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Vegan Shop-Up  nyc's first all vegan pop-up market est. 2011 // Next VSU! 10/13 @pineboxrockshop!

NEW CHOCOLATE at VSU! Visit @jongoodchocolates today and try some perfectly painted and delicious chocolates! Hazelnut Truffles, Dark Chocolate Fig Orange, Raspberry, and Espresso Bon Bons, plus Falcons and Starfighters. Gift one, eat one!

NEW Spanish Paella by @pabloskitchennyc! Made from scratch on site with veg, fava beans, spices and love. Do not miss. Here at @pineboxrockshop till 5 or sold out!

NEW THINGS at VSU! We're open at @pineboxrockshop till 5:00 today with lots of new things including Spinach Artichoke Dip Grilled Cheese by @cheartisan + Spicy Vanilla Kiwi Jam by @tradestjamco + House Made Challah w/ Spicy Tomato Jam by @piscesrisingvegan + Apple Pie Cheesecake by @howdelishhd + Activated Charcoal & Oatmeal Scrubs by @brooklynkat_!

VSU IS NOW! And we're goin' bananas for this NEW Plantain Ice Cream by @kelewelenyc! Get scoops in Dark Chocolate and Plain Plantain, all soy-free and nut-free and gluten-free! Open till 5:00 at @pineboxrockshop! GETCHA SOME.

HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO. It's Shop-Up day! Visit the @sweetmaresas table and grab one of everything INCL Peanut Butter Magic Shell Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches, Mini Princess Rose Cakes, and Blueberry Tarts! Come hang, snack/shop/drink cruelty-free, and soak up some warm temps while you still can! It's the BACK TO COOL! VEGAN SHOP-UP! TODAY // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Bar opens at 11 with vegan Bloody Mary's n more.
AND WE'RE GIVING AWAY 50 PAIRS OF TIX TO @vegandalefestival NYC! Be of one the first 50 people thru the doors at VSU today!
VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @culiraw @theeggrollqueen @mapleandoat @piscesrisingvegan @insatiablevegan @eatchic @thatmacandcheese @brooklynkat_ @peacefulprovisions @jongoodchocolates @_cannolicafe @howdelishhd @kelewelenyc @pabloskitchennyc @tradestjamco @really.clean @cheartisan. O HAPPY DAY.

NUTTIN' TO WORRY ABOUT. Especially with VSU mere hours away! Yes TOMORROW get your paws on these specialty chocolate nut butter cups by @eatchic! Try brand new flavors Cookies n Cream Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Blueberry Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Cups, made w/ exclusive vegan white chocolate by @raakachocolate! All the classics too. It's the BACK TO COOL! VEGAN SHOP-UP! tomorrow, Sat. 9/15 // 12-5pm // at vegan bar @pineboxrockshop (21+)! PLUS A GIVEAWAY TO THE FIRST 50 GUESTS! Yep, the first 50 peeps thru the doors will get a FREE pair of tix to @vegandalefestival 9/29 + 30 in NYC!
So many good things on deck.. Peach Basil Cake + Tomato Hand Pies + Strawberry Cannoli + Jam Filled Doughnuts + Spinach Artichoke Grilled Cheese Sandwiches + Paella + Mushroom Mac n Cheese + Crabless Cakes + Plantain Ice Cream + Raw Matcha Chocolate Cake + Banana Pudding + Quesadillas + Egg Rolls + Jams + Soaps + Body Scrubs + Truffles + MORE. The bar (and sidewalk patio) opens at 11!
VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @culiraw @theeggrollqueen @mapleandoat @piscesrisingvegan @insatiablevegan @eatchic @thatmacandcheese @brooklynkat_ @peacefulprovisions @jongoodchocolates @_cannolicafe @howdelishhd @kelewelenyc @pabloskitchennyc @tradestjamco @really.clean @cheartisan. COME THRU.

