none of us stopped celebrating #nationalpizzaday on Friday 😏. We kept the party going throughout the weekend and are STILL indulging in our favorite type of pie 🍕🥧😛🙌. Though, with @chefchloe’s Roasted Apple, Butternut Squash, and Caramelized Onion Pizza here, we don’t feel any guilt for grabbing an extra slice. 🌱👌 want the recipe?! Head to @amazonkindle to get your subscription to read up and enjoy this beauty soon! 👏🏻🙌

We are inspired by @raw_manda’s vegan nacho pre-game for the big game tonight! 🏈
We know what we’re making! 😛🙌🏻
#Repost @raw_manda with @get_repost
Fully Loaded Vegan Nachos!!💥🎥 Are you Super Bowl (commercial) ready??🏈 Make sure you’re subscribed to her YouTube channel because this recipe is going up there today! Link in her bio (@raw_manda)💃🏻

Imagine you’re an archery coach. Your student shows up for her first lesson, and you tell her, “Don’t
worry about aiming at the bulls-eye, because you’ll probably miss. Just shoot the arrow wherever you
feel like.”
Not a great strategy for helping your student grow into an accomplished archer, is it?
Yet we often use this strategy on ourselves when we try to adopt a healthier way of eating. We call it,
“Progress, not perfection.” 🍩💪🏼👏🏻
PhD, @askhowie of ‘Plant Yourself Podcast’ breaks down how to adopt a healthy lifestyle
and dietary habits in alignment with your goals and values. 🌱🙌 Check out the rest of this article in our online issue on @amazonkindle. ✌🏻🌎

Anyone else see stars ✨ on hump day? 😍 We’ll take ours in this winter veggie savory pie, please!🥧😛 Make sure to look out for the recipe for this beauty by @cathyskitchenprescription in our March/April issue coming out on @amazonkindle soon! 🌱🌎👌

Robin Tierney shares her Veggie World Travels through her article, ‘Savoring South Beach
Thrills, Veg Style’ and this gorgeous tofu, quinoa, salad dish from Bernie’s L.A. Cafe. 🥗🙌 Get our latest issue in the link in our bio to read up on @sparkleandspirit and other veg traveler’s adventures! 🌱🌎 ........
All VegWorld Mag issues now available on @amazonkindle!

#tbt to when our staff and A TON of vegan rockstars had the biggest vegan party of the year at @seedfw. 🌱💪🏼👐🏼 We are constantly inspired by these world changers that are using their platform for positive change. ✌🏻👏🏻
Make sure to keep up with our coverage on these leaders + the many working hard through their projects to help the world go vegan. 🌍🍃 ———-
We’re now on @amazonkindle! Click our link in our bio to get your subscription now. 😘

ICYMI: we picked @elmhurst1925 as the best vegan milk at Expo East and now we’re falling in love all over again for their new Milked Peanuts with cocoa and Milked Oats! 🥛🌱 Read up on the link in our bio for the rest of @colormecourtney_’s ‘Best Of’ picks! 🥗🌎✌🏻

Who else is ready to take on the week healthy and happy? We like the way the #mondaymantra @alannahwilliams_ is taking, because we ALL deserve to be healthy and feel good. 🌱🙌🏻 #Repost @alannahwilliams_ with @get_repost
Positive mantras for a Monday ✨// if you haven't already checked out my blog on setting intentions visit www.alannahwilliams.com
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