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VegFest Calgary  Calgary's vegan food and lifestyle festival | Animal liberation + human liberation + earth liberation | Holiday market coming November 24!

Interaction with Transparent Boundaries (ITB) is a behaviour induced by stress in captive reptiles. While some animals like dogs and cats have traits that allow them to thrive in environments shared with humans, reptiles are physically and psychologically hard-wired to their natural habitats. In captivity, reptiles are restricted to tiny vivariums with virtually no cognitive or physical stimulation. Animals in the wild are adapted to cope with the stressors in nature, but in captivity reptiles like the one on this image will obsessively scratch the glass of their enclosures in an attempt to crawl up or dig around an invisible barrier. The common myths that reptiles “feel safe” in small habitats and are “sedentary” are scientifically inaccurate and only serve the interests of those who profit from the pet or zoo industries.

The white Bengal tiger is extremely beautiful but is also becoming increasingly more rare in the wild due to overhunting and capturing for the pet, circus, and zoo industries. The growth of human settlements and land use for livestock is also encroaching on the natural habitats of tigers. It's not enough to just be concerned about endangered species like these; the number one leading cause of species extinction is animal agriculture. Go vegan. And boycott industries that rely on animal captivity like circuses and zoos.

Mmm we love this beautiful and nourishing green bowl by @elsas_wholesomelife !

"Nature, when given the chance, has incredible resiliency and an amazing ability to regenerate. Another strength of nature is the power to reclaim. Forlorn images of abandoned places show the feats of humans taken back by the natural world [...] we are reminded of nature's strength and also of our place on this planet that provides for us. We must respect the magic of nature and live in the most sustainable way for the planet so it can continue to nurture us as it always has done." -Amy Mecclelland

Our environment- the forests, the air, and the oceans are the lungs of the planet. The earth is a closed system, and we must confront the problems that humans are inflicting upon it. Right now, environmental activists, especially Indigenous land and water defenders, are being killed in record numbers around the world. Globally, around four activists a week lose their lives by trying to protect their community's land or natural resources- and terrifyingly this number is INCREASING. The incentive to destroy the environment is driven by a relentless pursuit of profits; as Billy Kyte (Global Witness) states, these attacks "are symptomatic of a systematic assault on remote and indigenous communities by state and corporate actors." Corporations and governments are working together to kill people (with no consequences)- this is what capitalism does. Oppressed groups need to unite to resist this.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! @thealicesanctuary 's annual music event will happen very soon, August 18 from 5:30- 9:30 pm to fundraise for medical costs and winter hay needs for the residents. Tickets are $35 per person, and kids under 12 can attend for free! To purchase tickets, check out the eventbrite link on @thealicesanctuary 's profile.
Music for the evening by @lisettexavier , Summer Fallow, and @clintbakermusic

And a huge thank-you to the sponsors for the evening: @bakedfromtheheartcalgary , @thegrinninggoatyyc , @rossocoffeeroasters , and @villagebrewery

Hear ye, hear ye! Our third annual holiday market is in the works, and we're finally ready to share the date. Mark your calendars for November 24, because we're going to have a magical, curated local event to help with all your vegan shopping needs.
Please note that this year we are CHANGING our vendor process. We will be accepting vendor applications during an application "window" between August 24th-October 5th. Once all applications are collected, we will hand select the vendors that best reflect our vision for the market as well as our organization's values. Vegan vendors will be prioritized.
We will need lots of help from the community to help this event run smoothly! We aren't quite ready with volunteer roles just yet, but we'll keep you updated.

The cutest pup with a bountiful harvest! Check out @veggie_dog_abby for more adorable adventures ❤️

A dirty little fact about humans: we are literally drowning our oceans with trash. Plastics like single use bags and water bottles will not biodegrade; instead they stick around in the environment and either entangle fish and birds or get eaten by marine life. Want to know how you can do better? Check out our friends at @banthebagyyc and @wastefreeyyc !

Who wants to hang out with this magical white fawn? 😍

We are super excited about @thelittleveganmarketyyc 's Little Vegan Fall Market! Please give them a follow to stay up to date on this super cool all-vegan market. This upcoming fall one will take place on November 3, 10am- 3pm at the Marda Loop Community Association. For more information, please email Hope to see you there!

When life gives you limes, make margaritas!

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