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eat ur vegeTABles  i fookin love food // leeds uni πŸ’« in Brisbane for a year abroad!

come home from uni to a barbecue in the garden 😌 veg, bread, quinoa, hummus etc, love ma housemates πŸ’•

salad for lunch on campus! cous cous, homemade falafel, roasted peppers, chickpeas and hummus 😍

these strawbs from the market were soooo good on my oats this morning ✨

vegan brownies and strawberries covered in vegan chocolate 😍

had the most PENG pad Thai at eat street last night!! There was so much good food I’ll have to go back again but I was v happy with my choice because this was soooo good (just got the tofu and veg one and asked for no egg) ✨

homemade banana bread topped with peanut butter, strawbs and maple syrup for breakfast! πŸŒπŸ“βœ¨

made a big bean and quinoa chili and some potato chippies (using up things I have) to have with hummus for dinner and it def hit the spot, then I went to the gym for a shortish workout because I was knackered ✨

My sense of time was SO off today and I realised in aldi that I needed to leave for uni in like 5 minutes and was no way near ready so no time for food !!! So I paced it to uni and managed to get there with time to spare to grab some sushi!! I had 2 avocado rolls and one seaweed salad roll ✨

overnight oats again for breakie! I may be slightly hungover but the health gains will continue (I may have eaten a lot of crap after my night out but I swapped goon for rum and soda water so that cancels out right??) I actually made these about an hour before I ate them and just microwaved them for a minute and they came out fine ✨

me and Hannah made this buttnernut squash Mac and cheese (advertised to be unmistakeable for cheese... bollocks). Our blender broke and it was stressful but it turned out fairly good and I had it with red lentil pasta, crispy kale and steamed broccoli ✨

Lunch was super yum, avo on toast (with loads of lemon) topped with chickpeas and with some sweet potato wedges and followed by a golden kiwi! The avos here are soooo good and I got loads of nice big ones from the market on Saturday to eat up. An hour or so after this I had 2 carrots and some hummus!! ✨

Overnight oats for breakfast! Me and Hannah are attempting intermittent fasting for a bit (16:8 so eating between 10am and 6pm) however I had cup of green tea on an empty stomach this morning pre gym and it made me so nauseous I had to have some toast πŸ™ƒ had a really good workout in the gym then came home to these oats (also really trying to up my water drinking so had a litre of water by this point which is a LOT for me) ✨

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