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Christina🍄NO ANIMAL USE  Just an ape tryna understand the nature of reality🐷pigs/mycology/psychopharmacology/raver/psychonaut/edibles/hashnerd/health/feminist/21 VEGAN4LIFE

Organic Ghanaian peanut stew 🐛 with sweet potatoes, tomatoes, gardine chickens, and lots collards. The last time I had this I was about 10 years old. It's always fun veganizing old childhood recipes #vegan #veganafricanfood #veganism #ghanaianveganfood #westafricanveganfood

Throwback to little pine, before I was living in the middle of nowhere, mountain lion/fire ant land, w no service or wifi/ no fridge and am like an hour away from a store. 🐛 crazy how life changes. Excited to not be here anymore. Sorry for being a bad friend, i can't reply or whatever until I drive to town and when I do I'm trying to get back as fast as possible bc I'm scared the pigs are gunna get eaten 😩

🐣 tfw life puts you in stressful/uncomfortable positions that are way bigger then body image issues so ya learn to accept yourself whatever way💕🖕

Terence, profesh bubble blower

Morning snugs with kenna. I'm dreading getting out of bed, once I do I have to pack up the last of my stuff and load the pigs in a uhaul. Life is so ever changing✨ #pigs #potbellypig #minipigs #minipigmyth #petpigs #bacon #ham #pork #meat #pets #animals #friendsnotfood #vegan #veganism #veganfortheanimals #compassion

Last night in this house 🍄😥

#tb to #edc weekend #notlow miss u 🌈🔥💃🏻looking back at vegas pictures makes me so happy😌 today's my last day living in Salinas. It's crazy how fast life changes.. I'm working on trying to accept the idea that nothing lasts, but nothing is lost. Iz hard tho.

Having to move my entire life to less then desirable conditions in under a week has really taken a tole on me. Knowing that if I don't get it done in time, the cops will come and possess the pigs is really effecting my mental health. Hiccups keep happening. I was going to move tomorrow morning but cant now until later this week. It's sucks getting suffocated by anxiety and depression when taking a break isn't an option. Sorry to everyone I havnt messaged back this past week, I havnt even had time for myself. The past year has been unbelievably hard, it's changed me so much. I just want peace

Found a tiny babe with their placenta still attached in my yard this morning. They're on oxygen and are getting warmed up at the vet right now. Send good vibes ❤️

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