SUNDAE FUNDAY. This perfect lil Peach Cobbler Sundae is from @piscesrisingvegan at last month's VSU! So get ready for their September specials THIS SATURDAY including Peach Basil Cake, Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sundaes, Figgy Walnut Cake, Toasted homemade Challah w/ Tomato Jam, and classic Crags (rolls stuffed w/ scalloped potatoes, caramelized onions, cheese n bacon!). Yours for the grabbing at the BACK TO COOL! VEGAN SHOP-UP! Saturday 9/15 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! All kinds of vegan goods and drinks and fun to be had. PLUS stay tuned for details on our @vegandalefestival giveaway only at VSU!
VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @culiraw @theeggrollqueen @mapleandoat @piscesrisingvegan @insatiablevegan @eatchic @thatmacandcheese @brooklynkat_ @peacefulprovisions @jongoodchocolates @_cannolicafe @howdelishhd @kelewelenyc @pabloskitchennyc @tradestjamco @really.clean @cheartisan. GET YOURS.

HOLY... you guessed it...CANNOLI. Get your tummies ready for Strawberry, Choc Chip, or Cookies n Cream #vegancannoli straight from @_cannolicafe in South Philly! Grab some of your own along with tons of other eats only found at VSU, this Saturday 9/15 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop! It's the BACK TO COOL! VEGAN SHOP-UP! The bar opens at 11 for vegan Bloody Mary's on the sidewalk patio. Doughnuts + Paella + Mac n Cheese + Ice Cream Sundaes + Challah + Chocolates + Cakes + Raw Truffles + Jam + Crabless Cakes + Macarons + Empanadas + moremoremore.

VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @culiraw @theeggrollqueen @mapleandoat @piscesrisingvegan @insatiablevegan @eatchic @thatmacandcheese @brooklynkat_ @peacefulprovisions @jongoodchocolates @_cannolicafe @howdelishhd @kelewelenyc @pabloskitchennyc @tradestjamco. MEET YOUR TREAT.

SPRINKLED WITH FUN. Catch the return of #vegandonut masters @peacefulprovisions at this Saturday's BACK TO COOL! VEGAN SHOP-UP! Line up for the doughy goods on Saturday 9/15 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! A plethora of all vegan everything awaits.
VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @culiraw @theeggrollqueen @mapleandoat @piscesrisingvegan @insatiablevegan @eatchic @thatmacandcheese @brooklynkat_ @peacefulprovisions @jongoodchocolates @_cannolicafe @howdelishhd @kelewelenyc @spread.mmms @pabloskitchennyc @tradestjamco. SWEET DREAMS.

EAT YOUR VEGGIES. We're one week away from the BACK TO COOL! VEGAN SHOP-UP! Be sure to join us next Saturday 9/15 // 12-5pm // at vegan bar @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Fancy cruelty free Bloody Mary's (virgins too) and seasonal cocktails to pair with every snack you score. Bar opens at 11 to snag a seat and morning drink while you plan your meals and shopping list. LOTS of fun new things.
VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @culiraw @theeggrollqueen @mapleandoat @piscesrisingvegan @insatiablevegan @eatchic @thatmacandcheese @brooklynkat_ @peacefulprovisions @jongoodchocolates @_cannolicafe @howdelishhd @kelewelenyc @spread.mmms @pabloskitchennyc @tradestjamco. COMING SOON.

PENCILS UP. Save the date for the BACK TO COOL! VEGAN SHOP-UP! on Saturday 9/15 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! A sea of one-of-a-kind local vegan eats plus cruelty free cocktails all in one chill spot. Bar opens at 11 just for VSU. SEE U THERE.

VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @culiraw @theeggrollqueen @mapleandoat @piscesrisingvegan @insatiablevegan @eatchic @thatmacandcheese @brooklynkat_ @peacefulprovisions @jongoodchocolates @_cannolicafe @howdelishhd @kelewelenyc @spread.mmms @screamerspizzeria @pabloskitchennyc @tradestjamco. GET READY.

Still hungry? VSU at @pineboxrockshop till 5! Plantain Burger by @greenmonkeykitchen + Peach Cobbler Sundae by @piscesrisingvegan + Brazilian Bowl by @marianatamiozzy + NEW FREE VSU Magnets + Cruelty Free Jewelry by @catpawgems!

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