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VegFest Calgary  Calgary's vegan food and lifestyle festival | Animal liberation + human liberation + earth liberation | Holiday market coming up next!

Were you at VegFest this year? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out our attendee survey (link in profile) and help us make next year even better!

When we look at haunting images like this, it's clear that the human obsession with plastics and disposable, single-use items is wreaking havoc on other species. But what we DON'T often see is another major contributor ocean pollution- the consumption of sea animals. At least 46% of aquatic pollution comes from plastic in FISHING NETS. Along with other fishing materials, nets continue entangling and killing aquatic animals, even after they've served their intended purpose. Let's put an end to this horrendous destruction of our diverse and beautiful oceans- go vegan. 📷: Roger Millan Casas
For more on the effects of fishing and the impact of animal consumption on the worlds water supply, check out @truthordrought

One thing we can't say enough is how grateful we are to our supportive and positive veg community! Without volunteers like you, VegFest would not happen. Thank you to everyone who showed up in the pouring rain to help us show Calgary that vegans know how to festival it up! In particular we want to acknowledge a few special people who went above and beyond their duties: @cindy.ansah , @kchase_ , Kristoffer Benet, Sarah, @thekingrollo and Ray! We ❤️you!

Check out these melons! 🍉 Who else loves the humble watermelon? It might just be the world’s most hydrating snack! And you can even blend the sweet juicy innards to make the most heavenly of nectars- watermelon JUICE.

If it wasn't enough that the president of the USA is a known sexual predator, that he believes it is acceptable for children to be separated from their families, and that he is the architect of policies that keep black, brown, and indigenous bodies subjugated (or killed) without consequence, he's also really really terrible for animals. In March 2018, the Trump administration lifted a ban on importing body parts of elephants shot by trophy hunters. Horrifically, the lives of majestic and gentle elephants, who are already endangered, will now be even more precarious as trophy hunters (including members of the Trump family) are handed protections under the guise of "conservation." We must fight this. And on a more positive note, THANK YOU people of Britain for showing up to protest Trump! Jolly good show mates! 😉

Imagine a world where every future generation inherits an earth more beautiful than the one before; where the oceans are clean, the air is pure, and the forests are lush.

We are natural storytellers-our lives are narratives that give us mirrors ( of who we are ) and windows ( to what we can become ). What could be more perfect on a summer day than a book to share with some very special animals? @thealicesanctuary is hosting reading days every Wednesday, from 11-2! No need to book a spot, just come meet at the picnic tables. Details below!
This year TAS will have featured residents for their reading program! The upcoming reading dates are:
Wednesday, July 18th(Yoda, Buck, Reggie, & Sam)
Wednesday, July 25th(Elma & Odis)
Wednesday, August 1st(Pearl)
Wednesday, August 8th(Beanu& Bindi)
Wednesday, August 15th(Peanut)
Wednesday, August 22nd(Ellis)
Wednesday, August 29th(Lilly & Zelda)

*Ice cream contains dairy, other food and drink is all vegan! They are aiming for an all-vegan event next year, so please let them know that you appreciate the vegan options! Event is free but donations welcome.
Who: Organized by Iskcon Calgary
When: Saturday, July 21, 11-5
Where: Shaw Millennium Park
What: Festival of Chariots
More on the festival:
The Festival of Chariots is a Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion) festival held annually in Calgary that commemorates with the pulling of a large, beautifully decorated chariot with the deities of the divine form of Krishna. The chariot is decorated with colorful cloths, flowers, and fruits. The chariot procession will consist of attendees wearing colorful fabrics, chanting mantras with musical instruments (Kirtan), dancing, and everyone is encouraged to pull the chariot using the two long ropes. The procession ends at Shaw Millennium Park where there will a free vegan feast served to all with entertainment such as theatrical performances, musical showcases, and traditional dance. For the past 50 years, this diverse and colorful festival has been celebrated across all major cities around the world including New York, London, Durban, San Francisco, and many more.

"GREEN" eggs and ham? If you think buying local is more sustainable, Vasile Stanescue's essay "Green eggs and ham? The myth of sustainable meat and the danger of the local" might give you some food for thought. To quote him: "many locavores argue that a local based diet is more environmentally sustainable than a vegan or vegetarian diet and concludes that if vegans and vegetarians truly care about the environment they should instead eat sustainably raised local meat. However locavores are incorrect in their analysis of the sustainability of a local based diet and in its applicability for large scale adaptation. Instead, locators engage in the construction of a "literary pastoral," a desire to return to a nonexistent past, which falsely romanticizes the ideals of a local based lifestyle. They therefore gloss over the issues of sexism, racism, speciesism, homophobia, and anti-immigration sentiments which an emphasis only on the local, as opposed to the global, can entail." Wow! If you're thirsty for more, inbox us with your email and we'll send the full article (also available by googling).

Reducing waste and cutting back on our environmental footprint is just as important as veganism! Although many zero waste images feature uniform jars that look exactly the same, the reality is that if you're saving jars from pasta sauce, jams, peanut butter, pickles, etc you will probably have variation in the size and shape of your jars. To help them look more cohesive, first take the labels off by soaking in hot soapy water overnight. Scrub with a brush to get the labels off, then use any oil to take the goo off. You can also paint the lids all the same colour if you want to. Then just fill your clean and dry jars and you're all set! For more info on journeying to zero waste, check out local zero-waster @_tidyguy !

No speciesism & no homophobia & no transphobia & no racism & no ableism & no sexism & no classism & no ageism…and,and, and until everyone is free. Our activism is inclusive or it is meaningless. We want to build bridges with other marginalized communities towards a utopian goal of complete liberation. Join hands, punch up, and collapse oppressive systems.

The second annual pancake breakfast by @calgaryvegan was a great success! They estimated over 1500 people came! While we're on the topic of Stampede season, VegFest's official position on the Stampede hasn't changed since last year: Keep the fun, keep the festivities, but get rid of the cruelty (rodeo and chucks). Yes, the tradition of stampede will always historically be tied to oppression (of both humans, through colonization, and nonhumans), but we are hopeful that traditions can evolve and become positive rather then remain frozen in time. Stay say safe out there folks!

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