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Vegan Shop-Up  nyc's first all vegan pop-up market est. 2011 // Next VSU! 1/20 @pineboxrockshop!


GIFTS FOR GIVING. Today at VSU find tons of gift ideas like Handmade Ceramic Mugs by @tellefsenatelier + New GF Banana Bread by @dank_brooklyn + Mini Jam Gift Set by @stagg_jam_marmalade + NYC Vegan Pins by @theveganznyc! Open at @pineboxrockshop till 5.

WHY ASK WHY. FRENCH FRY PIE. Yeah it's vegan, yeah it's here today at VSU with @screamerspizzeria. Open till 5 at @pineboxrockshop!

OPEN OPEN OPEN. Visit NEW VENDOR @brave_gentleman and score cruelty free Tees/Wallets/Accessories for the perfect gift. VSU IS NOW till 5 at @pineboxrockshop! Swing thru for a fun n festive vegan taste of the holidays.

GIVE A TART-WARMING GESTURE. It's a very merry market day! See @sweetmaresas TODAY at VSU and score tons of edible gifts and soiree sweets like this Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart with Choc Cookie Crust! Plus mad Rainbow Cookies, Assorted Cookie Gift Tins, 25 Piece Macaron Boxes, Choc Dipped Pignoli Cookies, n more. All TODAY, 12-5pm at vegan bar @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Plus Bloody Mary's + Pizza + Tacos + Seitan Sandwiches + Mac n Cheese + Pecan Pie + GF Banana Bread + Coffee Donuts + Ceramics + Skincare + MORE. ( 📷: @sweetmaresas )

VENDORS: @monksmeats @freakinvegans @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @gonepie @dank_brooklyn @thefancifulfox @brave_gentleman @christines_garden @stagg_jam_marmalade @theveganznyc @vegicano @peacefulprovisions @orchardgrocer @tellefsenatelier @thatmacandcheese.

CELEBRATE HANUKKAH LATKE SNOWBODY'S BUSINESS. Score these Gluten-Free Vegan Golden Potato Latkes w/ Sour Cream & Housemade Applesauce from @orchardgrocer TOMRW at VSU! Oh yes, get down with the giving season tomorrow, Saturday 12/16 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+) at the SO FESTIVE! VEGAN HOLIDAY SHOP-UP! Grab one of a kind cruelty free gifts, stocking stuffers, party foods, hearty eats, seasonal sweets, and cozy cocktails! Bar opens at 11 to slip in, stay warm, and grab a seat. Soyrizo Tacos + Seitan Beer Stew + Mushroom Mac n Cheese + Savory Waffle Bowls + Cinnamon Doughnuts + Rainbow Cookies + Chocolate Gelt + GF Banana Bread + Ceramics + Skincare + Vegan Tees + moremoremore. (📷: @orchardgrocer)

VENDORS: @monksmeats @freakinvegans @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @gonepie @dank_brooklyn @thefancifulfox @brave_gentleman @christines_garden @stagg_jam_marmalade @theveganznyc @vegicano @peacefulprovisions @orchardgrocer @tellefsenatelier @thatmacandcheese. YOU SNOW IT.

NUTS FOR THE HOLIDAZE? (Or the holidaze making you nuts? 😐) Either way, VSU is here with a fun-ish day of cruelty free gift shopping and mad gnoshing. Need a Gluten Free Cashew Caramel Almond Brownie (or 3) to get through the next few weeks? See @gonepie for allll your guilt-free treats TOMORROW at the SO FESTIVE! VEGAN HOLIDAY SHOP-UP! Yes, tomrw, Saturday 12/16 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Bar opens at 11 for your breakfast Bloody Mary's. Plus a vast sea of Tacos + Seitan Stew + French Fry Pizza + Latkes + Banana Bread + Pecan Pie + Pistachio White Chocolate Cake + Jam + Candles + Jewelry + Ceramics + wayyy more.

VENDORS: @monksmeats @freakinvegans @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @gonepie @dank_brooklyn @thefancifulfox @brave_gentleman @christines_garden @rockawaygypsea @stagg_jam_marmalade @theveganznyc @vegicano @peacefulprovisions @orchardgrocer @tellefsenatelier. TIS THE VEGAN.

