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There are treats and there are treats! There are those that give us that little shot of sugar and get the happy vibes going and there are those that taste amazing but leave us feeling far from amazing afterwards.
I recently cooked up a batch of Vegan Black Forrest Cupcakes for James' birthday but these would also make a perfect Valentine's Day treat for your loved one.

Never take a classic for granted #porridge

Rows of Swiss chard seedlings, cucumbers and a strawberry plant all neatly tucked in next to rows of purple carrots, radishes, marigolds and nasturtiums in my raised garden bed.

Planting out the raised garden bed with seedlings and rows of seeds this afternoon.

With New Years Resolutions slipping from front of mind I think it is now a wonderful opportunity to provide some plant-based diet inspiration. You can read all the books, listen to all the pod casts and watch all the nutrition docos around but the truth is the best motivation comes from regular people, in your own community, achieving outstanding results. Emma @creativecontentconsultant is a Sydney based fitness enthusiast and freelance producer… living a life of travel, fast deadlines and always with a lot of balls in the air with her day job. In her own life the last year or so has seen her make a full transition to a plant-based lifestyle… and she could not be happier with the results. 👀 link in profile.

Steamed veg with #vegan pea and basil pesto for Mack's dinner and roast veg salad with pesto for us.

Guess which blog just made it onto the Herron Top 10 Food & Lifestyle Bloggers to follow in 2017 list? Veggies & Me of course 😜

There is just something about great natural food photography… right! If you are a health or wellness brand you have to understand the importance of high quality brand photography. In my opinion it has the potential the make or break your business. If you haven’t checked it out already… make sure you head over to the blog to meet this week’s V&M interviewee, Briena Sash from @WellnessStockShop 👀 link in profile.

Some Monday motivation! Who know the answer to this simple question?

Love almond meal and ground flax seeds on my morning fruit. Great for getting in your good fats and omega 3s.

Making your own Peanut Butter is a great weekend DIY project. For those of you interested in making your own 100% pure peanut butter… I have made a little time lapse video that shows you just how easy it is to turn roasted peanuts into smooth peanut butter in 5-6 minutes.

A rare adult only night out with my love over delicious veggie food 😘