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We’re alive, motherfuckers.

We didn’t initially mean to step away from social media for this long. And we apologize to anyone who was wondering where we were. When we started to get text messages asking if we’re alive, we realized we fucked up.

Between the book and what’s next we wanted to take a step away from social media. We literally haven’t been off since MySpace days. lol -
Thank you for sticking with us! We promise we’re not done! We’re up to somethin! PMA is our way of life. But being up to somethin sometimes brings challenges. So we decided to sort of take a step back in order to stay focused on the goal.
Soon you’ll be able to see what we’ve been up to. And we will come back to posting more regularly as we get closer.
Thank you to everyone who’s ordered our book, shared about it on social media, and left a 5-Star review on Amazon! If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, click the link in our bio.
We love all of you. Onward to vegan world domination!

America, we love the fuck out of you! Everyone’s going vegan.

@beyondmeat is summer.

As we’ve both dug back through our pasts
We’ve been thinking a lot about how much unconscious pain is going on inside of everyone. -
It’s become something that we’re feeling pulled toward and exploring this will likely be a part of our brand and lives from now on.

A reminder from the wise Bishop TD Jakes. -
One of the most powerful statements we’ve ever internalized

Vegans have a history of being self-righteous. And there is still some residual shit from that hanging around in some peoples minds. If the topic ever comes up in conversation, you need to be on your A-Game to make sure you don’t come across that way to the person you’re talking to.

We’ve had a lot of success highlighting that we ate meat for a majority of our lives. And pointing out that we also cared about animals while we did that. We just didn’t know what was going on, or how easy and normal it is. This shows that you’re relatable, which is also a MAJOR key when it comes to the art of persuasion.

This isn’t about pushing our message on others. It’s about allowing others to explore the issue on their own time and at their own pace. You’re more of a guide to help them when they’re ready. And if someone ever does assume you’re a “self-righteous” vegan, we’ve found it best to be understanding. There have been a lot of “self-righteous” vegans in the past. So in a way, it makes sense they would assume that about you. Challenge yourself to treat them better if so.

They’ll go vegan in time. Everyone’s going vegan.

P.S. swipe for part 2 of the video

This got a lot of engagement on @mattletten ‘s personal fb post.
It’s been weighing heavy on us for some time now. -
It was time to take the necessary actions for the animals and for the world

LOL Thanks @motherjonesmag !
To listen to the podcast google “tell us why you quit meat mother jones”

To order Vodka Is Vegan, click the link in the @veganbros bio

Confining a mother pig to a cage barely larger than her body for nearly her entire life is fucked up. Everybody agrees with us. There is no battle.
But this is a complex issue. Different people have different backgrounds. We were raised to believe vegetarians were going to hell. Some people began hunting with their dad when they were 6. And it was the first time their dad was proud of them. Some people have made fun of vegans for years and want to save face. Some people are conservative and have interacted with vegans in the past who have made them feel this is only a movement for liberals.
We need to accept people where they are on their vegan journey. We need to be understanding if they don’t go vegan all at once. And we need to look for the ways they are already vegan and encourage them for it. Do they have a pet? Have they ever intentionally or unintentionally eaten vegan? Do they like vodka?
The sooner you can inspire a person to start identifying with “vegan” before they’ve technically gone vegan, the sooner they will begin eating vegan. Then it will all compound as they begin effortlessly spreading it to others before they are even totally vegan themselves. And on and on and on.
At least that’s what happens with us. 😜 Everyone’s going vegan.

You become the people you surround yourself with. So surround yourself with people who do next level shit.
@floflo36 is the co-Founder of @cinnaholic and has been the head of marketing for companies like Heineken, Nike, What the Health?
And @ryanbethencourt is the CEO of new vegan dog food company, @wildearthpets and co-Founder of Indie Bio.
These are the motherfuckers we look up to! .
We live in a new age. Vegans are taking over the world .
One of our favorite parts about these dudes is they both break the stereotype that you need to have a massive social media following in order to have an impact. In fact, many of the people who are doing the most in the vegan movement have a small following. And some aren’t even on Instagram. Social media ain’t shit! LOL
Surround yourself with awesome people. And relax as everyone goes vegan.

Enjoyed fucking shit up with the Circa Pop Live crew today -
Talking about so much weird shit and broke that effortless vegan shit down.
Head to to check out the show

When you stop making these two mistakes, everyone you go out to eat with will turn vegan in the near future...

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