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Serena Boleto | Philadelphia  Kittens are my happy place

If you’re new around here, you might not remember Blackberry, but he was a very special kitten with a spectacular meow. We battled constant illness for nearly two months until he was eventually diagnosed with FIP. Blackberry’s favorite things were sunshine and snuggles and we spent many afternoons sitting outside enjoying both. Sweet Blackberry would have just celebrated his 3rd birthday and the greatest gift is that his memory lives on with so many of you!

The #FreeBirdKittens had so much fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo last year!

I am still waiting on new kittens, but I have plenty of pictures to share in the meantime. Do you have any favorite kittens or litters that you’d like to see more of? (This is Elliot, Ezra, and Eden who will be celebrating their 3rd birthday this year)

I got to spend some time with Fiona from the #ShamelessKittens the other day. She is doing great and her adopters are obsessed with her. If you recall, Fiona is not pet friendly. However, she is one of the most laid back, social, and loving cats I have ever met. (A group of children all vying to pet her didn’t phase her one bit)
So this is my plea for anyone who plans to only have one pet: PLEASE look for a cat or dog who needs these special circumstances. There are so many wonderful animals who simply can not live with other animals for one reason or another, but would make a perfect family companion.

The first time vs the last time #SundaeKittens

Brownie was the last of the #SundaeKittens to go home. She was adopted by @emm.barni and her new name is Lemon. I am so happy that the kittens and mama Butterscotch have all found wonderful homes!

Sprinkles and Caramel’s new family are huge Harry Potter fans⚡️Naturally, they are now named Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. I even caught Ron practicing some of his sorcery, probably to impress his new feline brother, Frodo.
Happy life, my sweets!

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail 🐰 (I just got back from vacation and will post Caramel, Sprinkles, and Brownie’s adoption news soon!)

Waffles, the whiskerless wonder, was adopted by @noraemurph yesterday. His new name is Simon and he’ll have two cats and a dog to play with. Happy life sweet little man!

Toffee was the first of the #SundaeKittens to go home. She was adopted by a very sweet couple and will have a feline brother named Marco who also has a bobtail. Stay tuned for more adoption news!

Happy 103rd birthday to Beverly Cleary! She was one of my favorite authors growing up and the inspiration for the #QuimbyKittens.
You can check out Ramona at @rvtechs and mom Dorothy at @catdotkane. Beezus is not on instagram, but I get periodic updates and she’s doing great.

The kittens had their #spayandneuter surgery today and everyone is recovering well. A huge shoutout to the amazing surgery staff at @providence_ac for always taking such great care of my babies. Here’s a throwback to one of our many cuddle sessions 😊

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