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eat ur vegeTABles  veggie since ‘15 + i fookin love food // leeds uni 💫 in Brisbane for a year abroad!

garlicky veg fried rice with chop suey for lunch after 4 hours of canyoneering! It was so much fun (I jumped 12m off a waterfall!) and this food felt well earnt and was surprisingly really tasty

Free hostel breakfast was pancakes or eggs on toast so I just asked if I could have the banana and PB on toast and they gave me a half portion which was still plenty and was so nice!!

Been feeling really faint and tired like I have low blood sugar a lot recently? Which could be because most vegan options here are super carb heavy (pancit, pasta, bread) and I was feeling sorry for myself so I got a bean burger from Shaka (the sloppy Jose - I’ve had it 3 times now it’s fkn incredible) and a green juice with extra kale for some IRON !! And it made me feel a bit better even if it’s just in my head

This is the pad Thai with tamarind jackfruit from Shaka. It was pretty good but I hate how when you order jackfruit in a restaurant they often leave the seeds in which r kinda gross? Was tasty tho and v different

First porridge in the Philippines! Our hostel had a free continental breakfast that included oats, so I mixed them with cinnamon and boiling water, put a plate over it for a bit then added peanut butter, pineapple jam, coconut, raisins and banana!! How cute are the coconut bowls and spoons tho? 🥥

The free dinner at the hostel tonight was not veganisable so me and Hannah treated ourselves to this beaut tofu curry and now we are full of iron and protein and life and no one can stop us x

Had the most HORRIBLE experience x I ordered pancit bihon at a Filipino restaurant and asked if there was meat etc and was soooo hungry and sad and faint and then it turned up full of chicken and they said it was my fault x x x so me and Hannah ran away to the closest place that did pancit and we were very lucky to get these very big portions for only 100 peso!! So I didn’t die of hanger x

We hired a private boat to tour Coron Island and I wasn’t sure what the vegan food would be like so at breakfast I ordered a baguette with PB and then took the banana and jam left from my breakfast to make the most peng sandwich !!

me and the BOYF went on a boat trip to a private beach VERY last minute it was amaze and they made me a vegan lunch of rice, grilled eggplant in soy sauce and cucumber salad (I tried but I still HATE cucumber it is so nasty) !!!

Breakfast at @hophostelph! They had a vegan breakfast option which is ‘zucchini, tomato, onion, turmeric and tofu scramble’ which comes with a baguette, jam and a plate of fruit. Came a bit cold but was still really nice and had it again the next day - yay for finding some vegan protein !!!

Liked the mac and cheese from @tasteelnido that I got it for breakfast before our ferry to Coron... sometimes you just need something savoury idk??

Went to Sunmai in Nacpan beach for dinner and had the vegetable pasta (without cheese) and it was really delicious!!

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