O HOLY DELIGHT. Catch your fave #vegandoughnuts this Saturday at the SO FESTIVE! VEGAN HOLIDAY SHOP-UP! Yep, get the bomb doughy goods from @peacefulprovisions, like Cinnamon, Apple Pie, Peppermint, and more! We'll be there for all your gift shopping, holiday party planning, stocking stuffer, and sorrow drowning needs. Saturday 12/16 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! VENDORS: @monksmeats @freakinvegans @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @gonepie @dank_brooklyn @thefancifulfox @brave_gentleman @christines_garden @rockawaygypsea @stagg_jam_marmalade @eatchic @theveganznyc @vegicano @peacefulprovisions @orchardgrocer. WE GOTCHU.

PINE BOX SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS. Join us this Saturday for the SO FESTIVE! VEGAN HOLIDAY SHOP-UP! The bar opens at 11 to sip on some cozy cruelty free craft cocktails featuring Scotch! For those rosy rosy cheeks. Get down with some good eats, holiday gift hunting, party food planing, and good ol' fashioned fun. Saturday 12/16 // 12-5pm // at vegan bar @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Skincare + Jewelry + Pizza + Latkes + Raw Nachos + Buffalo Mac n Cheese + Marmalade + T-shirts + Cashew Butter Cups + Pumpkin Pudding Doughnuts + Pear Tarts + GF Brownies + way more.

VENDORS: @monksmeats @rockinraw @freakinvegans @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @gonepie @dank_brooklyn @thefancifulfox @brave_gentleman @christines_garden @rockawaygypsea @stagg_jam_marmalade @eatchic @theveganznyc @vegicano @peacefulprovisions @orchardgrocer. CHEERS.

LET'S GET READY TO RAINBOWWWW. Vegan Rainbow Cookies by the masterful @sweetmaresas! Comin' at ya this Saturday at the SO FESTIVE! VEGAN HOLIDAY SHOP-UP! Colorful Marzipan Meringue Cake layered with Raspberry Peach Jam, covered in Fair Trade Dark Chocolate. NBD. Score individual Rainbow Cookies (pic) or the boxed mondo Slab, perfect for parties. Plan to join us for gift shopping, cocktail sipping, and fancy feasting, this Saturday 12/16 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop(21+)! The bar opens at 11 for early bird drinks and barstool reserves.
VENDORS: @monksmeats @rockinraw @freakinvegans @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @gonepie @dank_brooklyn @thefancifulfox @brave_gentleman @christines_garden @rockawaygypsea @stagg_jam_marmalade @eatchic @theveganznyc @vegicano @peacefulprovisions @orchardgrocer. GET JOLLY.

TACO 'BOUT YUM. You ready for another VSU this month?? Yea that's two in one. Visit @vegicano at the SO FESTIVE! VEGAN HOLIDAY SHOP-UP! on Saturday 12/16 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Find festive eats, party foods, cruelty free gifts, and cozy cocktails, what's not to love?
VENDORS: @gonepie @peacefulprovisions @rockinraw @monksmeats @thefancifulfox @freakinvegans @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @stagg_jam_marmalade @brave_gentleman @rockawaygypsea @christines_garden @dank_brooklyn @pleasantpetites @eatchic @vegicano @orchardgrocer. HO HO HOPE TO SEE U THERE.

GOODY GOODY YUMDROPS. Come thru the Vegan Holiday Shop-Up today at @pineboxrockshop till 5:00, and try the likes of... NEW Gluten Free Choc Chip Cookies by @moregoodlife + Walnut Apple Pie Brittle by @brittle_and_beyond + Sweet Potato Marshmallow Pecan Cookies by @sgcookiesco + Olive Rosemary Tapenade by @spread.mmms!

KICK INTO CHAI GEAR. Visit our old pal @chaimookie at VSU today and score the perfect holiday party beverage! Get a bottle of organic, fair trade, hand blended Chai Tea Concentrate, plus beanies and tote bags (hello stocking stuffers). Here at @pineboxrockshop till 5!

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